Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bits an' Pieces

This burd wuz sittin in a cottonwood tree jus on the uther side of My front yard!

A Bald Eagle!

An 'member last time I showed yu all the snow we walked on? Well, it's been goin away. This is the same field without so much snow.

A farm dog out standin' in her field
Yep, that's Scootercat an' Puffy, also known as Inkspot or Stinkpot. Those incredible journeys are a daily thingy. They been bizzee cats catchin' mousies an' stuff. Tux even scored a mousie butt the uther day. Puffy dint finish the hole thing but Tux wuz happy to help clean up.

This wuz right afore I chased a Horse in the neighbors' pasture!

Sorry it's fuzzy, Mommy had to stop takin my piccie to holler at me to stop it afore I got kicked to kingdom come!
I am still learnin 'bout life on the farm. I can't wait 'til I get to drive Daddy's tractor!

It's gonna be great!

Friday, February 12, 2016

A long ride, a good walk

No piccies from the super dum long ride we took the uther day.
It wuz a wurthless ride. I don't like ridin, it always comes to no good.
But this wuz a long ride. Then we turned 'round an came back home. I guess the peepoles had to do sumfin an Me an Tux had to go along so's we wudn't be in the house furever an ever all by ourselves.
I got to ride on Daddy's lap cuz Mommy drove the hole way on the long, wurthless trip. I trembled an panted. Then we had to sit in our crates for a while. Then we rode an rode home. I got to sit in Daddy's lap again. This time, I wuz tuckered out an tried to sleep. I couldn't get very comfy. Oh yeah, we stopped a couple times an got to sniff an walk an poop an pee. An we had water to drink an a  couple cookies to eat.
Finally, bout dark o'clock we got home. Me an Tux wuz a couple o' pooped out pups by then.

But then the nex' day or sumtime, we got to go on a really good walk! The snow is all crispy an crunchy an we can walk on top o' the snow. So Daddy an Mommy used their big foot snowshoe thingys an we all walked along the ditch bank. Puffy the cat came along an Scootercat cut 'cross the field to meet us.

We gotta get out early while it's still cold enuf to make the snow crunchy. It's gettin warm durin the daytime an the snow is meltin an makin Mud!
It's hard to walk on top o' mushy snow. An we get hollered at to "stay outta the mud!".

Life is good.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Drifted In!

We moved South frum the Idunno place but not far enuf South to get away from the wild an crazee winter weather.
We been gettin snow an more Snow an then even More SNOW!
An then the wind blows an the snow drifts into Mountains!
This happened the uther day:

This is our driveway!
I am a Legolas dog, I can walk on this snow!
Oh Tux! Always with the yellow snow!
Daddy tried to move those drifts with his tractor. The wind wuz blowin so much that his tractor got drifted in! I tol' Mommy to grab a shovel an get out an help Daddy get his tractor unsticked.
The nex' day, a dood with a big ol' backhoe thingy came an moved the snow outta the way of the driveway drifts. He piled them up so we can see the driveway. Now all that drifted snow looks like this:

Really?! My pals don't need to see me poopin'
Down by the road
I shur am glad we can get out an the Fed Ex dood will be able to deliver my fud an treat box in a couple days!

Me an Tux don't get out much in all this snow much but Daddy an Mommy are takin advantage of bein retired afore spring time farm wurk starts.
They go out along the ditch bank on these things:

There's Scootercat. She an Puffy went with them for a ways

But Daddy usually takes us out for quick, lil walks. The garage cats Scooter an Puffy come along with us.
One of those Incredible Journey things:

Us dogs an the garage cats. Mommy sez they're more 'bedient than us dogs!

Hurry with the piccie Daddy, our feeties are cold!

Oh, an I got me sum shorter hairs now. Get this, Mommy called a Mobile groomer/torture dood. He pulled up in his pick 'em up truck an a trailer with all his torture stuff inside. I got carried out an tortured in my own driveway. But it only took 'bout an hour or day an he dint pull out my ear hairs, jus trimmed 'em up. An he dint cut off All my hairs but left me sum to help keep warm in the cold weather.
I dunno why I putted my stick up ears flat.

Smooshed eyelashes. Flutter for Charlie
He liked my eyelashes too, Charlie.

Well, that's 'bout all for this trip to the Lie Bear, He lets Mommy use her laptop on his innernets so's she can post on my doggy bloggy thingy.

Be cool or stay warm Pals, wherever yu are in the wurld!