Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not much goin on

It's been kinda borin 'round my place.
Daddy tooked off to go to My farm in sum uther state. Yu know, where we is gonna move when Daddy gets all tired out frum his job. Then I am gonna be a farm dog an help Daddy!  Anywho, he's gone. He had sum kinda wurk to do there.
 I think I herd Mommy yakin to him on the fone. He's comin home tomorrow. Yay!
Right afore he left, I had me a set back with my blow-out bobbim. It was jus all itchy an I was scrapin my bobbim an stuff, so's now I got me sum moar med-ee-sins. I take 'em good with Cheese!
I'm doin purdy good now.
So's I jus been messin round. Not efun much to bark at. Oh, a truck came to the field right cross the road frum my place. A bunch of guys hopped out and commenced puttin out the irrigation pipes to water the lil wheat plants.
That wuz sum Good barkin!
Uther than that, I been snoozin. It's a nice, sunny day today. Went outside an Mommy tooked a few piccies to show what I do out there.

Scratched a maginary flea

This feels So good. Must be where I got that flea.

Helpin Mommy get grass outta the flower bed, by eatin it
Did sum security wurk, in the shade
Came ofur to Mommy. So 'bedient.

*Flutter, flutter, bat.*
She din't take no piccies of me sniffin the PuffyCat's tookus. I always do that bout first thing out there. It smells great! An he usually has kling-ons back there! Bonus good smells!

An that's 'bout it. Like I sed, not too much goin on.
Hope yur all havin a good weekend.


  1. You are so pwetty Zoe! I hope your bobbim heals quick. That happens to me sometimes too. love Rudy
    Izzy says that grass looks wonderful! Our grass is not green yet, tonight we are having freezing rain!

  2. Ms. Zoe, you sure do have expressive eyes! Can't wait for you to move closer to us....

  3. Oh, Zoe. I r so sowwy yu habbed a set-back. Our 'dorable pubby butts r weal compwicated. I hope yu be back tu normal bery soon, sweet gurl.

    Our snows r goned, bud our gwass r a wong way fwum bein' gween. Da tulips r shootin' up, doe an' da cwocuses r bwoomin'. Habby Easfur ebery pup an' people <3

  4. CHEESE?! I'm sorry about your bummy, but CHEESE?! Also, you look very purdy in the last picture!!

  5. Hope your cute lil buns heal quickly Zoe. Momma loves your eyelashes (so do I). Keep up the barking, it will keep your mind off your other end.

  6. Whoops, you sniffed the kitty bumsies?? BOL! do that too, BOL, BOL!

    I sure hope your bumsie or bobbim gets all better, furry soon.

    Our grass is green and has gone poof and is doing a growth explosion now, we have had a few days of warmer and sunny times weather! Don't get growlmy started on the weeds, though...OMD so many, UGH!

    Happy Easter !!

  7. Cheese?? I just get my pills shoved down my throat - how do I get cheese wif em?

  8. Crikey Zoe ... Pleeeeeeease tell me that last photo was just for ME! Please Zoe ... I'm not good at sharing! Those eyes .... Those eyelashes! CRIKEY! Hope your bummy gets better real soon. That must be a real pain in the butt.
    Happy Easter to you and Everyone. I'm a bit behind with my Easter wishes. Secretary had the Easter break off.

  9. What pawsome pics Miss Zoe! Your tired hoomans are going to move to a farm when they throw the towel in????Gma and Gpa's plan is sell cattle,workin' on it.... Farmland is already rented...Buy a housie on wheels to escape the winters here on prairie.... Then come back for the spring to early fall...Will be change for me to be on a leash...instead of totally free....
    Kisses for your bottom trouble....Those thingies that make us sick are not any FUN! I had to have cheese on medicine after day 3....I was spitting them out,they get wet and start falling apart. I was good at it! Wasn't worth the fight for I got an extra treat! kisses,mazy

  10. Hey Zoe, me and the brudders are out visitin' the blogs tonight. You have great pictures and that sunshine sure looks awesome, we don't see much of that at our house. Hope your bottom is feeling better...Toby Jo, Cory Jo, JoJo and Sarge

    1. Hi Pups! Sure glad to hear yu barkin!
      Thanks fur stopping by!
      Don't be strangers.