Friday, September 9, 2016

I Gots Me Inner Nets!

Me an Tux got tossed lured into the back bedroom yesserday. We could hear wurker doods outside messin round an then they came in My house. They wuz real quiet but we new they wuz there.
Anywho, now I can bark on this here doggy bloggy thingy in My doggy tawk an not have the smarty pants fone "self correct". It dint no nuthin.
Daddy an Mommy r like lil kids in a canny store. We've only had the smarty pants fones fur nearly a year. They furgot how a laptop thingy wurks. Mommy sez it's like havin Large Print. An oh, so many piccies show up now, stead o' jus 1 at a time.
We are happy. An even tho they r spendin like All their time surfin, they still membered to feed us an Daddy taked us fur our wawk.
So, Milton an Mr. Stubbs asked how I wuz doin. Better! My boo boo is jus' bout gone but I'm still lickin it so's I gotta wear a stinkin onesie. The red one shrinked in the wash (Good!) but I got a couple stripey ones. Here's whut I think o' them:

Yu can't hear me growlin here

Here is my boo boo. I no it don't look gud but I gots sum kinda gooey meddy sins on it an they been puttin lavender oil on it to help it not be so itchy so's I don't lick it so much. It really is gettin better. Oh, that uther lil kinda backerds C shape to the rite is where I had a bump removed long time ago.
So, life is gud!

Here's a piccie o' Mr. Pitiful Tux, waitin fur our wawk.
Look it those pitiful eyes

 Hopefully I can bark at Mommy to let me blog All the time! Later Pals!


  1. Oh boy! Now you can barkbarkbarkbark (when your mom lets you). We have really missed you. I sent a cute picci of you to Zaidie on FB about a month ago. He was really excited to see you and your looonnngggg lashes again. His diabetes is still hard to regulate but at least he can see again! Bark when you can we are all ears. Glad your owie is getting better too!

  2. It's nice to see you, and hope to hear from you again real soon! Hope that boo boo gets better too!

  3. Oh Zoe! we are happy that you may be able to bark at us again - we have missed you! hope the owie keeps getting better
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. I am so happy you got the Internet thing and can bark again. I hope that sore gets totally better soon so you don't have to wear clothes. We use an iPad to do the bloggy thing and it always wants to correct my words too.

  5. kewl iz thiz !!!! YAY...N we hope now yur mom will lt ya sneek online & shop for treetz N visit over heer at blog land two !!! ☺☺☺

    heerz two a spotted climbing perch kinda week oh end !! ♥♥♥

    1. ooopz....we meened ta say we hope ewe can sneek on line with out yur mom NOE inn......☺☺☺

  6. Oh. My. Dogs! I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. I said Mom looks at who's it is!!! You've surly been missed. Sorry about your booboo but it looks like it's on the the mend. I sure hope since y'all have internet we will be seeing a lot more of you.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Yay! I's so glad ya gots da internets again!!

  8. Hooray!!
    The internet is up and barking for you again. Wunnerfur indeed! Hope that boo-boo goes all away. boo-boos are no fun.


  9. Yippee!! Ya gots innernets!!! Yippee!!!

    1. And welcum to my werld... ya thinks shurts is bad... ya shud see whut I hasta wear... onesies and jackets and a baff evfurry udder day...

      Durn itchies!