Friday, February 12, 2016

A long ride, a good walk

No piccies from the super dum long ride we took the uther day.
It wuz a wurthless ride. I don't like ridin, it always comes to no good.
But this wuz a long ride. Then we turned 'round an came back home. I guess the peepoles had to do sumfin an Me an Tux had to go along so's we wudn't be in the house furever an ever all by ourselves.
I got to ride on Daddy's lap cuz Mommy drove the hole way on the long, wurthless trip. I trembled an panted. Then we had to sit in our crates for a while. Then we rode an rode home. I got to sit in Daddy's lap again. This time, I wuz tuckered out an tried to sleep. I couldn't get very comfy. Oh yeah, we stopped a couple times an got to sniff an walk an poop an pee. An we had water to drink an a  couple cookies to eat.
Finally, bout dark o'clock we got home. Me an Tux wuz a couple o' pooped out pups by then.

But then the nex' day or sumtime, we got to go on a really good walk! The snow is all crispy an crunchy an we can walk on top o' the snow. So Daddy an Mommy used their big foot snowshoe thingys an we all walked along the ditch bank. Puffy the cat came along an Scootercat cut 'cross the field to meet us.

We gotta get out early while it's still cold enuf to make the snow crunchy. It's gettin warm durin the daytime an the snow is meltin an makin Mud!
It's hard to walk on top o' mushy snow. An we get hollered at to "stay outta the mud!".

Life is good.


  1. Life is good sounds pawfect to me!
    You still haf lots of snow!!!! Watch out fur sneaky Snow Freaks!!!
    I luffs a car ride AND you got treats on yours, yay!
    Haf a great weekend
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Looks very cold where you are, and you've got a lot more snow than we do. Stay warm! (We don't like long car rides either.)

  3. Gosh Zoe you still have a lot of snow! Ours is melting and turning the yard to a soggy mess
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. zoe....pleez ta rememburr when mud seeson getz ther ta roll in sum for all oh uz... N bye R best count thatz like 378 rollz !!! sorree de ride waz like a vacuum masheen; it sux....but we agree...frank lee... put uz ina car for 5 minits & we iz thru~~~~~~~ heerz two a happee heartz day oh love ~~~~~ kinda week oh end everee one♥♥♥

  5. Oh that snow looks fun!
    Lily & Edward

  6. Well, I kinda likes road trips... no matter where I goes... always has, don't know why... just like da goin', I guesses. Ya shore gots lotsa snow dere, Zoe... please keep it up dere in da Collie-ray-doh, okay??

  7. Yeah, don't send dat snow down to Texas ok??

  8. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I HATE long car rides! They're terrible, aren't they? (Even when you get cookies.)

    But I am glad that Car found you a fun walking place! And I am also glad that life is good! (At least until you have to get into the car again!)

  9. You have a lot more snow than we do here...but I am glad to say we hardly have any more than a few inches...though now having said that we likely will get a big dump...sigh...

    Your walk looks like fun though:)

    I do not like getting in cars either...