Sunday, February 8, 2015

We are the FBI

My folks watch sum T & V shows where the peepoles wear hats, jackets an t-shurts with those FBI letters on 'em. Now those FBI peepoles take care o' the bad guys. They kinda do the mop up wurk of cuffin an haulin off the bad guys. There's sum uther peepoles that are FBI but don't wear the hats an stuff. They are furst on the scene. They are the ones who "take down" the bad guys. There's usually gun fire an runnin an hollerin when they do that.

That's the way it is round My place. We don't wear no stinkin hats an jackets. We are like the furst on the scene. We take care of the bad guys with no gun fire but with plenty o' hollerin (barkin).
We are the FBI.

Fiercely Barkin at Inturders.

Lemme give yu a xample.

It wuz dark o'clock when we went out the uther mornin. But Me an my sidekick Tux knew They wuz out there. Jus on the uther side o' My back yard fence. In My rocky, weedy place.
Those durn deers. Yep. Stompin round, gettin their teeny tiny lil hoofies muddy. Droppin their lil deer poopies all ofur.
Me an Tux ran to the back yard fence an BARKED 'em outta our place. Ofur the fence they jus bout flew.
An there wuz a Great Horned owl on our 'lectrical post. It wuz probly huntin lil mousies an gophers. It swooped away when we started our Barkin. We barked it to the trees in the river bottom. Then it started it's hootin. 

It's been purdy quiet round My place. But those bad guys are always out there. Sumwheres. Lurkin.
But the FBI will get 'em sooner or later.
Yur welcome.