Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm so fuzzy!

I got nom-ee-nated (thanks Mr. Jack Freckles) to be a part of Molly's  Share It Sunday
Thanks furs for bein part o' the fun here on this Bloggy thingy! An since my typist ain't too swift, I'm gonna post this now stead of waitin fur a few days. So yule be seein this again Sunday ofur at Molly's place. Nefur can get enuf of a good thing! Bol!

I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy an hairy an cute!
An I pity
Any pup who isn't me to boot.?

Ok, so it had to rhyme. Yeah, an I just made that up, off the top of my fuzzy lil head.

I am workin this fuzzy deal, lemme tell ya.  I ain't been groomed since way long time ago when Me an Tux stayed ofur night at the Pet Lodge place.
Mommy's been tellin me how fuzzy I am. Yeah, I'm jus that cute.
Gets me more cookies. All's I have to do is give that fuzzy lil urchin look an Bam! here comes a cookie. Well, most of the time.

I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy and hairy an cute...
Whut happened affer my lil song up there? Me an Tux got tossed in the S-Caw-Pay an rode an rode to the Pet Lodge. Tux to go to doggie day care, me to get groomed/tortured an hair shrinkied.
It wuz a turrible time. But I ain't fuzzy no more, no more. 


  1. No fuzz, no more? Are ya mad, are ya sore?

    Dat just ain't right, dem stealin' yer furs... otta be a law or sumthin'....

  2. LOL not the fur stealers? Mind you if it means lots of cookies.....well???? Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly
    See you at mine Sunday.

  3. Oh No! You lost your fuzz! That's not right. Love your song. We'll be singing that all day.

  4. We don't go to the fur stealers but we do have to go to the frankenvet to cut our nails.....ugh....
    stella rose

  5. Sowwy 'bout yur torchurin', Zoe. An' Momma sez fanks fur da song dat r now stucked in hur head. BOL :D

  6. Yup. Now growlmy will not be able to shut off her head, either..and she needs to go to bed!
    Zaidie, tonight she is a wee bit earlier, BOL!

    Are you going to regrow more fuzziness, to add to your cutiepieness?? OK,that's my silliness!

  7. Oh no, not the fur stealer and baff time !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Fur-stealing is awful for sure...that last time I got mine stolen was the first time Momma did it for me and not the peoples at the Petsmart. Momma buzzed me a bit to close with the fur stealing thing and it was not fun for a few days.

    Hopefully your fur-theft was a bit more comfy then mine!

  9. Oh no you got your fur stolen grrrrrr.

    Aroo to you,