Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh No! Sads!

Pals, I wuz jus ofur at the Dogster place sniffin round.
Our pal Coco Rose has gone to the bridge! She's been sick an her Mom decided to let her fly free.
Our hearts are breakin here in Idunno fur her family.

Coco Rose

Fly free sweet grrl! This is the piccie her Momma posted on her Dogster page.


  1. Oh no, that's sad news! I didn't know Coco Rose or her mommy, but I offer my most sincere condolences to her family and you, her furiend.

  2. *Sniff, sniff* Dis are such sad news and surprisin' news...

  3. Oh no. What a sad time for her family.

  4. Dis r da saddest nues eber...

  5. WE are SOOOOOOOO sorry to hear this sad sad news... We had JUST gotten to know her. Such a Heartbreak.

  6. Prayers for Coco Rose's family.

    Aroo to you,

  7. We were so saddened to learn of Coco Rose's journey to the Bridge. I am sure she is already trading cookie stories with Angel Abby. R.I.P. sweet girl.

  8. Sorry to hear you lost one of your friends
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  9. Oh! Zoe ..... too, too sad. You knew her much better than Mum and I did so we know you must be heartbroken over this news. Mum's been leaking all over the computer and we've only known Coco Rose for a short while. Such a shock to everyone. Poor Puffy and his family ..... too sad!!

  10. That was a sad and devastating news to read.
    My doggy heart is sad now...and I too just only was getting to know her and her sweet furmily.

    I will woof softly in her honor.
    Rest sweetly, Coco Rose, you pretty Angel-Pup.
    Fly well!

  11. We have the crying eyes here too. Fly free Coco Rose.

  12. How terribly sad and we send hugs to her peeps and we hope Coco Rose runs free and fast and without pain over the rainbow bridge.
    Best wishes Molly