Friday, July 17, 2015

This is My doggy bloggie....

But this entry ain't 'bout me! Can yu beleeve it? I don't get to bark here in furever. Then when I do get Mommy to type fur me, it's 'bout the neighbors' aminals.
Lemme tell yu 'bout 'em.
The neighbor family asked Mommy an Daddy to feed an watch their aminals while they went on a vacashun to visit Orr E Gone.
Mommy walks there in the mornin's. Daddy an Mommy walk there in the evenin's. To the neighbors', not Orr E Gone.
They feed an visit this ol' guy:
This here is Rowdy. But 'cept he ain't, well, rowdy. He's an ol' guy.
Rowdy gets fed his hay in the evenin's He likes to have his ears scritched an his nose rubbed.
Then there's these 2 guys:

Real pigs!
 These guys ain't like Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants that our down unner pal Charlie barks 'bout. The 2 neighbor girls are raisin these for their 4-H projects. They will go to the county fair in Sept. an get auctioned off. These 2 have a nice, messy place inside an a real mudhole outside. They are real country types. Yu know how the city/office peepoles sit on the copy machine an take piccies of their tushies? Well, these guys did the nex' best thing, workin with whut they had. Mud.

A muddy butt print on the side o' the barn! Bol!
Now the horse an the pigs are real easy to take care of. But there are 4 dogs. The adult dogs are no problem but the 2 puppies are WILD! It is a mad house when they are released frum their kennel! They run to the fenced yard. They jump, they pee, they poop, they jump sum more. Feedin them is like musical bowls. They scarf down a few bites o' food an run to anuther dish to see whut they can find. Daddy started tossin a few bits o' food in the grass jus to keep 'em busy. They make funny snufflin sounds lookin fur the food bits.

The lighter one is Sunny, the momma of the 2 pups. The one with the collar is Gunner, he chewed off Abby's collar.
The ol' grrl is named Belle. The puppies pester her but she don't seem to mind.
Yesserday mornin, Mommy wuz bendin over pettin the grrl puppy, Abby. The boy puppy came a-runnin an gave Mommy a head butt rite between her eyes.

This is wild an crazy head buttin Gunner
Mommy don't never want no puppies. Her head is still hurtin. Plus they jump up an scratch her arms an make bleedy places. A couple days o' that, now she wears a jacket.
They get to play in the yard for a while then Mommy tells 'em "kennel" an they run back over there. The pups stop by the pigpen fur a pig poop snack to take with them. Yummy, huh? I nefur tried pig poop. Mommy shud bring sum home fur me!

Huh, looky. All the aminals are reddish kinda.
Anywho, the neighbors will be back this weekend-o so's Daddy an Mommy won't be smellin like Traitors anymore.
An Mommy ain't gonna volunteer to take care o' the dogs no more.

We are all doin fine. I really need to bite Mommy an get her to type fur me. Grr.


  1. UGH! Mom wrote out this whole nice response and then the 'net ATE it because I wasn't signed in proper on the Google. Grrr....

    Anyway...I've been wondering where you've been Zoe! It's been awhile...not that I can talk. Sometimes I have a hard time getting MY mom to help me post on my blog, too.

    Those puppies sure sounds like a handful of trouble! They remind Mom of my Aunt Sarah's lab puppy. My mom isn't real found of her, either, and for the same reasons as your mom with your neighbor's pups!

  2. Those puppies act just like we do and we ain't even puppies anymore, mom says we are crazy pugs, and we need to go to military school, that was very nice of your momma to help the neighbor out though....stella rose

  3. Great to hear from you Zoe, even if it isn't about you! Now your mom will appreciate you and Tux more! Hopefully this will mean more treats!

  4. Yikes!! Dat's da trubble wiff dose big doggies... dey can knock ya right ovfur!

    Loved da pic of da piggy butt print... bol, bol!!!

  5. ZOE!!!!!!!!! we have missed you! Very nice of your mom to help the neighbors out.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. That was so nice of your Mom to do that. The piggies are SO cute.

    Abby the Lab

  7. That is pawesome your Mom & Dad are helping out :) We nose what she means sometimes Matt gets a little rambunctious and his nails are fierce.

  8. Crikey Zoe ..... it sure is good to hear from you even if it isn't about you. It's your words, Aye??? I love your words. You say 'em so well. BUT ...... listen here Zoe's Mom ...... just one picture of our dear Zoe would have been nice ..... that's not TOO much to ask is it?? AND dear Tux ...... I've nearly forgotten what he looks like. How's he doin' Zoe?? Did you get to go over and check the neighbours farm out? No .... I guess not .... sounds as if your Mom and Dad had their hands full coping with all those other critters without having to worry about you and Tux too. Those puppies were out of control, aye?? Rowdy looks like a real sweetie and those pig blokes. Crikey .... they put butt prints on the barn wall?? How funny is that?? Oh and Zoe ..... forget the pig poop snack .... I've tried it and believe me it's nothing to write home about. Give me Roo poop any day. There's something about that pig poop that just isn't right. The only good pig is a BBQ'd pig as far as I'm concerned.
    It was good hearing from you on YOUR doggy bloggie Zoe.

  9. Good to hear from you...even though it wasn't mostly about you...that's unfair. Your pawrents are such good neighbours to go over and take care of all those animals....specially the pups.

    We've never had pig poo either.

  10. Pig poop? I think I'll just stick wif bacon.

  11. We enjoyed hearing and seeing about your Parental Unit's caretaking adventure. We hope Rowdy feels better!

  12. Yay! A Zoe Postie!!
    But wait...its a not Zoe postie?? Well I barked at Rowdy fur you, and grr'd at the piggies...then I tried to play with them pups...I think those pups need a rowdy name, BOL!

    Woof to all of you!

    You woofed a good tail about the things going on ovfur there...

  13. Pig poopy is delicious, um, sorry mom, I know I should not have said that, but it is. Oh and rolling in it is even better! Thanks for telling us about your neighbor's Zoe!

  14. Hi Zoe!! I've missed you!! I like the pictures, especially the piggy bum print, but I would like to see pictures of YOU and your purdy eyes! And Tux, too!!