Saturday, February 6, 2016

Drifted In!

We moved South frum the Idunno place but not far enuf South to get away from the wild an crazee winter weather.
We been gettin snow an more Snow an then even More SNOW!
An then the wind blows an the snow drifts into Mountains!
This happened the uther day:

This is our driveway!
I am a Legolas dog, I can walk on this snow!
Oh Tux! Always with the yellow snow!
Daddy tried to move those drifts with his tractor. The wind wuz blowin so much that his tractor got drifted in! I tol' Mommy to grab a shovel an get out an help Daddy get his tractor unsticked.
The nex' day, a dood with a big ol' backhoe thingy came an moved the snow outta the way of the driveway drifts. He piled them up so we can see the driveway. Now all that drifted snow looks like this:

Really?! My pals don't need to see me poopin'
Down by the road
I shur am glad we can get out an the Fed Ex dood will be able to deliver my fud an treat box in a couple days!

Me an Tux don't get out much in all this snow much but Daddy an Mommy are takin advantage of bein retired afore spring time farm wurk starts.
They go out along the ditch bank on these things:

There's Scootercat. She an Puffy went with them for a ways

But Daddy usually takes us out for quick, lil walks. The garage cats Scooter an Puffy come along with us.
One of those Incredible Journey things:

Us dogs an the garage cats. Mommy sez they're more 'bedient than us dogs!

Hurry with the piccie Daddy, our feeties are cold!

Oh, an I got me sum shorter hairs now. Get this, Mommy called a Mobile groomer/torture dood. He pulled up in his pick 'em up truck an a trailer with all his torture stuff inside. I got carried out an tortured in my own driveway. But it only took 'bout an hour or day an he dint pull out my ear hairs, jus trimmed 'em up. An he dint cut off All my hairs but left me sum to help keep warm in the cold weather.
I dunno why I putted my stick up ears flat.

Smooshed eyelashes. Flutter for Charlie
He liked my eyelashes too, Charlie.

Well, that's 'bout all for this trip to the Lie Bear, He lets Mommy use her laptop on his innernets so's she can post on my doggy bloggy thingy.

Be cool or stay warm Pals, wherever yu are in the wurld!


  1. We are always so glad to hear from you! It looks like you got all of our snow! We still have zilch, nada, zip! This time last year, we had tons of it. We loved seeing the mountains in the back ground of your photos. And you and Tux and the kitty cats too. Hope to hear from you again soon!

  2. Zoe! So good to hear you bark! Wowzy that is some snow! It's supposed to be 77 today and 86 in a couple of days here. Everyone looks great there. Hopefully spring will get there soon and you can get out and bark more.

  3. Wowzers, that's a ton of snow! Our supply here has been sorely lacking this year. It's so unfair!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. There's a torture mobile? Say it ain't so!! I bet there's not a dog around that chases it. Sure was good to hear from you.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Brrrr! Dat looks so cold!

    You's lookin good Zoe.

  6. Zoe! wow you have way more snow than we do here in Idunno!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Crikey Zoe ... mum biggefied that last pic.. Fair dinkum Zoe .... I almost had apoplexy. You sure know how to make a blokes heart go to mush, aye? I'm so glad you found that lie bear bloke. It's so good to see you AND the garage cats. How do they like their new garage? It sure looks pretty at your new house. All that snow ... WOW! Puffy cat blends right in!

  8. Hiya Zoe, gosh that sure is a whole lotta snow you got there, I finks you moved north to the Arctic not south…check fur Polar Bears!
    You take the Push-T-Cats on your walkies? Are they good body guards against Polar Bears?
    Take care, stay safe and warm sweetie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Brrr that looks too chilly fur us ;) Glad ya'll got to go out for a nice walkie and we hope you get your chewy package!

    Bell Fur Zoo

  10. Oh my goodness! Now that is some snow! Even by my standards, that is a lot of snow. You win this year for most snow accumulated. I am very sad to hear that the groomer/torturer now comes to your own very house. Should I come rescue you away from that person?

  11. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Oh wow, that is a LOT of snow! I love snow, but maybe not that much of it! It is good you get to walk and run at least! And despite the torture, your haircut is pretty darned cute, friend!

  12. OMD!! I am glad that snow load is not here...I do *not* like snow, BOL!!

    Love that your kitties come to snoopervise your strolls!

  13. Is Puffy cat also known as Inkspot?? He sure gots some gud cammyflage! Great to hear frum all y'all and to see y'all, too!! Whut a ton of snow!!