Thursday, August 28, 2014

I hit the ground barkin!

Afore I get started on the real deal doggy bloggy entry, I wanted yu to know bout a Pedigree dry dog food recall in case yu eat it. Clicky here fur more info.
An if yu wanna get notified of any recalls fur foods an treats, bookmark this page: Dog Food Advisor. Well, have yur folks bookmark, we don't got no thums an asides, it's borin.

Anywho, on with my story.

I hit the ground barkin yesserday mornin at early o'clock. I hit the floor runnin first tho cuz I heard brekkie gettin ready to be served. Scarfed that down an went outside fur *yu know*.
But instead of sniffin fur jus the rite spot, I started barkin an ran ofur to the bestest barkin corner.

Sumfin wuz/had been out there!
I can't tell yu if it wuz a skunk, raccoon, deer, one of bout a bazillion of the neighbor's cats, or maybe sumfin else. I'll leave that to yur magination.
But it wuz good to bark at! An PuffyCat even went snoopin round in that direction. Fur a cat, he duz purdy good security wurk.

That hole deal set the stage fur plenty more barkin. Odds an ends of joggers, peepoles walkin, trucks, an jus random barkin. Shoot, it don't matter whut's out there, jus bark!

Hope it's a good barkin day fur yu!

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Daddy's Home!

Woo Hoo! Daddy's home! Affer bein gone fur 'bout 88 years or sumfin ('bout a month really) Daddy's home!
Yu know I am my Daddy's grrl, rite? As mush as I tease Charlie by flutterin my lashes an stuff, it's all jus that, teasin. I am Daddy's grrl, thru an thru.

I wuz jus messin roun outside in my yard yesserday affernoon. Car pulls in the driveway. I started barkin, 'course but bout the same time Mommy sez, "Daddy's home!".

I shoulda known sumfin wuz up when she had her camera box out there.

I got all squealy an happy an zoomy. I went ofur to the gate cuz I can kinda see into the garage an I waited fur Daddy to come out.

Yay! Where yu been fur so long, Daddy?

I got so happy seein Daddy that I could hardly stand it. Had to do more zoomies.

Plus, he tol' me to go zoomin an I always usually obey him
Gosh, it's good to have Daddy home. He bringed a hole bunch o' smelly dirty yu-nee-forms an socks an unnerwears. He had to go to wurk this mornin but sumtime I'll help him unload the rest o' the smelly stuff an put it away.
Happy to help my Daddy!
Welcome home Daddy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not Serene Sunday at My place.

I tolded Mommy she needed to keep our gate closed. She dint lissen.

This is kinda 'barrassin to admit I nearly missed it. Mommy wuz sittin at her 'puter, watchin one of her cookin classes on how to boil water or sumfin. She looked up an, sure nuf, there wuz a black cow. In our front yard.
When Mommy jumped up, I went into RED ALERT an rushed out to the livin room up on OP Zoe. Yep, there wuz the black cow in our yard.

Had to get outside to bark that cow. Mommy went outside the wire to try to shoo the cow outta our yard. Me an Tux were ofur on the east side cause that's where the cow had moseyed. She wuz mooin to the uther cows in their pasture an to anuther cow that wuz out down south, like yesserday.

Yu get the idea.

Mommy went an got a shovel. She dint know how co-op-ur-a-tive the cow would be gettin invited out of the yard an she wanted to have sumfin to defend herself if the cow pulled out her plastic money an CHARGED! Bol! Get it? That's a lil joke there.

All the while, Me an Tux wuz out in our yard.

Yu get the idea.

The cow wuz purdy co-op-ur-a-tive an left our yard. We kept barkin while she hustled down the road. Mommy closed our gate. Then she went in the garage an traded fur a bigger shovel. Cow had left a nice, fresh patty right by our back gate, near the walk-thru garage door.

Me an Tux came in to chill frum the barkin. Then the cow came back by. We went back out to bark her up good.

Then a truck came by to put the cows back where they belong. Aside the black cow, there wuz a big white with black spots cow an a black calf that wuz out.

Life is sumtimes kinda xcitin out here in the country. Not so serene, huh?

Sorry, no piccies. I dunno why Mommy don't take her camera box out an get sum action shots when this stuff is happenin. She thot bout takin a piccie of the cow patty. *sigh*

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stuff I barked at yesserday

Ok, so I know that the furst piccie yu see is yarn. Let me 'splain. I don't bark at yarn but I sure do bark at the mail guy when he pulls in My driveway to hand Mommy a package. An yesserday this wuz in the package he handed Mommy.

Yippee, rite? Fur Mommy, yarn is a Yippee time. An she claims this yarn is kinda special. When sumone buys this kind of yarn, United made by Caron, the company donates sum moneys to a college fund for the childrens of fallen warriors. Then sumtime in a day or month or sumfin, she is gonna make a scarf with the yarn. She'll be joinin a Crochet Along on line fur the instructions. She claims it will be fun.
I know, yawn.

An affer the mail guy bringed the yarn, the brown truck guy backed his big truck in My driveway! Super great barkin, cause Me an Tux rushed outside to bark him up good. Tux can pull off a super mean soundin bark, lemme tell yu.
But that box dint have nuthin fur me neether. It had sum bowls in it. An not pet bowls. Not the purdy, spensive kinds like Finley an Whitley an their kitties got.

Bowls that look kinda like this, in fact, this is them.

They wuz clearanced an then she got sum purr scents off an they jus dint cost very much. Yur probly thinkin, don't they got bowls at Zoe's place in Idunno? Evfurrybuddy has bowls! Well, yu see, she is takin sum online cookin classes an one class the fuds is served in big bowls. Well, we dint have big bowls but cept fur servin veggies at Thanksgivin time an stuff. An any xcuse fur shoppin online, so here they are.
Again, yawn.

But I did get to bark at lots of bicycle riders. Fur sum reason there wuz lots of em goin by my house yesserday. Or else it wuz the same girls goin by lots of times. I dunno. I jus barked em up good.

An then! A couple of the neighbor cows wuz outta frum where they wuz supposed to be! They are supposed to be ofur there. Like in this piccie.

But on the uther side of My fence, by those two light colored fence posts, yesserday there wuz a cow an a calf. I dunno how they got out. They ate weeds an napped there then they moseyed round an wound up in front of My place!

Red Alert! Inturder Alert!

I hollered at Mommy to go close our gate that goes cross our driveway. We dint want those cows to come in. They woulda had a great time munchin our grass an poopin their messy poops. Hard-to-scoop poops. Ask Mommy how we know this.
Anywho, we dint get piccies of the cow an the calf kept goin down the road. I dunno why she dint take the camera box out with her.
Mommy maybe coulda got their gate open an asked them nice to go where they belonged but the big cow trailed along the road affer the calf. A lil bit later a truck went by an the guy probly put them back in their pasture. So they are back safe an sound.

This shows sum of their poops. See how messy? They walk along an poop as they walk. PuffyCat mus be tellin Mommy to get outta the road.

Yep, it wuz a good day fur barkin round My place.

Mostly, it's been borin round here. Eat, bark, sleep, bark, snooze, bark.
Oh, an fur a real thrill, I can watch Mommy crochet. She's been makin hats to give to a lady who gives stuff to homeless peepoles and kiddos an uthers who need to be able to keep warm. Here's whut she's been wurkin on while Daddy has been away.

Mega yawn, huh?

An so it goes. But the FedEx van jus pulled in. Nuthin fur me. An I'm not into boxes like Maggie.

Mommy needs to order sumfin good fur Me!

Here's hopin we All have a bark-filled weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thunder Terrifies Timid Tux

That title up there? Sounds like a newpaper headline or sumfin. It's not. But it is sumfin where all the wurds start with the same sound. Al-it-ur-ration is whut that's called. I no this on account o' because I wuz 'round here when my skin bro an sis lived here like a day or year ago. They wuz always messin with the wurds. Rhymes an stuff.
It wuz like livin in a Dr. Seuss book or sumfin.
So I guess that kinda rubbed off on me an my doggy bloggy thingy.
Anywho, all that to tell yu 'bout las nite.

Lemme tell yu bout it.
It wuz a nice day yesserday so I tol' Mommy she better get out there an trim an mow the yard while it wuz nice. So she did jus that. An now she is glad she did jus that cuz las night we had us a big ol' storm. It started gettin cloudy an dark. Thunder wuz happenin off ofur there. Mommy got the chickies an garage cats tucked in. Jus in time cuz it started rainin bout then.
We came in. Tux got nervus. He got real Velcro with Mommy. He wuz rite nex to her where efur she went.
A BIG crack o' thunder happened. It musta been rite ofur there, it wuz That loud.
Mommy kept tellin Tux is wuz ok, clam down, b cool.
Dint wurk.
We went to bed. Now Tux usually sleeps on a doggy bed in our livin room but since Daddy has been away (he's still gone, home nex week) Tux has been hangin out in our bedroom. Las nite with the storm goin on, he wuz breathin on Mommy, he wuz that close. Mommy plugged in her Scent Ball with lavender 'ssential oil to help us all clam down an sleep. Wurked fur me an Mommy. Not so much for Tux. He wannered round an mostly breathed on Mommy. He wuz lickin his lickin his lips. Then SamCat came round to buddy up with Tux. He wuz happy an purrin an roamin round the bed.
Sure wuz a ruff night fur Tux.

One good thing: the lectricity nefur wented out durin the storm.
It did blink off this mornin. Yu no, blue sky makes that happen. :-/
Tux is kinda tired out today.

On a side note.
The mushy rooms looked more better a couple days ago but Mommy furgot to take a piccie. Isn't this called a fairy ring?

 I sure hope it's good luck to be inside a fairy ring, utherwise, we're doomed.

An here's whut our lil chickies look like now that they are bout 6 or 8 weeks old. No eggies yet, that happens when they are bout 5 months old.

They luv to get out in their chickie yard an scratch fur bugs an junk. Looks like they're in a jungle, huh? No, I can't get to them fur a sniff or taste. Boo.

I been havin whut the pros call "riter's blok". I am readin yur bloggies even if I'm not barkin a comment.
 Hey, maybe that big crack o' thunder las' nite will blast away the blok!

Pee S I am rite unner Mommy's chair as she types this fur me. She tol' me, "Zoe don't let any buddy tell yu yur toots don't stink."

Monday, August 4, 2014

Makin the most of a rainy Monday

It's rainin out there. It's already borin.

Anything out there to bark at?

Whut's that?

But don't wurry. I'll be up here on OP Zoe with my ears an at least one eye open. Nuthin gets by me.

ETA - Jus barked me a couple deers! Nuthin gets by me!

A Cananadian Civic Holiday!

Happy Civic Holiday to all of my Cananadian pals! Have a super duper day with yur humans, if they have the day off.

An barkin of Cananda, here's a geeky fun thing fur yu to learn 'bout.

Hitchbot is makin his way from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. He's dependin on nice peepoles to give him rides. Check out his page to see where he is (how did he get cross all that water?) An yu can follow him on the FB or Twitter places.