Friday, January 16, 2015

Flash Back Friday

'Member me way back when? Fuzzy, cute. 'Bout a couple days ago.

Cute an fuzzy

No more fuzzy. Got hauled off to the groomer/torture place this morning.

'Bout nekkid now

Now I'm all tired out. Need to rest. It's stressful at the g/t place.
Don't bother me with piccies

But Mommy did like my dambana.
I've still got it on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Have yu herd?

These ain't good piccies. It wuz foggy, they wuz out there in the field. An I ain't braggin bout all the deer neighbors I got, but there is a bunch o' them. They usually mosey by (not past or passed) my place all strung out, not in a good Herd.

See 'em? They are real dark brown this time o' year, even with good lite.

They go 'round my place in the day an head back to the river bottom in the evening
I always bark 'em real good, this time I wuz inside so's they wudn't take off so fast.
Come on ofur an we can bark 'em up real good!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oh Charlie! Flutter, flutter

These is fur my pal Charlie. He's got sum kinda hankerin fur my eyes.

Here yu go.

I hope yu enjoyed those. I'm gettin awful fuzzy an I think I'll be headin to the groomer/torture place soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cats an Coyotes

Why duz that sound like sum kinda rock an roll band or sumfin? I dunno. It's whut I been barkin at lately.
Lemme tell yu bout it.

The uther nite, Me an Daddy wuz outside. It wuz dark. That's why there ain't no piccies. But I heard it an saw it.
A cat. Snoopin round out front where it don't 'sposed to be. Not one of our cats either. Our cats wuz safe tucked in the house or garage. This wuz a stray cat or maybe feral cat. Whutever it wuz, I barked it real good an it took off runnin.
Goodby cat!

An then a couple o' times I've seen a coyote runnin in the field cross frum my place. I send up the Red Alert bark alarm. Mommy lets us go outside an we keep barkin that critter while it runs passed (or is that past, yu know I like to use the rite gramma) my place an it's long gone.
Goodby coyote!
It all happens so fast, no piccies get taked.

Here's hopin yu have sumfin good to bark at today!