Monday, April 21, 2014

Daddy's home, he brought YUMMIES!

Woot! Daddy gotted home yesserday! I wuz one happy pup, lemme tell yu! I am Daddy's grrl!
An he did bring home a Very Special Treat frum where he wuz.
There is a lil pet shop there, axfurly they only sell pet fuds and stuff, not any aminuls.
Anywho, he brought this:

That is a lil bag o' deer jerky! Lot's uv lil pieces are in there!

This is Me and Tux afore we had a piece o' the deer jerky. Bein all sweet an 'bediant. We knew there was sumfin Good to be had!

An this is Me an Tux after we had a piece o' deer jerky. We din't efun chew it, jus swallered it right down! It was That Good!

We are lookin our most pafetic, tryin to get Mommy to give us a bunch moar deer jerky.
She says it has to last us 'till the next trip to our far away farm place. I say "have that store lady send us sum moar."


  1. OMD. Yu pupses hab perfeked da pafetik wook! Did it werk???

  2. I agree with you Zaidie, have the store lady send you more! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. happee bee lated easturr guys....glad yur dad getted home N witha pretee awesum present he bringed ewe two !! ♥

  4. Hope ya get some of dat jerky!

    I's nominated you for da Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award. Check it out at

  5. Crikey Zoe .... lucky I'm not your Daddy. Flutter those eyelashes and I'd give you anything you wanted and you'd get BIG and FAT. Tux has got the "gimmee some ,please" look mastered too, aye??

  6. OMD!
    Could you get anymore into the begging mode, BOL!
    Growlmy knows that I try all those feed me/I need it looks too...
    You pups are so cute!

    Hey, maybe when the peeps are sleeping, you can get on the interwebs and Tux can dig in the purse or pockets and find that magic plastic to order a big supply!

  7. Deer jerky? WOW that sounds tasty! I've had chicken jerky...and salmon jerky...but NEVER deer jerky! Going to have to ask my Momma about that!

  8. Aroo there Zoe, Whitley the Westie nominated you and me for an award and part of the rules was to stop by 3 of the 7 bloggers nominated with you so I chose to sniff around your blog if you get a chance come sniff around mine.

    Aroo to you,

  9. Zoe, I nominated you for the Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! award. Please see my blog! Do not feel pressured to make an entry but know I think you are pawsome and that is why I nominated you! Hugs!

  10. pawsome treats Zoe........oopsie,I here the oven buzzer going...check the's a BBQ pork loin roast....... catch later,kisses,mazy