Thursday, August 28, 2014

I hit the ground barkin!

Afore I get started on the real deal doggy bloggy entry, I wanted yu to know bout a Pedigree dry dog food recall in case yu eat it. Clicky here fur more info.
An if yu wanna get notified of any recalls fur foods an treats, bookmark this page: Dog Food Advisor. Well, have yur folks bookmark, we don't got no thums an asides, it's borin.

Anywho, on with my story.

I hit the ground barkin yesserday mornin at early o'clock. I hit the floor runnin first tho cuz I heard brekkie gettin ready to be served. Scarfed that down an went outside fur *yu know*.
But instead of sniffin fur jus the rite spot, I started barkin an ran ofur to the bestest barkin corner.

Sumfin wuz/had been out there!
I can't tell yu if it wuz a skunk, raccoon, deer, one of bout a bazillion of the neighbor's cats, or maybe sumfin else. I'll leave that to yur magination.
But it wuz good to bark at! An PuffyCat even went snoopin round in that direction. Fur a cat, he duz purdy good security wurk.

That hole deal set the stage fur plenty more barkin. Odds an ends of joggers, peepoles walkin, trucks, an jus random barkin. Shoot, it don't matter whut's out there, jus bark!

Hope it's a good barkin day fur yu!


  1. I bet it was a Dingo.

    Aroo to you,

  2. LOL bet it was squirrels. Have a tremendous barking Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Busy Barker Day!!
    I'm having one too, cause I saw the kitty next door...Grrr. He'd best not hop the fence, BOL!

    Keep up the good puptrolling!

  4. Zoe any day that starts with about 87 barkables... is a GOOD day. RIGHT?

  5. Bailey spied a strange cat sneaking up our driveway and guess what - oh yea
    bark bark bark bark bark bark and on and on
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. zoe...we betz it bee an ale ee endz...a zombie.... ore an ale ee endz zombie..whoa...use yur imaginayshunz for an ale ee endz zombeez....


    now we iz scarin R selves.... ♥

  7. Thursday morning is our barkinest day. We start with the cats across the street, then the Milko truck, joggers, garbage truck, kids going to the bus stop, more joggers, more cats, and recycle truck. We're nearly worn out by the time we head to the river.
    So we say, Great work!

  8. Round here, there's neverendin barkin. What is wif you dogs?

  9. Sounds like some good barkin. Ya know me, I been barkin all day long.

  10. I had only just found my bark and I'm trying to practice as often as I can now
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. I love love love love your name!!!! I had a Zoie once for a short time!!! I loved her so much!! She loved me too!!!

  12. That was some pretty good barking!

  13. Wike I alwayz say, she whu barks furst, barks best...or sumfing! BOL :D Hey, Zoe, yu an' Whitwey otta hab a contest!!!

  14. You and Whit... whut a pair...If you two had a contest, a pup would need earplugs -- stareeohfonik barkapalooza!

  15. Zoe really you could not Destinguish if it was a SKUNK! You need to have your nose fixed. SKUNK is the worst lingering smell you will ever experience.
    Just wait till you get sprayed by skunk in the eyes. DON'T MESS WITH MR. SKUNK.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot