Sunday, March 1, 2015

I know, long time no bark

Durn cheep help round here. Can't get the typist to do nuthin fur me on my doggie bloggie thingy.
It has been kinda slow fur barkin round here tho. Things should start pickin up when the farm stuff starts happenin.
And get this! They tossed out My OP Zoe! Shur nuf! Mommy sed it stinked an I wuz lickin all the nap stuff offa it. So they tossed it out an Daddy hauled it to the dump. Wah!
They replaced it with a big ol' leather couch. It's not comfy. It's not soft an squishy an stinky like OP Zoe wuz. An get this! They dint even put it at the big lookout winnow! Whut's the use of even bein on sumfin uncomfyable if I can't hardly see out the winnow. I try to get in Mommy's chair, it's by the big winnow. But she jus' hollers at me to move.
So yu can see why I haven't been barkin much. Nuthin to see, nuthin to bark at.

But on anuther side o' the bone, Mommy axfurly meeted sumone frum the Bloggy-sphere! Shur nuf! Today in Poky Tell O at the Costco store, Mommy sawed the Idaho Pug Ranch pawrents. She ree-cog-nized their Mommy an Daddy frum piccies frum their bloggy. She even kinda stalked them on the parkin lot while they wuz loadin up their goodies. Mommy is kinda shy but she musturded up her courage an went ofur to them an axfurly Talked to them. They are nice peepoles. An they have a lil stuffed pug in the back winnow o' their car!
They are the furst ever of My vurtual pals she's efur meeted!

I'll try to bark more. Nefur fear, I Do read yur bloggy entries an sumtimes even leave comments.

Come on Spring!


  1. We think you should get in touch with Ernie the Attorney....sounds like you've got a winning case blogging, stealing your comfy seat...wrecking your surveillance post. It's a wonder your mum even let other bloggers know who she is. Oh well, guess it happens sometimes. Glad to hear from you.

  2. They stole your OP?!?! That's not very nice!!!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean, my typist hasn't done my bloggy thing in a long time. I am very sorry you lost your lookout.

  4. Stealin your OP??? What da woof???

    Dat are cool dat your momma met da Idaho Pugs peeps.

  5. OMD Zoe! Mom told us all about meeting your Mom!!!! She thought it was pretty cool that your mom ree-cog-nized her and thought it was a great surprise! Maybe someday we can meet in the fur too!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Hooray fur a postie!! I thought you had gone off to bark at something and furgot to come back...

    Nice that your Momma met some other peeps from Blogville!

    Woofs! Off to beddie byes fur us here..OMD!

  7. WooHoo, your Mom meet the Idaho Pug Pups Mom, how cool is that!!!
    Butts, that's not so cool about them stealing your look out point...I finks thats a case for Ernie, I've got some milk bones left over from my 'day at work' so you've no worries about his fees!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Whut da woof? How's da Head of Ranch Securitees supposed to do her job if'n dey went and stole her OP??? Dat is just wrong!! I knows all da udder pupses is suggestin' ya retains da services of Ernie, but I jest wants to reminds ya dat Whitley went to da Hahvard School of Law and Barkin's, slept on law books, and evfun had law students eat her dog treats! Plus, she evfun been petted by a professur dere dat is now a Senator of da USofA!! So she has conneckshuns, ya knows whut I means??? If dat don't qualleefy her to be yer lawyer I don't know whut duz....sumthin' needs to be done 'bout providin' ya da proper stayshun to do yer barkin's from!!!

  9. Oh, and dat is cool yer Momma got to meets da Idunno Pugs peeps-- We's met Ebby & Ceeley and dere momma Lulu from Dogster in person... and are plannin' to see dem agin dis year at da Pooch Pawrade in San Antonio...

  10. Crikey Zoe. Your Daddy that you LOVE SO MUCH hauled your OP Zoe to the dump!!!!! What was he thinking? AND they bought an uncomfortable, hard old leather thing and put it in the wrong place. Are you ok Zoe?? You're not in deep depression or anything are you?? Couldn't blame you if you were, aye??? Now you gotta get Momma to arrange a play date with Bailey, Hazel and Mabel. It's only fair, aye?
    Good that your Momma recongnised the Idaho pugs peeps! Good spottin' Momma.

    1. Crikey that got mussed up.. Good that Momma recognised the Idaho pug peeps should go before Now you gotta arrange a play date bit!!!!!!

  11. Ditto Bella .... go get Ernie The Attorney. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Zooooooooooooe your mom got to meet up with Mr. Bailey and Hazel and Mabel's Mom???? THAT is the most EXCITING thingy.... she Recognized them from the bloggy!!! OUTSTANDING...
    Now about that STEALING of your Observational Post... and replacing it with THAT thingy... in the WRONG place... We think you should PROTEST this Horror... We can NOT believe that you were not even Consulted fur this replacement and we do mean RE Placement... in the WRONG place... with the WRONG kind of OP equipment. A HORROR we say.
    BUTT we are certainly glad that you are back with us.

  13. Woof! Sorry bout your OP! My mom threw our old sofa away and bought a new one and I love it. You can come here and share it with me!