Friday, January 22, 2016

Rear Window

There is sum ol' movie with that title, I guess. It's 'bout a guy with a broked leg an he's bored while he's healin up. So he spys on his neighbors. An he sees stuff.
So, I don't got no broked leg. But we been havin lots o' snow an I am kinda gettin me sum cabin fever. So I spy on my neighbors.
These deer neighbors was jus' over the irrigation canal. In My trees! Jus' on the uther side o' My yard! We could see 'em frum our Rear Window (the dinin area).

They came quietly creepin out frum their place in the trees. They wuz munchin on the brush.  Mommy sez it's real temptin to feed them, whut with all the snow, but that ain't good fur them! It could even Kill 'em. Their dijestive systems ain't made fur hay an bird seed an uther stuff peepoles mite put out fur them. So we jus' let them munch on the rabbit brush an uther stuff they mite find.
An' if I am quiet, they hang 'round. But I do like to bark at stuff. So I bark 'em when I see 'em.
Daddy sez it's bout 75 feets over there to them frum our house. They wuz close!

We been havin Lots o' snow. Our doggie yard wuz gettin filled up with snow so Daddy made super big piles of snow. I found out the uther day, I could climb up a snow mountain an' walk over the fence to the snow mountain on the uther side! 
This wuz taken affer I went mountain climbin'

Then Mommy couldn't find me. hee hee. She came round the front o' the house an saw lil muddy paw prints (even with all the snow, I can find me sum mud to walk in) an there I wuz, lookin down a square hole thingy that goes unner our house. Daddy wuz unner there doin sumfin an I wuz waitin fur him to come out.
I got in trubble instead. On account o' because o' the muddy feets an leavin my yard. I got carried in an dumped in the kitchen sink to wash off my cute lil feeties. Mommy is Not looking forward to the "mud season" when the snow melts an me an Tux can bring in lots o' prints!

An' here's me rite now:
I'm in the No Groom Zone! I ain't been to the groomer/torturer since I left Idunno!
Here's Tux:
We're both curled into doggy balls since it's like sumfin teen degrees this mornin outside. Cold!

Ok, this is comin to yu frum the Liein Bear, He helped Mommy connect to the inner nets so's she could post my barkin!
Let's hope she gets to post more an more entries for me soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A lie bear he

I told yu  furs that we don't got no inner nets here at my Color Red Oh farm. An tryin' to use the smarty pants fone to poke out my werds  on the Lil keypad bout makes her crazy(er) But there is sum Lie Bear He in town that will let peepoles use his innernets. So Mommy can take my barking on her laptop an go visit this liein' bear to post my doggy bloggy stuff!  I don't know why this bear lies but he sounds like an OK kinda dood. He even sent Mommy an Daddy cards that look like plastic moneys. And at his place in town he has lots o' books fur peepoles to read, if they like that kinda boring' junk.
 Maybe my next entry will be frum that bear's place.