Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It ain't no ♫ Heat Wave ♫

♫ We're (Not) having a heat wave,
 (Not) A tropical heat wave,
 The temperature's (Not) rising,
 It isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can. ♫

So with our tempies sittin at a brrr-inducin 1 degree F (-17 C) an our wind is a blowin to make fur a -15 degree F (-26 C) wind chill, I ain't doin a can-can but I am hurryin out to find a place to doo-doo!

I gotta go but I'm makin it a quick stop!
To show how much the wind is blowin, this is a path Daddy made out to the chicken house, this mornin at dark o'clock. It got covered over real fast.

I'm stayin in where it's warm!

Monday, December 29, 2014

♫ OH! ♫

♫ Oh, the weather outside is frightful ♫

Can't hardly see nuthin out there, snowin an blowin so much

♪ But the fire is so delightful ♫

Ellie! Yur in the prime spot! Move!

♪ Since we've no place to go
Too much cold an snow to "go" outside. Let us in.

❅  ❆ ❄

♫  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ♪

❅  ❆ ❄

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to All!

Have a super duper Christmas, all of yu.
Jus leavin yu with a lil furry fun in song form.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

An now fur sumfin real different

Ok, so yu furs know I live in the country. I see sum different kinda stuff that sum o' yu furs mite not see at yur place. But this even took me by surprise. An sorry, I don't have a piccie o' the real thing.
Me an Tux wuz outside. Daddy wuz wurkin out there. Mommy wuz inside. With the camera. She heard us barkin up a storm but figgured it wuz a truck or sumfin else we mite normally see. So she dint rush to get her camera.
She shoulda. It's all her falt.
 She missed the horsies pullin a wagon go rite by my place. Sumfin kinda like this one:

There it went! Rite on the road in front my place. Sum grown-up peepoles were ridin on the seat part up front an a kid wuz ridin in the back.
Cool, huh? I jus nefur know whut I mite see to bark at round here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A lil game fur yur DPSP*

I have 2 DPSP* (*Designated Pooper Scooper Peepoles) round my place. Mommy duz the wurk most times but 'cept when Daddy is off frum his wurk. An they try to keep track o' where Me an Tux poop. Mostly where I poop on account o' because I am sweet. I must be, Tux likes to eat my fresh-frum-the-pup-poop. So to get a heads up on his snackin, they try to keep track o' where I've pooped 'til sumone can get out there to scoop it. Nitetime is 'specially tricky.

All o' this fur background on a lil game Mommy luvs to play out in My yard. Yu've heard of the game kids play called Duck, Duck, Goose? Sum kid wawks round the uther kids, tappin 'em on their heads, sayin "duck, duck, duck, duck" then when the wawkin kid taps a head an says "goose" the tapped on kid runs to catch the tappin kid. Sumfin like that. Yu get the idea. If not, ask Mr. Google.

Anywho, Mommy has her own vershun o' the game. It's called "Leaf, leaf, leaf, poop".
Yu see, this time o' yeer we gots sum leftofur leafes. They are all brown an kinda mushy an sumtimes kinda shiny lookin. As Mommy wawks round the yard lookin fur the pup poops she sees a leaf an can't tell if it's a leaf or poop til she gets rite up close. Wannerin round the yard is great exercise!

I bet yur DPSP mite like to play. Or maybe they already do or have their own vershun o' the game.
So anywho, here yu go! Play along!


Poop! An the top o' PuffyCat's head. Rush ofur to scoop the poop!

Fun game, huh? Yeah, so Mommy don't get out much an she is easily entertained. Bol!
An we tawked ofur showin a piece o' poop in my doggy bloggy. But we figgured yu would all be ok with it. :-)

Be good furs! Santa Paws knows if yur notty or nice. An now he's got that weird Elf on the Shelf dood wurkin fur him too. How creepy is that?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fuzzy Foggy

I can't see nuthin out there frum OPZoe! It is all foggy an junk.

 This is whut it looks like frum my yard. Usually yu can see the trees ofur there. Not today.

 This is the view frum my bestest barkin corner o' my yard. Where is evfurrything?

Anuther piccie where yu can't see the big trees along the river bottom.
 This lilac is smellin Real good an innerestin this mornin. Sorry, I can't tell yu whut I smell, it's a secret.
 An here's sum o' the fuzzy part o' this mornin. A lil tree is all covered with white frostiness. In fact, all the trees an fences an stuff are covered with the white fuzzy frost.

Don't wurry, even tho I can't see much o' nuthin, I can still hear stuff. I have plenty o' stuff to bark up!
I hope yu do too!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Not Quite Silent Sunday

Me. On OP Zoe. That stands fur Observation Post, Mine. It's where I do my bestest barkin. I spend a bunch o' time up here. If I'm not observin, I'm snoozin with one eye open. Or I like to lick OP Zoe.

It mite be hard to tell, but I've been lickin the fabric down to the nubbin.


Oh, an Tux had to have his piccie taken too. See his tail? He wuz waggin.