Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Too durn cold!

Looky. Such a purdy sunrise huh? Looks cold, huh?

So while Mommy wuz takin this cold lookin piccie, I wuz gettin froze to the white ground. Put down the stoopid camera an come an get me loose already. Yu see, I wuz tinklin an it's so durn cold, it froze while I wuz goin. Stuck me to the ground, sure thing.

Ok, it coulda happened. It is cold. Like 0 degrees an it wuz mynass sum degree earlier.

Not much goin on here. I bark the deers an there's a coyote Me an Tux bark every mornin. Uther than that, it's jus good to stay in an stay warm.

Hey, this is my hunnerth an oneth post in this here doggy bloggy thingy! 

Stay warm or b cool. Dependin on which him-ee-spear yu live.


  1. OMD Zoe... CONGRATULATIONS on your 101st Post. THAT is Grand.
    Girrrrl... we FEEL your Freezing Pain... it was 13° F here this AM... and only gonna get to a Whopping 18 for the HIGH... WHAT is up with THIS???
    We have to RUG UP in our heavy Coats to go out and fire off our Pee or Poop shooters... and MAN O MAN can we do it in a HURRY... when the temps are THIS.... DURN Cold.

  2. Oh, please stay warm. We're getting some high winds here, and hopefully not much more snow.

  3. We're always COOL! BOL! Can't imagine nearly getting stuck to your pee. Frightening.

  4. Blog 101, congrats !
    Keep snug and warm Zoe
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Dem minus degrees are too cold. I'd stay inside and let NotMe visit it I wuz you.

    1. Me too, dat kinda cold is fur penguins and I ain't one of dose!

  6. ConDOGumatayshuns on yur hunnerd an' furst bwog post, Zoe! Keep warm out dere in Idunno! It r cold an' snowin' heer, tu, bud I did nod ged fwozed tu da gwound when I *pwibacy, pweezed* BOLBOL :D

    Kewl pichurs yur Mom taked!

  7. congrats Zoe on 101 posts!!!!!! We are tired of this freezing cold. It does make it hard to get your doodies done fur sure. they keep saying it will warm up some - but when?????
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  8. zoe...thiz troo lee IZ a way awesum fotoz....conga ratz on yur 100,000, 001 post !! ♥♥ N bak in de day, de food serviss gurls familee hada bulldog who backed hiz butt out de paddy oh door... while de rest oh him stayed in side de houze.... N him peed N taked care oh "biznezz" that way....seer ee iz trooth !!! ♥♥♥

  9. It's too durn cold here, too, Zoe!

  10. You got stuck to the ground whilst tinklin'?? Crikey ..... who knew THAT happened?? Musta been worth it to see that beautiful sunrise though. My Mum would just have to go out and look at that no matter how cold it was. Mind you she's never been in temps that low in all her 87 million years of life.
    One hundred and one ....... Crikey that's a BIG number, aye?? Congratulations!!

  11. Happy Blog #101!
    Hope no piddles get froze on the blog, though...its 10 here. Brrr! Minus something or other with the wind chill, which turns a pup into a solid iceblock in a big hurry. And freezes the tootsies, too. Growlmy was shoveling our snow dump, and I would stick my head out the doggy door, peer around to make sure she was OK,and then duck back through to the kitchen, BOL!

  12. Hey Zoe!
    Wow, congrats on your 101st post! OMD what a pretty pix even if it is cold. Definitely cold enough to freeze our pee. BOL OMD I like to bark at deer too!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  13. You stay warm, furry friend! Concats on the 101th post! Do you have a nice sweater to wear? Or a fuzzzy warm coat? Is a trip to the pet store coming up?

  14. Congrats on your 101 post! That is pawsome! Those are pretty pictures, but sorry you had to nearly freeze to death in order for the momma person to take that picture. I hope you got lots of treats for this torture!