Saturday, June 28, 2014




Thursday, June 26, 2014

More burd stuff

I'm kinda lettin Mommy take ofur with this burd stuff today.
She found a "osprey cam" thingy. She stares at the thing fur hours, seems like.

Clicky fur Osprey cam

Now this cam is in the city where Sissor (my husis) lives. So sumhow, that "connects" fur Mommy.
Idunno. Whut efur.
Anywho, if yu go there, don't stand behind one of the three babies an don't stand unner neath the nest. They raise up their lil burdie butts an let loose with a stream of poop! One even shot at the camera! When Mommy sees that, she laughs an laughs. Simple minds, yu know the sayin.

I know sum of yu don't like hate the burds. So I app-all-o-jize fur postin this stuff. But seems sum of the moms axfurly Like watchin the burds. So, to make 'em happy, let 'em take a look. The momma burd (Iris) is a good momma. She feeds the babies with fishies that the daddy (Stanley) brings to the nest.
 Maybe yur momma will get all warm an fuzzy feelin an feed yu too! 

We can always hope!

A Big Burd!

Yu know we gots the lil-ler burds round here. Robins, starlings, magpies, Western King Burds,  Cedar Waxwings (there's still sum comin round fur the currents, Puffy ain't got em all, yet), lil yeller warbler type burds. Then we got the pheasants, ducks, Canada geese. We got sum Bald Eagle, mostly in the winter.

An we gots sum hawks. Mommy ain't good with the I.D. stuff with hawks but this one hangs out in a tall tree across the neighbor's pasture.

But 'cept this mornin, we all stepped out the back door an it wuz sittin on our 'lectric pole.

Here's nuther look, sorry fur the cloudy skies makin it hard to see it's colors.

An nuther. Mommy thinks it's a red-tailed hawk. It made the right sound that she found online.
about Red-Tailed Hawks
 An it's got the right tail shape an stuff. Jus not very red-tailed.

We all kinda stood round on the top steps, includin PuffCat an ScooterCat while Mommy took the piccies. Then I wanted to come back in fur a cookie.

See yu 'round,  hawk burd!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We made it! We survived!

Yep, I been home a couple o' hours or days frum the Pet Lodge place. The place with butterflies to chase. An purdy flowers to check p-mail. Mornin brekkie buffet wuz non-stop. An the snack bar wuz always chock full o' goodies. Down comforters to sleep on. Gold-trimmed water fountains to drink frum. Servants to throw tennis balls. Plenty o' stuffie toys to play with.

Yeah, right.

Gruel to slurp. Durty water to drink. Cold, damp, dark floors to sleep on. Forced marches round an round the day yard. Guards to holler at us poor pups. Yeah, I had sum friends there. Maggie, Sadie, Daisy an Cooper. We wuz chained up together. We had to get along.

I had jus gotten the bars filed down to make my 'scape. Uh, nex time, please send sumfin bigger than a nail file in the cake.
 I heard Mommy an Daddy callin our names.

The guard told us to make like we were ok an she would let us go with our pawrents.

An then we came home.

Life is good.
 Back to barkin! Back to OP Zoe!
Back to sleepin in my own big bed.

Home, sweet home.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gonna be headin to the Pet Lodge

Oh sure, this looks nice (click here) Me an Tux are gonna be goin there tomorrow. It's a nice web site. Makes it look like tons o' fun fur pets to spend sum time away frum home. Looks like there's nice places to sleep. Plenty o' room to run an play in a safe yard outside. Like the peepoles that wurk there keep the place clean.

Yeah, right.

I've been there afore.

Think mid-evil dungeon. Think cold, damp, clammy. Think dark, spider-webby. Think no food or water.
Gettin the idea?
Yep, that's where I'm headin tomorrow fur 'bout 88 days or sumfin. Ok, maybe like a day an a night.
An to top off the whole deal, I'm gonna get groomed/tortured afore my pawrents pick us up on Monday.
Been nice barkin with yu bloggy pals. *sigh*

On one super good thing that did happen a few days ago, Me an Tux barked us a real deal raccoon! He wuz at the front corner of our place an we barked an barked him frum our bestest barkin corner of our yard. He hi-tailed it outta there, fur sure.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Cat's Gotta Do What A Cat's Gotta Do

Hey, it's me, Puffy, taking over the little barky dog's blog thing.
Here's me, getta load of my handsomeness.
Notice I look like I'm just chilling under those current bushes. It's a nice place to Look like I'm chilling.
But I am really in the perfect spot to do some hunting. And I am good at hunting. In fact, I may single-pawedly rid this place of some tasty birds. Cedar Waxwings is what they're called.
They come to eat the currents off the bushes. Yeah, those bushes I am chilling under.
Here's some of their feathers.
You see where I'm going with this, right? Yeah, I've been catching those dumb birds when they come to eat the currents. It's so easy.
But I guess Big 'Dopted Mommy don't like me catching them birds. Sometimes she comes out of the house, hollering at me to let the bird go. Yesterday she even picked me up when I had a bird in my mouth. Durn bird flew away.
But not today. She came out hollering. The dogs came out barking. I ran and climbed over the gate and went into the garage. When she picked me up this time, the bird dropped out of my mouth. It didn't fly away. She picked it up. I guess she was thinking that by holding it, it might revive. She shut me up in the garage. I think she took the bird outside so's that if it Did revive, it wouldn't be flying all crazy-like in the garage.

Pretty sure this bird ain't gonna revive.

Hey, it's her fault. She shouldn't have planted those current bushes. She should've known those birds would come to eat the currents. And since the Drover dog went to the bridge, I've been able to come into the yard without getting barked at and chased by him.
A cat's gotta do what comes natural like.
I am whittling the Cedar Waxwing population down around here.

You're welcome.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Turrible Turdsday

They mow an trim the grass. They put it in big black bags an throw it away. Then they water it to make it grow all ofur again.
Mommy needs to plan this deal out better, but it always wurks this way.
She set out the sprinkler ofur here:
That's my bestest barkin corner!
An at the same time, she put out water ofur here:
See the path? That goes frum the steps to the second bestest bark corner.

Why does she Always do that? A lil dog can't get offa the back steps without gettin soppin wet!
Which leaves me here:

Whut will happen when I Really Need to Go?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wurdless Wennesday

New Noms!

So many new noms!
Waitin fur the furst taste
Checkin fur crums, Tux hopeful fur moar
Sittin nice, waitin is so hard to do