Friday, May 30, 2014

The Miss Tree of the Bloody Footprints

Heads up fur this entry. Yeah, I got sum piccies to show yu Piccies with blood. So if yur squeamish, yu been warned.

Ok, so yu know we got cats round here.

Here's ScooterCat
Uh, yeah, that's in the garage. That's a cover on the S-Caw-Pay. The cats hang out up there an get hairs an kittycat barfie all ofur. So Mommy keeps it covered. The S-Caw-Pay, not the barfie.

An here's the PuffyCat.

Now, these kitty cats is real good hunters. An they leave body parts an stuff in the garage.
They usually eat almos' evfurry thing they bring in there.

Hmm, maybe Puffy jus ate one of the lil green bean-shaped dealios. Don't think they taste good.

Anywho, the uther day Mommy noticed sum, get ready, Bloody Footprints, in the garage comin outta the garage.
I'll show yu.

They started frum unner the S-Caw-Pay.

They kept goin outta the garage.

An they went a ways in front o' the garage an then they disappeared!

Now, Mommy first thought a kitty had a bloody paw. But Scooter showed us whut kitty paws look like.
Scooter is a outside kitty, she'll nefur know I posted this!
She checked to make sure all the kitties wuz ok.
Then she tol' Daddy she wunnered if it wuz a raccoon. Daddy said it would be a lil baby raccoon, if it wuz.

An so, there's the Miss Tree. Whut's the story? Who made those footprints?

I have no idea. An don't 'spect no part 2 fur this story, 'cause, really, I have no idea.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring time Walk

Yesserday wuz a bark-fest 'round My place. Daddy wuz wurkin outside. Mommy wuz paintin in Sissor's old room. An there wuz Lots uf wurker doods wurkin all round my place.
There wuz no stoppin me frum barkin.
I had ta come in so I couldn't see this:
Lookit all those wurker doods! But I could here 'em hollerin an stuff. I fur sure knew they wuz out there.

Mostly yesserday, I jus got hollered at to be quiet.
I guess Daddy musta feeled sorry fur me cause this mornin he tooked us fur a walk!
Come on along. It's green this time. This is the same walk we went on Here
So sum uf the piccies might look kinda the same.

Here we go affer Daddy tooked the leashes off.

An here we come back when Daddy called us cause we were gettin too far away.

Sniffin sumfin good. To the right is a lil irrigation canal. To the left yu can see sum ol logs. They got there frum the river havin Way too much water a few years ago. The river is ofur there 'bout a forth a mile.

We walk along an sniff along. We go through a couple uf gates. Then we get to the river.
The river is real low right now. An this isn't the whole river. Those trees to the left are a lil island. The main part o' the river is on the uther side o' the island.

Always sumfin good to smell along here.

There's a lil walk-on bridge to the lil island. Look whut we saw in the water! A mother Canada goose an her lil ones.

Looks kinda purdy now since it's green, huh?

Thanks fur comin along on my spring time walk.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wurdless Wennesday? No Way

So this mornin I wuz all like
thinkin I wuld post this piccie fur Wurdless Wennesday. Yur probly wunnerin why I wuz like that. It's 'cause the uther day Mommy did sum groomin/torturin on lil me an she did cut off one uf my lil toenails. Yep, fur sure. It bleeded a lil bit right then. Then I musta scraped it outside an it did bleed an bleed fur efur. It bleeded so much, I am still re-coop-r-ate-in days later.
An that's why I wuz bein all quiet an barkless. Thinkin I could post a Wurdless Wennesday entry.

But then the wurker men came along. Out in the potato field they are wurkin. Puttin out sum big ol irrigation pipe, gettin ready to water those lil spudies they planted a few weeks ago.
Good time barkin. Lemme tell yu!
Here is Me an Tux at the bestest barkin corner of My yard.
This is whut we wuz barkin at.
See the white pick-em-up truck ofur there? It had a irrigation pipe trailer on it an sum of the wurker guys were, well, wurkin. Mommy din't want the wurkers to see her takin piccies of them. They might think they wuz in trubble or sumfin. An 'bout the time they wuz ofur there a girl rode by on a horse.
Double good stuff to bark!

An that's why I don't have a Wurdless Wennesday entry fur yu to read. Maybe sum uther time.

Like that is efur gonna happen.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jedi Mind Trick Walk!

Ok, so yu furs know 'bout the Jedi an their Mind Tricks, right?
The Jedi frum the Star Wars stuff? An yu know 'bout their Mind Tricks? If yu want moar info, check out Wookieepedia an learn all 'bout them.
But I googled fur yu fur the Mind Trick thingy.
"The mind trick is something used by Jedi's to persuade people to do things as they wish them to go."

An so on with my tale, tail, whut efur.

I used the Jedi Mind Trick to get Daddy to take Me an Tux on a walk this mornin.

Mommy an Daddy were jus yakin an stuff. They were gonna be leavin to go do sum shoppin.
So I turned on the Mind Trick dealio an Daddy said, "ok, let's take a walk. That might help yu sleep while we're gone."
It wuz a short lil quick walk. But hey, any walk is a good walk. Well, unless they're takin yu to the stinkin vet or to be groomed/tortured.
Since it wuz a short lil quick walk, Daddy din't take along the piccie box. Sorry fur not havin no piccies to show yu. Maybe nex' time.

Try the Jedi Mind Trick on yur folks. Yu could get a walk or sum treats or sum good playtime. Whut efur yu like.
It works.
Or maybe it's cause I flutter my long lashes an I'm so durned cute.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Keepin it weird in Idunno

Yu don't have to watch the news report but I wanted tu show yu sumfin. Jus look at 'em.

A Village Peepole reunion?

Nope, jus the doods runnin fur governor in Idunno.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh No! Sads!

Pals, I wuz jus ofur at the Dogster place sniffin round.
Our pal Coco Rose has gone to the bridge! She's been sick an her Mom decided to let her fly free.
Our hearts are breakin here in Idunno fur her family.

Coco Rose

Fly free sweet grrl! This is the piccie her Momma posted on her Dogster page.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Toadal Barkarama ofur here!

This is GREAT! It is a Toadal Barkarama at my place!
Lemme tell yu 'bout it!

It started the uther day when a pick-em-up truck pulled into my driveway an a couple of worker-type mens got out. They started unloadin ladders an uther junk. Me an Tux wuz out there Barkin our heads off!
Mommy tried to get us inside. Is she nutzo? Great barkin material, in our driveway, an she wants us to go inside? Yep, she's nutzo.
We finally did go inside. An commenced to BarkBarkBarkBark fur 'bout the next hour or so on account o' because, they were Out there. In our backyard.
Mommy started gettin stressed cause o' all our barkin, runnin round, whinin, Tux jumpin up to look outta winnows and stuff.
When she would jus sit down, we would kinda clam down too. So that's whut we did fur 'bout the next 88 hours. She had already closed the blinds. We sat in the kinda darkness (it wuz daytime) like moles in a hole or sumfin. They finally left an we got to go out an sniff an bark.

Nuthin happened yesserday. It wuz kinda rainy an stuff. Mommy waited an waited then we went out while she mowed the lawn.

But today!
They're Back!
Got here at mid-early-o'clock. We were inside this time but we could hear 'em out there.

So Mommy sat down an we clammed down too.
Then sumone knockeded on our back door!

We got to rush out the back door! WAHOO!

One of the workers wuz outside by the uther yard gate. We both barked him up lemme tell yu. Tux tried to take off sum of his fingers. He really shouldn't try to pet us when we are protectin our yard!

We ran back an forth, a lot. Barkin the whole time, of course.

Then we came back in. We wanted to stay out there, but we gave in to the call of the cookies Mommy wuz gonna dole out.

The workers are out there still. We are barkin still.

Come on ofur an join the fun!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I had a Stinko de Mayo yesserday

Yu know things are gonna go frum bad to worser when yu get outta bed, head to the food dispenin area fur brekkie an yu don't get nun. No matter how much I amped up the cuteness, whined, pleaded, threw myself on the floor an made like I wuz starvin, no brekkie. Not efun fur Tux. At least we wuz bein tortured/starved together.
An then it got stinkier when Daddy putted on Tux's halter an leash an Mommy pickeded me up an carted me off to the S-caw-pay. We were both goin to our doom. I did shakey, shakey, shakey in Daddy's lap. Tux kinda chilled in the back.
An then, there It wuz.
The VET place.
Mommy tossed me on the wayer scale thingy. 15 pounds. I guess that wuz ok, nobuddy hollered at me. Tux wuz 49 pounds. Nobuddy hollered at him either.
Then the worker gurl tooked me to the back. That wuz the last I would see of my family. Fur like hours, days, years. Or sumfin.

I can't tell yu whut else happened to cute lil me while I wuz back in the dark, damp, spidie filled cell. It's jus too turrible to rethink. I did get poked with a 8 inch needle. Then I went to sleep.
I did get sum blood stoled. An they did clean my toofers. An yu might not believe this, but I woked up bout haf way through. They tol' me they runned outta the Auntie Set Ick or sumfin. Told me to keep quiet or things would go real bad. They jus kept workin on my lil toofers.
Or maybe I wuz dreamin.
Finally they were done an I got tossed into a cage to re-coop-r-ate.
An affer a Really Long time, the girl got me outta the cell. Put me down an I found Mommy out there waitin fur me. She asked me if I wuz ready to go home.
Well, like, oh no! I had such a fun time I nefur wanna leave.

She did take me outside an I went tinkle fur 'bout half an hour then I went poopy too.
Then we hadta go back in to talk to the vet bout my blood. Sumfin bout my ALP bein a lil high.
Ain't the ALPs mountains? Of course my ALP would be a lil high too.
Ugh, gotta have my ALPs rechecked in a couple months. 

Anywho, I got back home an finally got to eat a lil bit of my brekkie, way late in the affernoon.
An me an Tux got sum new bling fur our collars. Ok, it's orange rabies tags. But we're country dogs. We'd look silly wearin sum of that gold an diamond bling like the city dogs wear.

An sorry there ain't no piccies of the whole turrible deal. My Ibone needed to be recharged. No wait, they tooked away my Ibone so's I couldn't take piccies an get them in trubble fur torturin lil me.

An that's the whole honest to dog truth.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sumbuddy, anybuddy! Halp!

Mr. Jack Freckles wuz right. No brekkie equals goin fur a ride.
To the VET!

I'm usin my IBone right now to let yu know I NEED HALP! Sumbuddy, come spring me outta this he!! hole!
My own pawrents broughted me to this place.
An left me.
Efun Tux came 'long fur the ride. But he's not here now.

Whut are goin on?

I think I'll jus take a lil nap now, to pass the time.

Halp! I'm starvin ofur here!

Uh, Mommy! It's Way past time fur brekkie!
I am So hongry!

She's jus ignorin Me an Tux.
Ok, I hear Daddy gettin up. He will feed us our brekkie.

No, he won't. No brekkie fur the cute lil Schnauzie grrl.

Whut is goin on?


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Daily checkin of Perry M. Eater

Evfurry mornin Me an Tux do our yard check. Wanna come 'long as we check out Perry M. Eater?
Yu know yu do. There is sum new smell at evfurry turn.

We always go in a clockwise direction. Let's head east first off.
I am lookin fur stuff to bark at across the road. Not much there now, but I can always hope!

Next we head to our second best barkin corner.
Glad Mommy din't set that sprinkler deal right in our path. She's kinda thoughty like that sumtimes.
These piccies wuz taken at early o'clock yesserday. Right now there is sum irrigation pipe jus on the uther side of my fence. I wuz barkin at the man settin it out! An the kid drivin the tractor pullin the pipe trailer! Wish yu hadda been here!

Now I gonna jump up on this deal fur a sniff.
We get stray tom cats 'round here at nighttime. They spray stuff an then we sniff it out.

We swung 'round the one corner. I'm standin by a gate where the chickens useta live. We don't got no more chickens but it's fun to go in that yard an sniff stuff. Not today though.

Here's Tux lookin an sniffin to the south. There's a tractor an a x-ca-vator thingy down there right now. Nobuddy's there, so he's not barkin. If he kept walkin the way he's goin, he'd come to the pooper scooper area. I don't wanna show yu that junk.

I like to check out the pmail on this plant. Sum of yu furs gots real purdy flowers and things in yur yards. I only gots a few of these daylily thingys. Mommy had more flowers but the grass grows where she don't want it an won't grow where she does want it. So she purdy much gave up.

Our garage cats, Scooter an Puffy were out there with us. Don't know why they turned on their laser beam eyes. They are both nice kitties an usually in a good mood.

An then we get to our bestest barkin corner. We can see ofur there an our driveway an mailbox. This is frum the uther day when the tater quipment was there. Usually I can see Way down there.

An there yu have it. I hope yu liked goin 'long on the daily check.