Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Am Back - Hold on *

Ok, so this deal with my bobbim blowin out is gettin old. I am tired of feelin yucky. Gonna jus bark it off!
Tux isn't doin a good job with the security work. I've tried to teach him. He's doin the best he can. But without lil me. Well, it's jus not the same.
Plus, I heard Mommy an Daddy talkin that if I weren't doin much better, they was gonna call the V E T 'bout me. Yikes! Don't wanna go back there so soon!

This was me yesserday:

Jus' not feelin the best
I jus' haven't been too perky. They have even been makin me sleep in a doggie crate, so's I din't mess up the bed covers.

I Am Back!
Here's me now:
On duty on OP Zoe!
I haven't been up on OP Zoe since Sunday when I had the blow out.

Hope I din't disapoint any of yu when I was off duty. I am kinda famous fur my security wurk.
I'm back, maybe not quite hunnerd per sent but I'll get there.

* Since barkin this entry, I got pooped out again. I'm offa OP Zoe an back on the blue pillows like in the first piccie. Or I might be on a doggie bed in the livin room.
Not quite there yet. 


  1. medisin iz what bee ailin ya....itz make inn yur belly all ..... barfaknotreelypleezeyehopeeyedont....guard doo tee can wait til ya
    iz bak strong.....ya knead ta chillax N take it eazee for a few....may bee
    sum steak samiches wood help ♥ de blessings oh St Francis two ewe

  2. Zoe, we sure hope you feel much better soon. Maybe it is the medicine that is making you still feel sick.

  3. We can tell by your picci that you don't feel well. Do not fret your pretty lil head about guard doodie! Tux is doing the best he can I am sure. POTP to you Zoe.

  4. Do ya needs me to come up to Idunno and help Tux learn how to bark right??

  5. Aw poor Zoe. I hope your bummy is feeling better real soon!!

  6. Bummer that your bumbie isn't helping the front barker parts to work properly...

    Well, POTP is coming your way, and I fur sure am doing more than my fair share of barking, at least that s what growlmy says.
    She wishes I would s...u...BOL!

    Hope you feel a lot better really soon.

  7. Oh Zoe, sorry to hear you have a sore bummy. Bailey had that problem a time or two when he was a youngun. Sending POTP for a speedy recovery
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. We are so sad to hear you aren't feeling up to snuff!

  9. Oh Zoe I am so sorry to hear about your poor rear-end! I hope you get back to feeling 100% super soon! A cute girl like you should never feel so icky!

  10. Crikey Zoe .... you poor thing ..... You look sooooooooooo sad!!!!! Please get better soon .... I need you to flash those big beautiful eyes my way again. Don't worry about the security wurk ..... Tux will do just fine until you are up to it again!!
    Take care beautiful girl.

  11. Well, cwap. I r sowwy yu r still nod feewin' gud, sweet gurl, bud here's a thot : if a people's butt 'spwoded wike yurs did, dem wood be milkin' dis fing fur all it r werf! Milk it, Zoe! Yu can du it!

    Gimme a Z - ZZZZZ!!! Gimme a O - OOOOO!! Gimme a E - EEEEE!!! Whut dat r spellin'??? Zoe! ZOE!! Z-O-E!!! Feel bedder, my 'dorable lil' Schnauzie fwiend! *muah* Dere - I kissed yu. Deel wif it! BOL :D