Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm a stinkin' Red Shirt!!!

Affer I camed home frum gettin my toofers yanked out, I wuz doin' good.
'Til Sunnyday when my pawrents noticed a bad place on my lil leggie.
I wuz lickin it an it wuz tormentin me!
Off to the vet place I went on the nex' day. I got poked with a super Long needle so's the vet could see lil bitty microscopic junk she sucked outta me. Purdy much, she dint no whut it wuz. Came home wif sum uther meddy sin to put on the place once a day.
Did that but it wuz still tormentin poor lil me. So Daddy took me back to the vet place Turdsday mornin'.
Vet lady sed it wuz lookin better but I better not be lickin it no more, no more.
Came home with a stinkin Red Shirt. Ralf Lauren even. But still, a stinkin Red Shirt.

If yur family is any kinda Star Trek geek types, yule get why I don't wanna be a Red Shirt!
All the Expendable crewmen wore Red Shirts!! I don't wanna be Expendable!!!
Mommy wuz tawkin to Sissor on the fone, Sissor sed I need me a Yellow Shirt. Yellow shirts wuz in Command! If I gotta wear sumfin, I wanna be a Yellow Shirt in Command!

Graffic warnin:

Here's whut my leg boo-boo-gotta-lick-it-drives-me-crazee thingy looks like.

The brownish part is where it's healin' up. The pink part is where I been lickin' it.

I jus' lay 'round bein pitiful, but I am not expendable!
I can bear lee wawk with the stoopid red shirt.

An' by the ways - I do LUV to read yur comments yu leave on my doggie bloggy thingy.
But commentin' back to yu is tuff fur Mommy tryin to use the smarty pants fone. Trust me, I ain't ignorin' yu!

Grr, I wish we had us sum inner nets. There is one deal called Hughsnet or sumfin
that Maybe we could get us the inner nets. It's not perfect, but Maybe it'd be
better than whut we gots now. I'll bark at Daddy to check it out more.


  1. We are sending POTP for you Zoe! The sore looks like it really hurts. I hope you are milking all this stuff for treats and ice cream! If you have ice cream to lick you won't be licking your owie.

  2. Oh nose that does look like it would be irritating!! Here's hoping it heals soon and you get a yellow shirt ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  3. hole lee shirtz zoe....we wooda liked ta say that werd with out de "R".....we hope yur leg iz doin aye oh kay....ewe sure haz had a time oh it huh....we will ask R pal st francis ta send sum blessings yur way....hows that !! heerz hopin next weekz way total lee better N heerz two a ghost pipefish kinda week oh end ~~~ ♥♥♥

  4. Hope your leggie are feelin better soon!

  5. We are sorry to hear about your teeths and your big boo boo. That looks nasty! We're sure you're not expendable, Zoe. I wouldn't worry that you're going to get tossed out the back hatch of the Enterprise. The yellow shirt is probably just in the wash! Hope you feel better real soon!

  6. Dear Zoe, we are sorry you have that boo boo on your leg. I would say that a red shirt is better than wearing a cone or donut!. It looks good on you too!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Poor Zoe! You are not expendable!!! That red shirt rule only applies on Star Trac place but not in Zoe's house. In Zoe's house it indicates the Princess. Mommy understands about the phone thing. Our punter died like years ago and Mommy never replaced it and now she types on the IPad thing and she doesn't like doing big entries on it. Take care Pal and I hope your leg gets better Princess Zoe.

  8. Yikes! That looks nasty and ouchie as well. You could beg your Momma to bleach that shirt a bit to make it would like that better!! And have her sew jewels on it too, to pretty it up, cause fur sure as the Zoe Princess of your palace, you need lovely things and no you are definitely *not* are a keeper, yup, a real sweet one at that!
    POTP for healing.

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    1. Bol! Guys, the vid came to our gmail an we laffed an laffed at it! Thanks fur sharin!

      Guys I gots me the inner nets now! More later!

  10. Glad ya iz doin' bedder wiff yer owie....

    Wants my Momma to makes ya a onesie? She has sum yella fabric... and dey's got legs so's ya can't lick yer owie.

    I knows... she ruins all our fun!

    1. Yikes Fin! Don't let my Mommy see that! I am still sneakyin' sum lickin in, an then get hollered at. I dint wear the stinkin onesie yesserday or las' nite. But they are threatenin' to put one on me.