Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Belated Merry Christmas! An' a Super Duper New Year to yu all!

I din't get to send out no cards to any o' my pals! But thank yu to yu who sended Me a card. Yu no who yu are!

So I'm gonna recycle a couple o' real old piccies to send my best wishes to yu all fur a furry gud New Year!

Yu jus' can't get gud help these days!

I nefur got to tell yu bout when Sissor an' her dog Xander camed to visit at Thanksgivin!

We sniffed him up, I let him no I wuz Boss Dog. Tux tried to make him think he wuz at the bottom uf the dog pile an' then we kinda settled down.
I wuz like

Xander wuz like
Xander lives in a part o' the country where decoratin' with moose an' pinecones an' junk is the law.

An' Tux wuz like
Elliecat photobombin!

An' then Sissor an' Xander left fur their place on account o' because bad weather wuz comin an' Sissor had to get back to wurk.

Xander is a smart dog an' learnt real quick where our cookie dispensin' area is. An' he can play the drum on our dryer - with his tail - while waitin fur sumone to open the back door fur us.

We are hopin Sissor an' Xander can come back on vacation an' see the sites round here. It wuz gud to have them visit.