Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I had a Stinko de Mayo yesserday

Yu know things are gonna go frum bad to worser when yu get outta bed, head to the food dispenin area fur brekkie an yu don't get nun. No matter how much I amped up the cuteness, whined, pleaded, threw myself on the floor an made like I wuz starvin, no brekkie. Not efun fur Tux. At least we wuz bein tortured/starved together.
An then it got stinkier when Daddy putted on Tux's halter an leash an Mommy pickeded me up an carted me off to the S-caw-pay. We were both goin to our doom. I did shakey, shakey, shakey in Daddy's lap. Tux kinda chilled in the back.
An then, there It wuz.
The VET place.
Mommy tossed me on the wayer scale thingy. 15 pounds. I guess that wuz ok, nobuddy hollered at me. Tux wuz 49 pounds. Nobuddy hollered at him either.
Then the worker gurl tooked me to the back. That wuz the last I would see of my family. Fur like hours, days, years. Or sumfin.

I can't tell yu whut else happened to cute lil me while I wuz back in the dark, damp, spidie filled cell. It's jus too turrible to rethink. I did get poked with a 8 inch needle. Then I went to sleep.
I did get sum blood stoled. An they did clean my toofers. An yu might not believe this, but I woked up bout haf way through. They tol' me they runned outta the Auntie Set Ick or sumfin. Told me to keep quiet or things would go real bad. They jus kept workin on my lil toofers.
Or maybe I wuz dreamin.
Finally they were done an I got tossed into a cage to re-coop-r-ate.
An affer a Really Long time, the girl got me outta the cell. Put me down an I found Mommy out there waitin fur me. She asked me if I wuz ready to go home.
Well, like, oh no! I had such a fun time I nefur wanna leave.

She did take me outside an I went tinkle fur 'bout half an hour then I went poopy too.
Then we hadta go back in to talk to the vet bout my blood. Sumfin bout my ALP bein a lil high.
Ain't the ALPs mountains? Of course my ALP would be a lil high too.
Ugh, gotta have my ALPs rechecked in a couple months. 

Anywho, I got back home an finally got to eat a lil bit of my brekkie, way late in the affernoon.
An me an Tux got sum new bling fur our collars. Ok, it's orange rabies tags. But we're country dogs. We'd look silly wearin sum of that gold an diamond bling like the city dogs wear.

An sorry there ain't no piccies of the whole turrible deal. My Ibone needed to be recharged. No wait, they tooked away my Ibone so's I couldn't take piccies an get them in trubble fur torturin lil me.

An that's the whole honest to dog truth.


  1. Oh Zoe how terrible but I am glad it wasn't me. They are always up our bum or in are mouths. Like they are always fishing for something. If they would just tell us what the expect to find. But I have this notion the vet finds gold because they keep digging for more. And the get riches too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Thanks fur stopping by SWtheS!
      The peepoles are sum kinda sick, that's fur sure.

  2. Oh, Zoe, what a horrible experience for you. So happy it is all over and you must have the nicest pearly whites now! You should take a piccie of you smiling. I heard mom on the phone and she was making an appointment for me for tomorrow afternoon at some place called the animal hospital - should I be worried?

  3. Buddy! Run away Now! Go hide in the bushes!

    Yu'll thank me later fur the advice.

  4. zoe....sorree ewe N tux hada day frum hadeez ina hand baskit.....we dunno a thing bout de alpz, or de andeez ore any kinda hill ore mountin but we hope what ever it iz knot....or iz....ore ...

    hay, St Francis' blessings to ewe♥♥♥

  5. Crikey Zoe ... Wanna flash a smile for me whilst flutterin' the lashes? Sorry about that 8 inch needle ... I HATE those things. They should be banned!

  6. Poor poor Zoe...I hope you repooperate real fast.

  7. OMC, that do sound pretty terribull - I fink da worst part was missin brekkiefast!

  8. Dudes I feel for yas next they'll torture y'all by taking you to the fur stealer and y'all will get waterboarded. I'll keep my paws cross that doesn't happen.

    Aroo to you,

  9. Hope you are back to your barky self Zoe!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  10. That sounds like a terrible experience! Hope your mommy made it up to you with lots of love and tasty treats!

  11. Bark bark bark from one recently toother-cleaned girl to another! Is your mom giving you antibiotics? Mine did until yesterday and blech, they were yukky!

  12. Whitley and me went thru da same thing a couple a months ago.... there oughta be a law!!

  13. Oopsie! Growlmy didn't let me come by and now I am late wondering if yourself is back to the barking at any and all is back??
    I sure hope so!

    Mine is working overtime, growlmy says, BOL!