Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We made it! We survived!

Yep, I been home a couple o' hours or days frum the Pet Lodge place. The place with butterflies to chase. An purdy flowers to check p-mail. Mornin brekkie buffet wuz non-stop. An the snack bar wuz always chock full o' goodies. Down comforters to sleep on. Gold-trimmed water fountains to drink frum. Servants to throw tennis balls. Plenty o' stuffie toys to play with.

Yeah, right.

Gruel to slurp. Durty water to drink. Cold, damp, dark floors to sleep on. Forced marches round an round the day yard. Guards to holler at us poor pups. Yeah, I had sum friends there. Maggie, Sadie, Daisy an Cooper. We wuz chained up together. We had to get along.

I had jus gotten the bars filed down to make my 'scape. Uh, nex time, please send sumfin bigger than a nail file in the cake.
 I heard Mommy an Daddy callin our names.

The guard told us to make like we were ok an she would let us go with our pawrents.

An then we came home.

Life is good.
 Back to barkin! Back to OP Zoe!
Back to sleepin in my own big bed.

Home, sweet home.


  1. Glad ya got sprung from da hoosegow, Zoe!!

    Dey boarded me at da vet once... da next time, I threw on da brakes and refoosed to go in there... they had to drags me in!

    Now, with all da pills I's on, I just goes wiff Momma... werks fur me!

    1. Yeah, I get carried in to the vet or torture places. Tux has a harness to wear cuz once, at this place, he 'bout pulled outta his collar an rolled away! Bol!

    2. SO gwad yu gedded outta dere, Zoe! Nexx time I r gonna send a cake wif a cwowbar in it! Dat shood werk bedder!

  2. I'm so glad you've been sprung! I hope you're ok after your incarceration!

  3. Oooops. I commented in da wong spot! BOL :D

  4. Da howwifik part 'bout bein' chained tugefur maded my Momma waff. I r so sowwy, Zoe. BOL

  5. You got PARDONED... THAT is super GRRRREAT. No Place like HOME, is there???

  6. zoe...we iz crackin UP !!!!! this post bee hill larry uz ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. Zoe, we are so glad you are back home safe in your own bed!

  8. You and Tux are alive ... Crikey ... Thank goodness! I couldn't sleep worrying about you. You nearly filed those bars down??????? With a nail file?????? Crikey Zoe ... did Tux help? You must be mighty tired. Bet you slept for a whole day or something when you got home

  9. We were gettin' jealous reading that FIRST paragraph! We always go 'camping' and we rough it! Sounds more like your experience. BUTT, we get to bark all the time and no one cares.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  10. there is no place like home huh Zoe!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  11. Thank Dog you and Tux survived! This place wouldn't be the same wiff out you!

  12. Glad ya survived! I's never been "boarded" in my entire lil life, I guess I's lucky.

  13. Hooray!
    You are home where you belong!
    Good thing it didn't last any longer, or you might not have lasted...

    Are you hoarse from all the barking? That always happened to growlmy's pups from her childhood days.

  14. OMD they made you work on a chain gang! Glad your peeps came back before you were institutionalize and a harden criminal.

    Aroo to you,

  15. We are so glad you are home, sometimes our everyday life sounds like that.
    stella rose

  16. It is So good to be home Pals!

  17. Welcome home Zoe and Tux, glad you made it! Woof!