Friday, April 11, 2014

Good as new!

I am back on my game! Jus' step aside Tux, I am takin ofur security again.
First thing this mornin, I saw a big ol tractor jus right ofur there. Barked it up good. Then the farmer dood got outta the tractor an talked on his cell phone.

He was Out standin in his field!

BOLBOLBOLBOL! Do yu get it? I jus thought of that lil pun. Really.
I crack myself up.

Anywho, tractors, pick-em-up trucks, irrigation trailer thingys, the brown truck, a worker man truck that pulled into My driveway, mailman, jogger, kids on 4-wheelers. Yup. Barked 'em all up real good! From OP Zoe or outside in my yard.

I am good as new. Mommy is hollerin at me 'most alla time to be quiet!
But that's not gonna happen.
Zoe is On The Job!


  1. Glad you're back to barking! You're Momma probably isn't, but I am!

  2. Thank dogness you are barking again Zoe! Tux is probably relieved that you are on duty again.

  3. Crikey Zoe ..... you sure are out standin' in the security work. Tux must be soooooo relieved to have you back. I reckon it was Zaidie's kiss that fixed you up. Fancy Zaidie kissing you ..... CRIKEY!!!!!!!

    1. An' jus' whut yu r meenin' by dat, Mistur??? (BOL)

    2. Hey wait! I'm the Mister on this blogsphere!

    3. Oooops. Sowwy MISTUR Cudder! BOL :D

  4. BOL @ your funny punny!

    Barking again, that is barkingly great news!

  5. Great news dat you're back to your old self!! We's been patrollin' da neighborhood... just saw some suspicious skwirrels today... and a coupla dogs that gave us da stink eye, so Whitley barked 'em...

  6. BOL, momma got the pun right away! Keep barking Zoe!

  7. Yu need 'swain dat pun-fing tu my Momma, Zoe. Hur r nod da bwitest bulb in da shop.

    I r SO gwad yu r feewin' bedder, doe. Ged outta da way, Tux! Zoe r back an' hur r 'warge an' in charge', dood!! 'Cept yu r nod warge, Zoe! Yu r jus' a lil' wee gurl. 'Warge an' in charge' r jus' a sayin', 'kay??

  8. Glad you are back to your semi-full on bark patrol mode. Sounds like things are revving up for the Farmer season. They are so easy to spot you know.

    Because they are out STANDING in their fields. BOL - nice pun.