Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Home, home, sweet home

I made it. I survived the boardin/torture chamber place. There is no place like home tho.
They Really did starve us there. Mommy had mayshured out our fuds, enuf for 3 times eatin.
They handed Mommy the "leftovers"! Rong, way rong!
Shur hope I don't have to go back to sum dum place like that Ever Again!

I'll jus' stay home nex' time.

So, anywho, the reesun Me an' Tux hadta go to the dum boardin/torture place is on account o' because we are gonna be movin purdy durn quick. Daddy is tired frum his job, he is gonna re tire soon. Then he will have a real job bein a farmer! Yep, I am gonna be Daddy's farm hand (or paw) on the family farm in sum far away place called Colorado. We bot the farm! Bol!
So while Me an' Tux wuz in the slammer, Mommy an' Daddy went house huntin. We are gonna get a manufactured home. This one in fact:

It's sittin on the dealer's lot rite now, waitin to be moved to our place.

It ain't too fancy or big, but it will be jus' rite fur us. It's the furst Brand New home ever fur us! Plus, the pawrents dint want no great big payments to havta make. So's they can buy me fud an goodies.

Now, stuff needs to get taken care of to move the house to our farm. There's a lot of wurk to be dun 'cuz the home site looks like this:

Ugh, sage brush, bindweed an' cheat grass!
But, there's a guy who is headin up all the wurk that needs to be dun an in a couple munths, Me, Tux an Mommy will probly be movin in an then Daddy an the kitty cats will come later when he is all retired.
But get a load o' the views frum our home site. These are axfurly much bigger in person!

This is Sleeping Ute Mountain to the south.
These are the La Plata mountains to the east
That is Mesa Verde way ofur there to the south east.
Yur peepoles mite have heard 'bout the Mesa Verde National Park. Mommy sez is very innerestin an fun to visit there.Mesa Verde National Park.

It's gonna be a busy time fur us gettin moved an all. I jus' don't wanna go back to the dunjun place.

Here's a better piccie of the Sleeping Ute, Mommy dint take this.


  1. Just gorgeous! We hope you and your Mom and Dad have an easy transition and a wonderful new homeand life!

  2. I fink you are gonna haf the time of your life out there on the farm, we like your new home also!!! What fun.
    stella rose

  3. We always lose weight when we're at 'camp' and SHE thinks it's GREAT...would you believe.

    A farm!! They'll need you there, doin' all sorts of farm more dungeons for awhile!

  4. What an adventure yous gonna haf…how exciting fur you, the kitty cats and peeps!!! I luffs your new home, looks pawfect
    Can wait to hear all you get up to
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. zoe...all de best best best two ewe & yur hole familee...yur new home iz awesum, N we think helpin dad farm iz gonna be total lee way kewl FUN !!! we hope de move goes smooth az butter....keep uz posted on how yur doin...good two see ewe again ♥♥♥

  6. Zoe - we are sad to see you leave Idunno, but looks like you are going to a super nice place. congrats to your Dad that he can retire, our peeps are hoping to by the end of next year - they be tired of working too. BOL!
    Mom might send your mom an email - she is curious where you ended jailed up at

    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Wow!
    Glad you survived the dungeon!
    What an adventure awaits you and Tux in your new dwelling. Lots to bark at and snoopervise, fur sure!
    I know you will keep us posted...
    And happy being retired to your Daddy!

  8. Eww sorry you were stuck in the joint while your peeps were out having fun. Next time just tell them you're going to stay at my house. Pretty exciting though, you moving to Colorado. Just think of all the new peemail you will be receiving and leaving. Can't wait to go on this new adventure with y'all!

    Aroo to you,

  9. Dat movin stuff are eggcitin! And you're gonna have all kindsa new places to sniff and pee.

  10. Wow! That looks like a beautiful place! I'm sure you'll be getting lots of yum yums if you live on a farm. Wish we could do that too. Our Dad is retired too.

  11. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I am glad you made it! And - wow, a move! And a FARM! Farms are AMAZING! I hope you get your farm soon!

  12. Wow, Zoe! How fun! A whole new place to sniff and pee on! Will your daddy have other animals on the farm? Will your parents be growing treats for you and Tux? This is so exciting!!!

  13. Crikey Zoe ... It's finally happening! Your Daddy's retiring and your moving to a farm ... How good is that? Worth a few days in the dungeon I would think. Those views are truly beautiful. You and Tux and all those pussy cats and chooks are going to be so happy. Your brand NEW house looks just perfect. Bet you can't wait, aye?

  14. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Just popping by to say "hi" because I have not done so in a while!!

  15. Y'all must be movin' purdy near da Four Corners Area if ya is near all dose mountains... and closer to us and Mei-Ling ovfur in New Mexico. Will it be warmer dere dan Idunno?
    Sounds excitin'!!!

  16. Glad you survived that dungeon!

    Your new place looks pawsome. You will have as much room to roam as I do. Looking forward to more pictures!

  17. Dear Zoey,

    When you wrote this it was Summer! Now it is Fall, at least where we live. Is Nature making Fall for you too?


  18. Hey Zoe! Are you all moved yet? Do they have to rig power and water to your property? Hope you let us know what is happening with the family soon. You won't be from Idunno any more. We miss you!