Friday, August 12, 2016

I'm all right, I'm ok

Flutter, flutter
Gosh pals, it's been furever an' an day since I barked in this here doggy
bloggy thingy! I gotta blame Mommy. We don't gots the inner nets here
at our place in Color Red Oh, it jus' ain't 'vailable. So the pawrents
are net deprived an' gotta use their lil ol' smarty pants fones to get any
kinda world wide webbiness. Or go to the Lie Bear He. Which is whut Mommy
finally did to let my pals no I'm still alive an' kickin. Tryin to tap out wurds on
the smarty pants fone is too hard fur her, an' plus, it don't let me spell wurds the way
they otta be spelled!
 Pals, I am goin' on 11 yeers old. Mommy noticed I wuz slowing down wif my eatin an Daddy noticed I wuz slowin down on our walkies. Plus I had sum stinky breafs.
I went to the vet lady fur a toofer cleanin but affer she started cleanin
she saw there wuz a lot of bad stuff goin on in my cute lil mouf. She had
to yank 11 of my cute toofers! Ack! I got to come home the same day
and I have to take a couple kinds of meddy sins. But I am eatin gud an
feelin perkier now!
Yuck, let's jus say, if I had been brushin my toofers 10 yeers ago, I probly
wouldn't have had the problems. As soon as my mouf feels better, I gotta start
brushin. *sigh*

Things are lookin a bit better round here. Me an Tux had a junky lil yard to do our
bidness in. Rugs, plywood, plastic tiles an "keep outta the mud".
Back an' front new stamped, stained patios! Complete with weeds, no grass!
But finally now we gots sum real deal sod! Instant lawn! Yea!! An' Mommy an' Daddy had So much fun puttin down those 35 pound rolls, Daddy went an' got more to make our backyard a bit bigger! It is good to roll in green grass!
Real grass feels so good to roll! 

Waitin to go in fur a cookie!
 An we have sum bugs to chase an even sum lil froggie guys are out there to chase an maybe even take a taste of. But I do get hollered at to leave the froggies guys alone. Now if Mommy can jus' get sum grass to grow in the rest of the yard area.

We got sum of these big critters now on our farm. These are big cows, Charley, not the lil Dexters yu have in yur family.
They got Real long tongues, coming out to get their treats
This is Saphire an' Chipmonk. They came with those names.

Mommy an' Daddy tamed 'em down with sumfin called "range pellets". That's whut they are gettin in these piccies.
They are nice cows, an' a bull, but I am only 'lowed to bark frum my yard. I ain't 'lowed to get close enuf fur a sniff. There are 3 momma cows an' their 3 lil gurl calfs. Plus Patrick, the bull.

We got these 4 nice chiggens:

They give us these nice eggies:

So see? I am still alive. Mommy jus' needs to get with it an do my doggy bloggy more offen than once a day or year.
I do read yur bloggys thingies. I jus' don't comment much.
I'll try to have Mommy do better. I will bite her! With my toofless mouf!

I will leave yu today with a piccie of the view frum my front porch, it's that Sleepin' Ute Mountain dood.


  1. Zoe!!!! Gosh it is good to hear from you. We know how the tooth problems go. Hazel and Bailey have lost quite a few too. Looks like your new place is coming together
    MR Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. It's fantastic to see your sweet little face with those loooong eyelashes! The place is looking great Zoe. So much for you and Tux to keep an eye on.

  3. It's so great to see an update from you! Your new place looks amazing!
    Sorry to hear about the tooth problems, but glad you're doing OK now!

  4. Oh no! Your poor teeth! Loe those photos—Colorado is our dream location!

  5. waves two ewe zoe out bee grate ta heer frum ewe again tho we iz sorree ta lurn bout yur teethz...hope de vet gived em bak two ewe sew ya could take em home & put em under yur tooth ladee comez a long then & ternz em into 50's and 100' kewl iz that !!! glad yur gettin settled in, yur new place iz awesum...thanx for sharin de fotoz { well, all but ...well, ewe noe !! } ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  6. Crikey Zoe .... look at you!!!! OMD .... it has been a while, aye, but I knew you were there. I didn't know WHERE Jelly was. It was good to hear from her, aye?? AND it's so good to hear from you too. You look great. Who needs teeth anyway?? They come in handy when you're young but as you get older they aren't so important, aye?? You still rock my world with those fluttering eyelashes. Crikey the house is looking great. Glad you've got some grass to roll in now AND those cows ..... OMD how beautiful are they. We still only have the one little dexter, Maggie Moo, but we are getting a little bull calf real soon and hopefully we, too, will have some babies further down the line. Maggie Moo is VERY tame and I do get to sniff her out. She's not scared of me at all. Don't tell anyone but she scares me a bit. Comes at me with her head down. What's with that?? When we get the new bull calf we will have to get some of those pellet things to tame him down, aye?? Hey Zoe ..... what's with those GREEN eggs?? Did a chook lay those?? I've never seen green eggs before. Are you sure they aren't bad?? Crikey its good to hear from you but I know you're there. It's pretty hard without the internet thingoe, aye?? How's Tux and the pussy cats doin'?? AND Sissor ..... how's she doin?? AND you Momma ..... still getting all tangled up in that wool and stuff??

  7. We're glad to hear you're still alive and kicking! Too bad about the internet. We would go crazy without it. Can you get a satellite dish? Sorry about your teeth. That sounds awful! We're liked seeing the cows and chickens. We wish we could raise some chickens in our yard. Keep in touch when you can. It's always nice to hear from you!

  8. Hi, Zoe and Tux!

    Your yard and patio looks super-duper now!!

    Sorry your teeth well, some of them had to be stolen. Hope you keep all the rest:) I at 14 have all of mine but one which I broke so they had to steal the rest of it...

    You have cows! Wowee! There a couple f Jersey cows down our road, they are silly and come up to the fence to see who is 'trespassing' nearby, BOL!

    Charlie asked about the green eggs...well, they are fine...and truly all ready fur Green Eggs and Ham, you know:)

    Good to hear your woofs!!
    Here are mine Woofs! And some purrs from my kitty brofurs too; how are your kitty furblings?


  9. Thank you Mrs Zoe"s Mommy for typing for Zoe. It is so nice to get an update! Mommy says she loves the view you have out your front door. Us pups don't care about that, we much prefer the smells. I bet you have good things to smell around your place. Your patio and grass look great. I love rolling in the grass too. That is exciting having cows and chickens. You are used to chickens because you had them at your other house. Those are fancy looking eggs. I love eating egg , I usually get to eat some egg on Sunday for breakfast. Great to hear from you pal. Now I have to nip at my Mommy heels and get her to type some more for me too.

  10. I am also sorry to hear about your teeth. I bet your breath is better and your mouth feels better now. As long as you can still eat and bark things will be good. Someone told us a carrot a day will keep teeth clean. I don't know if it is true because I won't eat raw carrots. The Kennel lady says she has a couple of pups that come to the kennel with their bag of carrots! BOL!