Thursday, November 24, 2016

Company's comin'!

So this is the real deal Thanksgivin' Day. But it's like a regular day. Cleaned the house, changed the sheets on My big king-sized bed, took a wawk. Regular. No big deal.

But Company's comin!
 My human fur-less, 2 legged Sissor(the one that only has pocket lint for me)  is comin an we will have our Thanksgivin' stuff-yurself-silly meal tomorrow.
An' I have to be on my bestest behavior. She has 'dopted a dog.
This guy:

She named him Xander an' looky how big he is! I bet I can ride him! Giddy up Xander!

He an this lil dood wuz doggie buddies an were on the run together. They got thrown in the slammer. Then sum nice foster mom peepoles helped them find new furever homes. The lil guy has since been 'dopted too. Daddy an Mommy think they look like sum ol' cartoon back in the '60's. There wuz a big dog, kinda slow (not sayin Xander is like that) an a lil peppy dog. Or sumfin. My pawrents can't quit member xactly. They have ol' brains.

Anywho, I am gonna teach Xander that I am the boss round here. The toys are Mine. The big bed is mine, well, all the beds are mine if I feel like sleepin on 'em. An' I get to teach him to Bark! Sissor wants him quiet so he don't bother the neighbors while she's at wurk.
How rong is a quiet dog?

Sisser an' Xander shud be here about dark o'clock tonite.
I'll let yu no how things go. Affer I teach him stuff an' we munch down on our turdkey an goodies.

Cheer up Xander! Life is gud!


  1. Your house...your rules. But he looks like he'll be a good long as you get most of the treats. Enjoy that turkey!

  2. enjoy your visitors and Thanksgiving tomorrow!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. What fun to have another doggie visiting you!

  4. Crikey Zoe ..... he looks huge .... but he doesn't look mean so that's good, aye?? I hope he doesn't bowl you over. Those big blokes are mighty clumsy sometimes. He and his slammer buddy look like Rocky and Bullwinkle, aye?? My Mum's nickname when she was young was Bullwinkle but don't tell anyone. She's a bit thing about it. You see she's pretty tall for a Sheila and her best friend was only 4 foot 11 inches. Her nickname was Rocky. Funny, aye??

  5. Howdy, Zoe... so how did da trainin' of Zander go? Did ya teach him who wuz boss? I's still workin' on teachin' da 2 lil ones here how to scruff.... dey don't seem to grasp da concept of da whole thing.... sigh....

  6. Wow, Zoey! You sure look like you will have your paws full with Xander...but maybehe will love all the extra attention. You can bat your eyelashes at hima nd he will be your furned right away...sorry Charlie...I think a gal has to do that sometimes...but Xoe will still be your gal with the lashes! Hey Zoe, and Charlie! Guess what? Petcretary works with a young gal, and she is oh so pretty...and a good worker too...her nickname is 'Lashes'! OMD!! Charlie you would go *thud* fur sure...

    I hope your Thanksgiving feast was pawsome...and I hope you got some pocket lint too, you can be extra thankfur:)

  7. Dear Zoe,

    Did you have a happy Thanksgiving? Did he respect your STUFF? Did you get any yummies? Did you have a good visit?


  8. Hi Zoe! Momma stinks at keeping up with the blogs, and she's still not ready to make a new blog for Fern, but we just wanted to stop in and say hello!!

  9. Well I think Zander is a very lucky pup! How was your Thanksgiving? Speaking of ole brains, my momma thinks she sent your Christmas to Idunno, so now she is gonna send one to Color Red O. If you get two cards from me, blame my old brained momma!

  10. Hi ya Miss Zoe! Harley Davidson and Sophie Claire are glad to find you! Hope your Thanksgiving was great.

  11. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Do you have company coming for Christmas too? Or just Santa?