Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgivin to yu!

This bloggy thingy place is way cool! We are so glad we met all o' yu. We came ofur here frum the Dogster/Catster place when we thot it wuz closin down. It wuz a special place fur pets to have fun. When we got ofur here, we found out there wuz plenty uthers who like to have fun. We are so happy to have made new pals here an we've kept up with many of our D/C pals too.

So I hope yu here in the US of A snagged sum of the yumminess today. I know sum of yur peepoles gotta wurk so yur havin yur feast time on anuther day.

That's whut we're doin. My human Sissor (who lives an wurks in Miss Oula, Montanaland) had to wurk yesserday an she din't want to have to drive in the way darkness. So she got here today!
I wuz jus finishin off a tiny bit o' cookie when Mommy said "Sissor's home" an I took off out the door. Shur nuf, there she wuz! She's been gone a day or sumfin. I got no sens o' time.
An guess whut she brot? Yep, same o, same o like the good ol uni-vers-city days.

Sum o' this:
And more o' this:
An then this:
Oh My!

Ok, so I'm jus kiddin bout that last pile, but she did bring sum "xtras".

So we're gonna have our turdkey burd feastin tomorrow. An maybe we can talk with my human brother. He can't be home on account o' becuz he's wurkin sumplace else in the wurld.

It's gonna be good. I plan on hangin out in the kitchen. Maybe Mommy will drop tons o' goodies!

Happy Thanksgivin Pals!


  1. We hope lots of GOOD stuff is turkey......not salad stuff.

    We had a cousin in Virginia (at university) who brought his laundry home at Thanksgiving. His clothes and sheets that he hadn't washed since he's put them on the bed in September....actually since his mum put them on the bed!

    1. Oh, those sloppy boys!

      Sissor duz her laundry, but this is Free laundry-doin at home. She likes Free.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you got some yummies. It was boring here. Mommy went to work and I stayed home. No Thanksgiving where I live.

  3. Crikey Zoe ..... just like at our house only in our house that last pile wouldn't be the only kidd'n pile. It'd be the fair dinkum pile. AND my two legged sis only lives 15 minutes away. Well I spose she does have a husband, 3 kids (although one doesn't wear clothes all that often), 3 chooks a dog and a PIG to look after. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with all of your Famiy and as long as you DO get a turkdey burd it doesn't really matter if it's a day late, aye?? Crikey I bet you were gald to see Sissor!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Did sissor bring ya any pocket lint? BOL!

    1. No stinkin pocket lint! But she brot sum knittin! Gah!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you Zoe and your family, and whenever you are celebrating I hope there's loads of turkey for you.
    Thank you for being a lovely furfriend, I am sooo glad to have met you!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. I too am thankfur fur the blogging we can do here!
    All our pals are so great and new ones joining all the time!

    My unfurbro and boss boy are good at those lets do the laundry at growlmy's pawlace, then we can keep that change fur a burger or two, BOL!

    Did ya get ta woof with your human brother? I hope so. We are thankfur fur peeps like him too.

    I got me some feast tidbits, Mmmm!

  7. Habby Bewated Fanksgibbin', Zoe! I hope yu gedded at weast a tiny taste ob turkee or sumfing! A hunk ob wettuce, mabbe? I kno' whut yu r finkin', "Whu habs sawad on Fanksgibbin'??? *sigh* My Momma duz...

  8. Hope ya gots sumthin' better dan pocket lint, Zoe... like sum yummy turkey on Fanksgivin'!!

  9. Happy belated Thanksgiving Zoe! I snagged me a piece of turkey! Yum yum!

  10. Ruh roh ...that's a LOT of laundry!

  11. Your sissor really loves your momma to bring her that big pressie of clothes, BOL. Hope you snagged some turkey!

  12. OMD are we late or what! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your sissor and all!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel