Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Big an many Bye-bye bags

Sum of yu know this, but my Daddy is in the Idunno National Guard. That means he has to pack up bye-bye bags once a month or so to go do his drill near the Boy See city. He's been to the Eye Rack place twice.
 Well, he's been packin up more an bigger bye-bye bags. It's time fur the Annual Trainin thingy that he does, well, once a year.
He left this mornin at way dark o'clock.

I wuz wunnerin 'bout what he eats while he's out practicin the soldier skills.
We had a lil show an tell deal.

Lemme show yu.
He has a Lot of these while he's "on the range" an he's on the range fur nearly 3 weeks.

MRE? Whut the heck is in there?

We have a whole box o' these brown plastic bags in our basement. An the whole family has at least one in their cars, fur 'mergency porpoises.

Let's see whut's in this bag. There's 'posed to be chicken with noodles an veggies!

Yep, it sez Chicken an Veggies all right

Whut's that?
Oh! So that's whut nut raisin mix with pan coated chocolate disks looks like.
Mmmm! Peanut Butter! I sure wanted to wrap my fuzzy lips round this lil package!
They tol' me there's a piece o' bread in there!
I guess they're not 'lowed to call it Kool Aid
Yipes! Hot soss! Mommy sed they used to put in a cute lil bottle of Tabasco.
This here is the heater to heat up yur main corse. Yu put sum water in there an sum kim-ee-culs heat up the food bag yu put in there too. Yu gotta prop it up slant-wise on a rock or sumfin. Serious. The 'structions say that.

There's a packet with matches, sugar, salt, a handy wipee, sum ol' fashion chicklet gum. Lots of plastic to throw away. An' by the way, the rug there? Daddy sended it frum the Eye Rack place on his 1st time there.

All I got wuz the toilet paper!

Daddy sez the soldiers real quick learn which bags are "good" an which are kinda meh.

I will sure miss my Daddy since I am his grrl. But he tol' me to mind Mommy while he's gone.
Sure thing Daddy.


Have yu furs ever seen these MRE thingys? Have yu ever tasted any of it?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New neighbors

Yu gots to know, I live out in the country. Yep, I'm a country grrl. We don't got no neighbors that live very close. Their places are way down there or way down the uther way.
Mommy is glad we don't got no close neighbors on account o' because my barkin. She says I would be very annoyin with all the barkin I do.

But yesserday sum new neighbors Did move in, right nex' to my place.
This mornin, they wur jus' too close. Hadta bark 'em up.

They Had been right nex' to My fence! The nerve!

An don't yu come back no more!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daddy saved the day!

This is my our food container thingy.

Lookit how MT that thingy is! There's not enuf fud in there fur Me an Tux. So sorry Tux, no brekkie fur yu.

But do yu see that shoe ofur there? That's Daddy's shoe fotobombin the piccie.

Daddy saved the day! He'd been shoppin an brotted My fud!

I better give it a taste test. Oh! Did yu see my new collar? Sea Glass by Lupine. We each got new name tags too. Better than the balin twine collar I'd been wearin.

Then I got hollered at to stay back.
Hmm, lemme check the floor fur any dropped pieces.

Thank yu Daddy fur buyin fud fur Me. An Tux.

Lemme leave yu with a Sunset. Ours have been real purdy an red on account o' because we been havin brush fires in the area. Happens efurry summer. Lots of dust an smoke make for purdy sunrises an sunsets.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Odds an ends, this an that

Not too much goin on round here. The usual stuff to bark at.
Here's me on alert. I had been barkin at the lil wurker men movin the irrigation pipe outta the wheat field 'cross the road.

An fur those of yu who don't get up too early, this here thingy is called a sunrise.

Those sunrise deals happen a lot this time o' year right affer breakfast.

We've got sum grow box thingys on our patio. Earth Box is whut they're called. We don't reck-o-mend them. We had 3. Mommy gave up on one an pulled up the stuff that wuz tryin to grow in it. Here's one that should have more stuff in it but only 2 pepper plants are still hangin on. See.

Those poor lil peppers had aphids that Mommy blasted off. An sum basil an anuther pepper had to be deleted.

But here's anuther box with tomatoes. Lots of green stuff happenin in this box.

An looky whut is goin on in there!

Those are sum nice lil grape tomatoes, jus right fur a lil dog to pull off the vine an munch! But we gotta save the very first ripe ones fur Daddy. That's a house rule.

I'll leave yu with sum flower piccies. We don't got many flowers round here, fur sure not like sum o' yur pawrents show. But here's a few daylilies we got blooming now. We don't know their names.
Hope yu have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Take it away, Tux!

So the uther day that barkinest Westie, deep in the heart o' Texas, yur pal an mine, Whitley , nom-ee-nated me fur a Shine On 'ward. Thank yu Whitley fur thinkin of me.
Now there wuz sum rules an such bout nom-ee-natin uther pals which I am gonna purdy much ignore. Jus cause this is my doggy bloggy thingy an I can do that.
I am gonna  demand ask nice fur a cookie. That's one rule I like!

Anywho, jus the uther day afore Whitley's 'ward, Mr. Jack Freckles had sended me a Liebster 'ward.
Since I had jus answered those questions an since I am a nice pup, (well, I am), I decided to let Tux do the dealios fur the Shine On 'ward. I mean, I got me a bloggy thingy but Tux don't even really have a "voice". Yu know whut I mean? I got a voice. PuffyCat and ScooterCat got voices. EllieCat gots a voice. But GeorgieCat an SamCat an Tux don't really got their inner voices. Yu know whut I mean, right? I wunner why sum of us got the voices an sum of us don't. I also wunner why when I go outside an turn round on the doorstep an come back inside, I don't get a cookie. Sumtimes it wurks, sumtimes it don't wurk. An I wunner why burds suddenly appear efurry time yu are near.

Ok, where wuz I?
Right, I'm gonna let Tux do the 7 random facts 'bout his self.
Take it away Tux. Jus so's yu know, he talks regular like. I guess cause he don't got that inner voice thing.

Hello. I am Tux.
1. This was my Petfinder picture. Yes, I was dropped off at a shelter in Wyoming, with my good friend, Bubba. We were part of a bigger family of Labrador Retrievers. Things were getting out of hand for our owner, so he got rid of us. But my wonderful furever family adopted me and Bubba went to live the ranch life somewhere in Wyoming. It turned out all good.

2.  I am about 7 and a half now! Wow, I have lived with my family for 5 years.

3. Being part Retriever, I LOVE to retrieve the tennis balls my family throws. Here is a short video showing my style. It's simple but it works. The hand you see throwing the ball is my skinbro. He has grown up and is in the Air Force now. Oh, and the white Mini Schnauzer is Drover. He has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

3. When Dad and Mom picked up Zoe and I from the Pet Lodge, the worker guy told them I wouldn't go out or come in unless Zoe was right there with me. You see, she was getting groomed and that's when I wouldn't got outside to play or then come back inside for a rest. She rules me.

4. Speaking of which, unless it's Only me right there when a bite of food is on the floor, I won't take it. I leave it for Zoe. I'm nice like that. And she's mean. She thinks Everything is for her.

5. We have several deer antlers to chew on. I find it relaxing to gnaw on one every so often. Until Zoe stares at me and takes it away.

6. Speaking of staring. I do the Jedi Mind Trick with tennis balls. Here's how it works. I put the tennis ball down about two feet away from me. I stare at it. Then the person closest to the ball picks it up and throws it for me! Works almost every time! And Mom had just found a picture of me demonstrating the Jedi Mind Trick and right now she can't find it! I'll have her keep looking and we'll add it later.

7. Even though I am a marshmallow around my family, I take protecting our place very seriously. I have been know to nip at people when they are in our yard. I have a ferocious bark and teeth to back up the bark if needed.

So there are seven random about me. Thank you for your time.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

They're out there

It's been jus Me an Tux an the kitty cats round my place for awhile. But Mommy an Daddy wuz messin round out in the shed thing. Daddy puts mowers an uther yard stuff out there. Me an Tux can go in the fenced yard with Mommy or Daddy. Up til jus a lil while ago today. Now we can't go in the fenced yard anymore.

On account o' because they're out there.

These things.

Yep, 5 lil chickie burds.
Can't wait 'til they lay sum eggs. Maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If the stinkin internet will behave

The stinkin internet thingy is all wonky here. Off an on. Sumtimes I can get on here to read whut is goin on with my bloggin buddies, sumtimes, not so much.
An long time ago, like a day or sumfin, I got nom ee nat ed fur a Liebster ward.
My pal Mr. Jack Freckles did the deed. Thanks MJF! Here's the link to read all bout him. He's got a innerestin life there in the Mitch Again.
Mr. Jack Freckles

There are some rules:
1.  Thank the person/fur who nominated you and link back and recognize their blog in your post.
2.  Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you.
3.  Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.
4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Now, I'm gonna do nummer 1. an 2. but most of my pals have gotted nom ee nat ed already, so's yeah, the chain is gonna get broked here.
Deal with it, k?

Here are my questions for you to answer:

1. What's your Nickname? Zoster, Zoee-Woee, THAT'S ENOUGH, ZOE!( on account o' because they say I bark a lot).

2. Do you like your furblings if you have any? I jus got Tux an sum kitty cats. Yep, I like 'em. Me an Tux play tug-o-war. We play inside in the mornin an then in the affernoon we go out an play with tennis balls (Tux) an Jolly balls (Me)
The kitty cats let me sniff their tushies. An I boss the kitty cats when they are naughty. An if they are in a dog bed, I can stare em out to make room fur lil me.

3. What do you do when the phone rings? No big deal. We don't get many calls.

4. Do you evfur howl? I picked up a cool howl at the Pet Lodge but the folks told me to quit.

5. Do you dream? I nefur woke up to 'member if I did.

6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling? (or someone else?) I am Daddy's grrl! I Luv it when he gets home frum wurk. I obey him better than I do Mommy. Course, sumtimes, he uses his army voice at me.

7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth? When I wuz a puppy, I chewed up sum carpet an liked to attack pants an slippers. I used to get the peepoles real mad at me. Now, I might bite At sumone when they are brushin me or sumfin.

8. Where is your fave place to go to visit? Yuck! I am a homegrrl. I get all nervous goin in the car. Please don't tell no one that. I like to keep up a tough grrl fursona.

9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere? Sumtimes with Daddy, I can go outside the wire (the back yard) an check things out on our lil acreage.
An when Daddy takes us fur walks along the river, we don't need no stinkin leashes.

10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out? Both, depends on how warm or cold it is.

So there yu have it. A lil bit bout lil Me. I know sum of yu already knew mos of the stuff. I guess nex time I'll have to make up sumfin innerestin. Bol!