Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wishin yu a Merry Christmas

Pals! We don't got no inner nets an it don't look like there's no nets that get to my farm! But I jus had to wish yu merry Christmas an a super duper new year. Mommy had a tuff time using the smarty pants fone to take my barking for yu to read, that's why I don't bark much at cha. I do read your bloggys tho.
Jus wanted yu to no that. I am safe an snug an snowed in at my new Color Red Oh farm.

Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm headin' out

I am headin' out to My farm in the far away place called Color Red Oh! I don't like to go for rides. I hope I survive. Both us dogs an' all the kitties are headin' out in the mornin.

We don't got the inner net thingie there an it'll be a while afore we get it. Mommy jus' got a smart fone, but she has No clue on how to use it. But as soon as she gets it figgered out (an' don't hold yur breaff) we'll be able to check out yur doggie bloggie thingies.

I'll bark at yu as soon as I can. I'll miss yu in the mean time!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The new place

Yep, again, long time no bark here on My doggie bloggie thingie.
The move is gettin closer. Daddy has been comin an goin to My farm. We will be movin in a couple hours or weeks or sumtime soon.
This is whut the sunset looks like sumtimes. Purdy, huh?

The contractor dood has been doin his job. Here's my new home, not ready to move in yet. But it's gettin ready.
Daddy sez it's real purdy there. There is a great place to walk along the irrigation canal.
Mommy is gettin stressed with movin all our stuff. An' whut to do with the landscapin junk. It wuz very weedy until the doods came along with their big digger machines. Now the place looks like this:

All kinda flat. A clean, empty slate to get stuff growin on. Plenty o' wurk to do. She is plannin on doin sumfin called xeriscape on account o' becuz it's kinda hard to get the water outta the canal to the homesite an' she's not gonna use the water frum the house. Too 'spensive. An there's not much rain.

Blah, blah, blah.
I jus' wanna get there to sniff out the place! An' bark it up!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Home, home, sweet home

I made it. I survived the boardin/torture chamber place. There is no place like home tho.
They Really did starve us there. Mommy had mayshured out our fuds, enuf for 3 times eatin.
They handed Mommy the "leftovers"! Rong, way rong!
Shur hope I don't have to go back to sum dum place like that Ever Again!

I'll jus' stay home nex' time.

So, anywho, the reesun Me an' Tux hadta go to the dum boardin/torture place is on account o' because we are gonna be movin purdy durn quick. Daddy is tired frum his job, he is gonna re tire soon. Then he will have a real job bein a farmer! Yep, I am gonna be Daddy's farm hand (or paw) on the family farm in sum far away place called Colorado. We bot the farm! Bol!
So while Me an' Tux wuz in the slammer, Mommy an' Daddy went house huntin. We are gonna get a manufactured home. This one in fact:

It's sittin on the dealer's lot rite now, waitin to be moved to our place.

It ain't too fancy or big, but it will be jus' rite fur us. It's the furst Brand New home ever fur us! Plus, the pawrents dint want no great big payments to havta make. So's they can buy me fud an goodies.

Now, stuff needs to get taken care of to move the house to our farm. There's a lot of wurk to be dun 'cuz the home site looks like this:

Ugh, sage brush, bindweed an' cheat grass!
But, there's a guy who is headin up all the wurk that needs to be dun an in a couple munths, Me, Tux an Mommy will probly be movin in an then Daddy an the kitty cats will come later when he is all retired.
But get a load o' the views frum our home site. These are axfurly much bigger in person!

This is Sleeping Ute Mountain to the south.
These are the La Plata mountains to the east
That is Mesa Verde way ofur there to the south east.
Yur peepoles mite have heard 'bout the Mesa Verde National Park. Mommy sez is very innerestin an fun to visit there.Mesa Verde National Park.

It's gonna be a busy time fur us gettin moved an all. I jus' don't wanna go back to the dunjun place.

Here's a better piccie of the Sleeping Ute, Mommy dint take this.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Send me a cake

With file in it! I'm in jail!
Ok, so I'm at a boarding place while Mommy an Daddy are Who Knows Where!
They dumped Me an Tux off 'bout 8 years ago. We are gonna run outta foods! We are bein kept in a cold, wet dungeeon.

Jus so's yu don't furget whut I look like. Plus I'm doin my Crockett 'pression.

I got sum stuff to bark 'bout here in my doggy bloggy.
If I Ever get outta jail.

Friday, July 17, 2015

This is My doggy bloggie....

But this entry ain't 'bout me! Can yu beleeve it? I don't get to bark here in furever. Then when I do get Mommy to type fur me, it's 'bout the neighbors' aminals.
Lemme tell yu 'bout 'em.
The neighbor family asked Mommy an Daddy to feed an watch their aminals while they went on a vacashun to visit Orr E Gone.
Mommy walks there in the mornin's. Daddy an Mommy walk there in the evenin's. To the neighbors', not Orr E Gone.
They feed an visit this ol' guy:
This here is Rowdy. But 'cept he ain't, well, rowdy. He's an ol' guy.
Rowdy gets fed his hay in the evenin's He likes to have his ears scritched an his nose rubbed.
Then there's these 2 guys:

Real pigs!
 These guys ain't like Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants that our down unner pal Charlie barks 'bout. The 2 neighbor girls are raisin these for their 4-H projects. They will go to the county fair in Sept. an get auctioned off. These 2 have a nice, messy place inside an a real mudhole outside. They are real country types. Yu know how the city/office peepoles sit on the copy machine an take piccies of their tushies? Well, these guys did the nex' best thing, workin with whut they had. Mud.

A muddy butt print on the side o' the barn! Bol!
Now the horse an the pigs are real easy to take care of. But there are 4 dogs. The adult dogs are no problem but the 2 puppies are WILD! It is a mad house when they are released frum their kennel! They run to the fenced yard. They jump, they pee, they poop, they jump sum more. Feedin them is like musical bowls. They scarf down a few bites o' food an run to anuther dish to see whut they can find. Daddy started tossin a few bits o' food in the grass jus to keep 'em busy. They make funny snufflin sounds lookin fur the food bits.

The lighter one is Sunny, the momma of the 2 pups. The one with the collar is Gunner, he chewed off Abby's collar.
The ol' grrl is named Belle. The puppies pester her but she don't seem to mind.
Yesserday mornin, Mommy wuz bendin over pettin the grrl puppy, Abby. The boy puppy came a-runnin an gave Mommy a head butt rite between her eyes.

This is wild an crazy head buttin Gunner
Mommy don't never want no puppies. Her head is still hurtin. Plus they jump up an scratch her arms an make bleedy places. A couple days o' that, now she wears a jacket.
They get to play in the yard for a while then Mommy tells 'em "kennel" an they run back over there. The pups stop by the pigpen fur a pig poop snack to take with them. Yummy, huh? I nefur tried pig poop. Mommy shud bring sum home fur me!

Huh, looky. All the aminals are reddish kinda.
Anywho, the neighbors will be back this weekend-o so's Daddy an Mommy won't be smellin like Traitors anymore.
An Mommy ain't gonna volunteer to take care o' the dogs no more.

We are all doin fine. I really need to bite Mommy an get her to type fur me. Grr.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Questions fur yu, my doggie bloggy pals

I know, I ain't been barkin much, hardly nuthin, lately. Not my fawlt. Things have been pickin up round my place. Wurkers, farmers, good stuff to bark at. But Mommy don't do nuthin bout it to help me with my bloggy.
So, when I get a hole bunch o' page views, it makes me curious who's lookin an why. So, we go to the bloggy dashboard thingy an click on the lil gray drop down thingy an then Stats, we see that I'm gettin a lot o' "hits" frum Rusha an China even, I'm barkin like 62 an 34. Yeah, I get viewers frum the US an Canada an Australia, but I don't know nobuddy in Ukraine or India.
Whut is up with those views?

Do yu furs get those kinda views? I wood appreciate it is sum o' yu wood check yur dashboards an leave comments bout where yur views are comin frum.
Shood I be gettin the pair-a-noids or whut?!

On anuther note, we stayed up way late last nite an wented out when it wuz dark, dark o'clock. There wuz Brother! I haven't seen him fur a couple days or maybe even years. I dunno, no sense o' time, yu know.
I 'membered him rite off the bat, Tux went into skeeredy cat protect mode an took awhile to clam down an let Brother pet him.
He's here fur a visit, Brother, Tux lives here.
I can't show yu a piccie of him, I'd have to kill yu. Serious. But I can tell yu whut he looks like. He's a lot taller than me. He's got a lil scruffy beard thing goin on on his face. My beard is Much better. He has short hairs, an he smells like a kitty cat.
An now yu know all 'bout him, my Brother.

I hope yu have a ton o' stuff to bark at An yu have sumone to put it in yur bloggy thingy.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter!

                Have a super duper Easter!
           Frum the Easter Schnauzer!

Monday, March 2, 2015

I Can Sue!

A hole bunch o' yu tol' me I should jus Sue my pawrents on account o' becuz they tossed out My OP Zoe loveseat an replaced it with a big Uncomfy leather couch.

Here's me afore:

Alert, always ready to bark them inturders!

Even if it looked like I wuz asleep, I wuz still on duty.
Then one snowy day Mommy an Daddy took off in our red pick-em-up truck. They came back with a long box. That long box became a new leather couch.
An my OP Zoe love seat wented away. *sigh*
Mommy's chair took over the big winnow an the new couch is by the wall. Can't see out very good an asides the thing is not comfy like OP Zoe.
Plus, I don't got nice fuzzy covers to lay on like Chester an Joey Dog do. I got an ol' afghan, it ain't comfy.

Sad lil me.
So I am gonna do like sum o' my pals tol' me to do.
I am gonna Sue my pawrents! I am gonna get my good ol' OP Zoe back frum the dump an this dum brown leather thing can go away!

One problem. When I tol them I wuz gonna sue 'em, Daddy sed he would haul me off to the aminal shelter!

Do yu think he really would do that to me?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I know, long time no bark

Durn cheep help round here. Can't get the typist to do nuthin fur me on my doggie bloggie thingy.
It has been kinda slow fur barkin round here tho. Things should start pickin up when the farm stuff starts happenin.
And get this! They tossed out My OP Zoe! Shur nuf! Mommy sed it stinked an I wuz lickin all the nap stuff offa it. So they tossed it out an Daddy hauled it to the dump. Wah!
They replaced it with a big ol' leather couch. It's not comfy. It's not soft an squishy an stinky like OP Zoe wuz. An get this! They dint even put it at the big lookout winnow! Whut's the use of even bein on sumfin uncomfyable if I can't hardly see out the winnow. I try to get in Mommy's chair, it's by the big winnow. But she jus' hollers at me to move.
So yu can see why I haven't been barkin much. Nuthin to see, nuthin to bark at.

But on anuther side o' the bone, Mommy axfurly meeted sumone frum the Bloggy-sphere! Shur nuf! Today in Poky Tell O at the Costco store, Mommy sawed the Idaho Pug Ranch pawrents. She ree-cog-nized their Mommy an Daddy frum piccies frum their bloggy. She even kinda stalked them on the parkin lot while they wuz loadin up their goodies. Mommy is kinda shy but she musturded up her courage an went ofur to them an axfurly Talked to them. They are nice peepoles. An they have a lil stuffed pug in the back winnow o' their car!
They are the furst ever of My vurtual pals she's efur meeted!

I'll try to bark more. Nefur fear, I Do read yur bloggy entries an sumtimes even leave comments.

Come on Spring!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

We are the FBI

My folks watch sum T & V shows where the peepoles wear hats, jackets an t-shurts with those FBI letters on 'em. Now those FBI peepoles take care o' the bad guys. They kinda do the mop up wurk of cuffin an haulin off the bad guys. There's sum uther peepoles that are FBI but don't wear the hats an stuff. They are furst on the scene. They are the ones who "take down" the bad guys. There's usually gun fire an runnin an hollerin when they do that.

That's the way it is round My place. We don't wear no stinkin hats an jackets. We are like the furst on the scene. We take care of the bad guys with no gun fire but with plenty o' hollerin (barkin).
We are the FBI.

Fiercely Barkin at Inturders.

Lemme give yu a xample.

It wuz dark o'clock when we went out the uther mornin. But Me an my sidekick Tux knew They wuz out there. Jus on the uther side o' My back yard fence. In My rocky, weedy place.
Those durn deers. Yep. Stompin round, gettin their teeny tiny lil hoofies muddy. Droppin their lil deer poopies all ofur.
Me an Tux ran to the back yard fence an BARKED 'em outta our place. Ofur the fence they jus bout flew.
An there wuz a Great Horned owl on our 'lectrical post. It wuz probly huntin lil mousies an gophers. It swooped away when we started our Barkin. We barked it to the trees in the river bottom. Then it started it's hootin. 

It's been purdy quiet round My place. But those bad guys are always out there. Sumwheres. Lurkin.
But the FBI will get 'em sooner or later.
Yur welcome.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Flash Back Friday

'Member me way back when? Fuzzy, cute. 'Bout a couple days ago.

Cute an fuzzy

No more fuzzy. Got hauled off to the groomer/torture place this morning.

'Bout nekkid now

Now I'm all tired out. Need to rest. It's stressful at the g/t place.
Don't bother me with piccies

But Mommy did like my dambana.
I've still got it on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Have yu herd?

These ain't good piccies. It wuz foggy, they wuz out there in the field. An I ain't braggin bout all the deer neighbors I got, but there is a bunch o' them. They usually mosey by (not past or passed) my place all strung out, not in a good Herd.

See 'em? They are real dark brown this time o' year, even with good lite.

They go 'round my place in the day an head back to the river bottom in the evening
I always bark 'em real good, this time I wuz inside so's they wudn't take off so fast.
Come on ofur an we can bark 'em up real good!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oh Charlie! Flutter, flutter

These is fur my pal Charlie. He's got sum kinda hankerin fur my eyes.

Here yu go.

I hope yu enjoyed those. I'm gettin awful fuzzy an I think I'll be headin to the groomer/torture place soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cats an Coyotes

Why duz that sound like sum kinda rock an roll band or sumfin? I dunno. It's whut I been barkin at lately.
Lemme tell yu bout it.

The uther nite, Me an Daddy wuz outside. It wuz dark. That's why there ain't no piccies. But I heard it an saw it.
A cat. Snoopin round out front where it don't 'sposed to be. Not one of our cats either. Our cats wuz safe tucked in the house or garage. This wuz a stray cat or maybe feral cat. Whutever it wuz, I barked it real good an it took off runnin.
Goodby cat!

An then a couple o' times I've seen a coyote runnin in the field cross frum my place. I send up the Red Alert bark alarm. Mommy lets us go outside an we keep barkin that critter while it runs passed (or is that past, yu know I like to use the rite gramma) my place an it's long gone.
Goodby coyote!
It all happens so fast, no piccies get taked.

Here's hopin yu have sumfin good to bark at today!