Wednesday, January 25, 2017


We been gettin' dumped on here at My place. Fine-lee today the sunshine happened an' we gots sum blue skies.
Daddy's been busy makin' almos' tunnels fur us out there in our yard. Jus like the Pug Ranch Daddy
Sum uv this is drifted snow, but a hole bunch o' snow fell outta the sky las' nite!

I'm comin' outta a lil Cull De Sack. Later, Daddy will make a big path so's we can check out the purr-im-e-tur uv our yard.

Can yu see me? Jus' barely, huh? I needed sum privacy please.

Tux is tryin' to rite his name in the snow! Bol!

Ack! So much snow, I can't see to the road to do my security barkin!

Come on ofur if yu want to play in the snow. Bring yur boots an' coats! Or if yu can't make it, I can send yu sum. Let me no.