Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn bumpy road trip

This here post is gonna be piccie heavy. Us pups an' kitty cats don't really give a hoot 'bout the trees turnin colors but the peepoles seem to get a kick outta seein the leafs.
So, we took a road trip up into the mountains yesserday. Gud thing we wented yesserday on account o' becuz, today is rainy an not nice to be out in.
We drove rite past the VET place. But we kept on a-goin. So that wuz gud! We took a windy road along a river. Lots o' trees an purdiness fur the peepoles. Me an Tux wuz all nurvus like. Finally we got to stop fur a potty break.
We got to wawk up this steep road a ways. It wuz too hard to get us an the colorful leafs in the piccies. So Mommy gave up that idea. Most uv the rest will be the leafs an mountains an stuff.
Affer we got to take a potty break an have a drink, we kinda settled down an wuz gud car riders.
Color Red OH! is famus fur it's aspirin aspen trees. An mountains!
We drove along an got to take anuther potty an drink break.

Mommy took a potty break too an had to get all arsty-fartsy wif her camera affer she wuz dun.
Then we drove along the bumpy road. Sum places wuz Real bumpy wif rocks an' holes.

Now, they tell me usually the aspirin aspen trees turn golden yellow. Like this.

But sumtimes yu can see sum that turned orange-reddish. See?

We drove past these Big mountains!
We kept on a-goin an finally got back to the hi-way. Me an Tux wuz snoozin in the back the rest o' the way home.
I hope yu enjoyed sharin the bumpy road trip with me.


  1. That is what I do Zoe, I am all excited on the way to wherever and then sleep most of the way home. your mom took some pretty pictures!
    Mr Bailey Hazel & mabel

  2. Our momma thinks that is beautiful country in the photos, butts we want to know if you got treaties on those potty breaks?!?!?!

  3. You're living in some purdy pretty countryside pups!! Beautiful colors.

  4. We loved that tour. Those Aspens are GORGEOUS. Bet there was lots of good stuff to smell on your 'rest' stops!

  5. Oh WOW! It is beautiful in Autumn where you live! We miss the changing colors...everything here in Florida stays green year round.

  6. guys...we gotta add mit, de seen a reez awesum !! AND...knot a BURD in site ☺☺☺ thanx for sharin theeze fotoz with uz ~~~~~~

    heerz two a bumblebee goby kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. Mommy says it sure is pretty where you live. Our trees have not turned colour much yet.

  8. Whew, that was a close one driving past Vet! Look at all the amazing colours and sights! Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful fall colors! Thanks for sharing with us. We hope you are doing well!