Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Questions fur yu, my doggie bloggy pals

I know, I ain't been barkin much, hardly nuthin, lately. Not my fawlt. Things have been pickin up round my place. Wurkers, farmers, good stuff to bark at. But Mommy don't do nuthin bout it to help me with my bloggy.
So, when I get a hole bunch o' page views, it makes me curious who's lookin an why. So, we go to the bloggy dashboard thingy an click on the lil gray drop down thingy an then Stats, we see that I'm gettin a lot o' "hits" frum Rusha an China even, I'm barkin like 62 an 34. Yeah, I get viewers frum the US an Canada an Australia, but I don't know nobuddy in Ukraine or India.
Whut is up with those views?

Do yu furs get those kinda views? I wood appreciate it is sum o' yu wood check yur dashboards an leave comments bout where yur views are comin frum.
Shood I be gettin the pair-a-noids or whut?!

On anuther note, we stayed up way late last nite an wented out when it wuz dark, dark o'clock. There wuz Brother! I haven't seen him fur a couple days or maybe even years. I dunno, no sense o' time, yu know.
I 'membered him rite off the bat, Tux went into skeeredy cat protect mode an took awhile to clam down an let Brother pet him.
He's here fur a visit, Brother, Tux lives here.
I can't show yu a piccie of him, I'd have to kill yu. Serious. But I can tell yu whut he looks like. He's a lot taller than me. He's got a lil scruffy beard thing goin on on his face. My beard is Much better. He has short hairs, an he smells like a kitty cat.
An now yu know all 'bout him, my Brother.

I hope yu have a ton o' stuff to bark at An yu have sumone to put it in yur bloggy thingy.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter!

                Have a super duper Easter!
           Frum the Easter Schnauzer!