Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Belated Merry Christmas! An' a Super Duper New Year to yu all!

I din't get to send out no cards to any o' my pals! But thank yu to yu who sended Me a card. Yu no who yu are!

So I'm gonna recycle a couple o' real old piccies to send my best wishes to yu all fur a furry gud New Year!

Yu jus' can't get gud help these days!

I nefur got to tell yu bout when Sissor an' her dog Xander camed to visit at Thanksgivin!

We sniffed him up, I let him no I wuz Boss Dog. Tux tried to make him think he wuz at the bottom uf the dog pile an' then we kinda settled down.
I wuz like

Xander wuz like
Xander lives in a part o' the country where decoratin' with moose an' pinecones an' junk is the law.

An' Tux wuz like
Elliecat photobombin!

An' then Sissor an' Xander left fur their place on account o' because bad weather wuz comin an' Sissor had to get back to wurk.

Xander is a smart dog an' learnt real quick where our cookie dispensin' area is. An' he can play the drum on our dryer - with his tail - while waitin fur sumone to open the back door fur us.

We are hopin Sissor an' Xander can come back on vacation an' see the sites round here. It wuz gud to have them visit.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Company's comin'!

So this is the real deal Thanksgivin' Day. But it's like a regular day. Cleaned the house, changed the sheets on My big king-sized bed, took a wawk. Regular. No big deal.

But Company's comin!
 My human fur-less, 2 legged Sissor(the one that only has pocket lint for me)  is comin an we will have our Thanksgivin' stuff-yurself-silly meal tomorrow.
An' I have to be on my bestest behavior. She has 'dopted a dog.
This guy:

She named him Xander an' looky how big he is! I bet I can ride him! Giddy up Xander!

He an this lil dood wuz doggie buddies an were on the run together. They got thrown in the slammer. Then sum nice foster mom peepoles helped them find new furever homes. The lil guy has since been 'dopted too. Daddy an Mommy think they look like sum ol' cartoon back in the '60's. There wuz a big dog, kinda slow (not sayin Xander is like that) an a lil peppy dog. Or sumfin. My pawrents can't quit member xactly. They have ol' brains.

Anywho, I am gonna teach Xander that I am the boss round here. The toys are Mine. The big bed is mine, well, all the beds are mine if I feel like sleepin on 'em. An' I get to teach him to Bark! Sissor wants him quiet so he don't bother the neighbors while she's at wurk.
How rong is a quiet dog?

Sisser an' Xander shud be here about dark o'clock tonite.
I'll let yu no how things go. Affer I teach him stuff an' we munch down on our turdkey an goodies.

Cheer up Xander! Life is gud!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Before and Affer

Me. Before. Cute, fuzzy but sumfins goin on.

Me. Affer. Cute, no longer fuzzy.

Yep, groomer/torture day with the mobile dood. Argh.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn bumpy road trip

This here post is gonna be piccie heavy. Us pups an' kitty cats don't really give a hoot 'bout the trees turnin colors but the peepoles seem to get a kick outta seein the leafs.
So, we took a road trip up into the mountains yesserday. Gud thing we wented yesserday on account o' becuz, today is rainy an not nice to be out in.
We drove rite past the VET place. But we kept on a-goin. So that wuz gud! We took a windy road along a river. Lots o' trees an purdiness fur the peepoles. Me an Tux wuz all nurvus like. Finally we got to stop fur a potty break.
We got to wawk up this steep road a ways. It wuz too hard to get us an the colorful leafs in the piccies. So Mommy gave up that idea. Most uv the rest will be the leafs an mountains an stuff.
Affer we got to take a potty break an have a drink, we kinda settled down an wuz gud car riders.
Color Red OH! is famus fur it's aspirin aspen trees. An mountains!
We drove along an got to take anuther potty an drink break.

Mommy took a potty break too an had to get all arsty-fartsy wif her camera affer she wuz dun.
Then we drove along the bumpy road. Sum places wuz Real bumpy wif rocks an' holes.

Now, they tell me usually the aspirin aspen trees turn golden yellow. Like this.

But sumtimes yu can see sum that turned orange-reddish. See?

We drove past these Big mountains!
We kept on a-goin an finally got back to the hi-way. Me an Tux wuz snoozin in the back the rest o' the way home.
I hope yu enjoyed sharin the bumpy road trip with me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The barkin' is ofur

Fur the day anyways. So affer the wurker doods packed up their stuff an took off, we got to go see whut they had been doin.

I'm standin on it 

Huh. A big ol' slab o' concrete.
Don't no if it's a Four Corners Monument nock-off or a 4-square game area.

All's I no, it wuz mush quieter 'round My place today. But in a week or so, I hear that more wurker doods will be back to wurk on the slab thingy.
Maybe we can hang out in My back yard to do our barkin. We'll be able to see 'em better.

Monday, September 26, 2016

It is a Great day at My place!

If yu are a dog who likes to bark, come on ofur to My place, Stat!

Lemme show yu whut we can bark at, frum the comfort uv OPZoe (that's military tawk fur Observation Point Zoe).

This here is OPZoe
This deal is wurkin out in My driveway rite now.

See that yella thingy out there? An' the wurker dood is ridin inside that cage! Bol!

He's movin the rawk, movin the rawk. Frum that big pile to sumplace I can't see frum OPZoe.

Efun the cows is curious 'bout the goin's on.
So hurry on ofur to My place an we can all bark at the wurker dood!

Huh. I say it's a Great day! Mommy sez it's gonna be a Long day. That's why she has those thingys stuffed in her ears.
If yu can't make it ofur today, I'll let yu no whut's goin on out there, when I get to go out fur a potty break. :-)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Car rides are gettin' better

I don't really like car rides. They always wind up with me at the groomer/torture place or wurse, the V E T. Ugh! But I went on a couple rides an' we dint go to any bad places.

Lemme tell yu bout it.
We live in a place that yu can go for a ways an' be in sum mountains or yu can go in the uther direction an be in the desert places. I dint go to the real deal desert places but to sum ruins.

This place wuz in the mountains.
Yeah, I no. Not much to see. There wuz hunter peepoles all ofur the place an it wuz kinda muddy. So we dint get to wawk much. This is us affer a quik potty break, refillin the tank. If yu look careful thru the winnows, yu will see the aspen trees that wuz growin all ofur the place. We went past a place called Groundhog Res-ee-vor. I dint see nun. Groundhogs, that is. Just peepoles fishin an boats an a lil store that sold Al Co Hawl.
We efun drove rite past the vet lady place! That wuz skeery. But we dint stop! We jus' kept on goin.

Then anuther day we went on a nuther shorter road trip. To sum ol' ruins builded a long time ago by sum peepoles we call the Ancestral Puebloans. Yu mite have heard them called Anazasi, but I guess they changed their name. Anywho, with a lil bit of reno, they built this place. Lowry Ruins
This is a kiva. Those 2 deals on the bottom are Summer and Winter peepole

We wawked round. It wuz hot that day so our tungs wuz hangin out. Don't wurry, we had water an a snack when we got back to the S Caw Pay in the parkin lot.

Daddy went thru that lil doorway thingy. We wuz frettin 'bout him.

But then we got to go in too. It wuz dark an cool inside. Sorry fotografer dint get a good shot ov us comin out.

'Member that Sleepin Ute Mountain that I can see frum my front yard? This is it agin, only frum the west side. He don't look the same frum this side.

These are the Blue (or Abajo) Mountains in Utah. Not too far away.

Here is Me an Tux takin a shade break. Looky our long tungs!

We wuz happy to have a drink an snack affer that 8 hunnerd mile wawk in the hot sun.

If I go anyplace else innerestin, I'll try to git sum gud piccies to show yu.

Here's the La Plata mountains. They are ofur there to the east o' my place!

I don't no who lives in that house. Mommy needs to learn to "crop".

Monday, September 12, 2016

Testin' a ol' wifes tale

We'd nefur heared 'bout it. Da Tabbies O' Trout Towne tawked a while back 'bout when the cows lay down, it's gonna rain.
So when our cows wuz layin' down this mornin', I tol' Mommy to get out there an' take a piccie.

Nice, sunny mornin!

Gotta test out this deal.

Yu no whut? The rumors are true!

Later today, it thunnered an' lightened an' rained a bunch!
Sorry, no piccies o' the big storm. I wuz gettin' my Thunnershirt putted on an tryin not to be a nurvus reck!
The cows ain't still layin' out there. They moved long afore the storm came up.
Wunner if they make cow sized Thunnershirts.

Friday, September 9, 2016

I Gots Me Inner Nets!

Me an Tux got tossed lured into the back bedroom yesserday. We could hear wurker doods outside messin round an then they came in My house. They wuz real quiet but we new they wuz there.
Anywho, now I can bark on this here doggy bloggy thingy in My doggy tawk an not have the smarty pants fone "self correct". It dint no nuthin.
Daddy an Mommy r like lil kids in a canny store. We've only had the smarty pants fones fur nearly a year. They furgot how a laptop thingy wurks. Mommy sez it's like havin Large Print. An oh, so many piccies show up now, stead o' jus 1 at a time.
We are happy. An even tho they r spendin like All their time surfin, they still membered to feed us an Daddy taked us fur our wawk.
So, Milton an Mr. Stubbs asked how I wuz doin. Better! My boo boo is jus' bout gone but I'm still lickin it so's I gotta wear a stinkin onesie. The red one shrinked in the wash (Good!) but I got a couple stripey ones. Here's whut I think o' them:

Yu can't hear me growlin here

Here is my boo boo. I no it don't look gud but I gots sum kinda gooey meddy sins on it an they been puttin lavender oil on it to help it not be so itchy so's I don't lick it so much. It really is gettin better. Oh, that uther lil kinda backerds C shape to the rite is where I had a bump removed long time ago.
So, life is gud!

Here's a piccie o' Mr. Pitiful Tux, waitin fur our wawk.
Look it those pitiful eyes

 Hopefully I can bark at Mommy to let me blog All the time! Later Pals!

Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm a stinkin' Red Shirt!!!

Affer I camed home frum gettin my toofers yanked out, I wuz doin' good.
'Til Sunnyday when my pawrents noticed a bad place on my lil leggie.
I wuz lickin it an it wuz tormentin me!
Off to the vet place I went on the nex' day. I got poked with a super Long needle so's the vet could see lil bitty microscopic junk she sucked outta me. Purdy much, she dint no whut it wuz. Came home wif sum uther meddy sin to put on the place once a day.
Did that but it wuz still tormentin poor lil me. So Daddy took me back to the vet place Turdsday mornin'.
Vet lady sed it wuz lookin better but I better not be lickin it no more, no more.
Came home with a stinkin Red Shirt. Ralf Lauren even. But still, a stinkin Red Shirt.

If yur family is any kinda Star Trek geek types, yule get why I don't wanna be a Red Shirt!
All the Expendable crewmen wore Red Shirts!! I don't wanna be Expendable!!!
Mommy wuz tawkin to Sissor on the fone, Sissor sed I need me a Yellow Shirt. Yellow shirts wuz in Command! If I gotta wear sumfin, I wanna be a Yellow Shirt in Command!

Graffic warnin:

Here's whut my leg boo-boo-gotta-lick-it-drives-me-crazee thingy looks like.

The brownish part is where it's healin' up. The pink part is where I been lickin' it.

I jus' lay 'round bein pitiful, but I am not expendable!
I can bear lee wawk with the stoopid red shirt.

An' by the ways - I do LUV to read yur comments yu leave on my doggie bloggy thingy.
But commentin' back to yu is tuff fur Mommy tryin to use the smarty pants fone. Trust me, I ain't ignorin' yu!

Grr, I wish we had us sum inner nets. There is one deal called Hughsnet or sumfin
that Maybe we could get us the inner nets. It's not perfect, but Maybe it'd be
better than whut we gots now. I'll bark at Daddy to check it out more.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I'm all right, I'm ok

Flutter, flutter
Gosh pals, it's been furever an' an day since I barked in this here doggy
bloggy thingy! I gotta blame Mommy. We don't gots the inner nets here
at our place in Color Red Oh, it jus' ain't 'vailable. So the pawrents
are net deprived an' gotta use their lil ol' smarty pants fones to get any
kinda world wide webbiness. Or go to the Lie Bear He. Which is whut Mommy
finally did to let my pals no I'm still alive an' kickin. Tryin to tap out wurds on
the smarty pants fone is too hard fur her, an' plus, it don't let me spell wurds the way
they otta be spelled!
 Pals, I am goin' on 11 yeers old. Mommy noticed I wuz slowing down wif my eatin an Daddy noticed I wuz slowin down on our walkies. Plus I had sum stinky breafs.
I went to the vet lady fur a toofer cleanin but affer she started cleanin
she saw there wuz a lot of bad stuff goin on in my cute lil mouf. She had
to yank 11 of my cute toofers! Ack! I got to come home the same day
and I have to take a couple kinds of meddy sins. But I am eatin gud an
feelin perkier now!
Yuck, let's jus say, if I had been brushin my toofers 10 yeers ago, I probly
wouldn't have had the problems. As soon as my mouf feels better, I gotta start
brushin. *sigh*

Things are lookin a bit better round here. Me an Tux had a junky lil yard to do our
bidness in. Rugs, plywood, plastic tiles an "keep outta the mud".
Back an' front new stamped, stained patios! Complete with weeds, no grass!
But finally now we gots sum real deal sod! Instant lawn! Yea!! An' Mommy an' Daddy had So much fun puttin down those 35 pound rolls, Daddy went an' got more to make our backyard a bit bigger! It is good to roll in green grass!
Real grass feels so good to roll! 

Waitin to go in fur a cookie!
 An we have sum bugs to chase an even sum lil froggie guys are out there to chase an maybe even take a taste of. But I do get hollered at to leave the froggies guys alone. Now if Mommy can jus' get sum grass to grow in the rest of the yard area.

We got sum of these big critters now on our farm. These are big cows, Charley, not the lil Dexters yu have in yur family.
They got Real long tongues, coming out to get their treats
This is Saphire an' Chipmonk. They came with those names.

Mommy an' Daddy tamed 'em down with sumfin called "range pellets". That's whut they are gettin in these piccies.
They are nice cows, an' a bull, but I am only 'lowed to bark frum my yard. I ain't 'lowed to get close enuf fur a sniff. There are 3 momma cows an' their 3 lil gurl calfs. Plus Patrick, the bull.

We got these 4 nice chiggens:

They give us these nice eggies:

So see? I am still alive. Mommy jus' needs to get with it an do my doggy bloggy more offen than once a day or year.
I do read yur bloggys thingies. I jus' don't comment much.
I'll try to have Mommy do better. I will bite her! With my toofless mouf!

I will leave yu today with a piccie of the view frum my front porch, it's that Sleepin' Ute Mountain dood.