Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm headin' out

I am headin' out to My farm in the far away place called Color Red Oh! I don't like to go for rides. I hope I survive. Both us dogs an' all the kitties are headin' out in the mornin.

We don't got the inner net thingie there an it'll be a while afore we get it. Mommy jus' got a smart fone, but she has No clue on how to use it. But as soon as she gets it figgered out (an' don't hold yur breaff) we'll be able to check out yur doggie bloggie thingies.

I'll bark at yu as soon as I can. I'll miss yu in the mean time!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The new place

Yep, again, long time no bark here on My doggie bloggie thingie.
The move is gettin closer. Daddy has been comin an goin to My farm. We will be movin in a couple hours or weeks or sumtime soon.
This is whut the sunset looks like sumtimes. Purdy, huh?

The contractor dood has been doin his job. Here's my new home, not ready to move in yet. But it's gettin ready.
Daddy sez it's real purdy there. There is a great place to walk along the irrigation canal.
Mommy is gettin stressed with movin all our stuff. An' whut to do with the landscapin junk. It wuz very weedy until the doods came along with their big digger machines. Now the place looks like this:

All kinda flat. A clean, empty slate to get stuff growin on. Plenty o' wurk to do. She is plannin on doin sumfin called xeriscape on account o' becuz it's kinda hard to get the water outta the canal to the homesite an' she's not gonna use the water frum the house. Too 'spensive. An there's not much rain.

Blah, blah, blah.
I jus' wanna get there to sniff out the place! An' bark it up!