Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

They got a deal 'round these bloggy thingys.
Wordless Wednesday.

Who are they tryin to kid? We're dogs, fur gosh sake.
Gotta bark!

Sorry no piccies. Yu gotta take my word fur this.
So far today I've barked at:
the FedEx dood that pulled into my driveway!
the mailman
the pokey-drivin neighbor, all elventy-ate times
random pick-em-up trucks
random cars
2 schoolbuses
other stuff Mommy jus' hollers at me 'bout to be quiet

And it's not efun noon o'clock yet!
Good day, huh? I'll leave the wordless stuff to sumone else.


  1. Zoe, you are my idol! Mom and I just came back from taking a load to the dump and I didn't even bark at the person working there!

    1. Oh Buddy! An' I bet yu din't get a cookie fur bein a "good boy".
      Shuda jus barked!

  2. Did your mommy forget that your a schnauzer?
    Barking is our thing

  3. Werdwess Wednesday?? Whut kinda wunatik finked dat up?? OMD. *shakes head* Oh, an' gess whut!! It r a bwizzard here dis day!! Yup, so far we hab gotted 'bout seben feetz. Weally!

  4. Put yur cabin fever face back on huh Z. Gosh, is it nefur gonna stop fur yu pups!?

  5. OMD. I dunno, Zoe, who wives in Idunno. BOL :D At weast we r gonna hab a white Chwistmus!!!!

    1. It is a blizzard here in Kingston too. Where is spring?

  6. It sounds like you are having a good day. Keep barking!

  7. Crikey I need to bark ... wanna come and teach me how? I'm not into this wordless stuff either. Words are good .... RIGHT!!

  8. Yup, we had over nine inches,and all the schools were closed.
    How can a pup not bark, BOL!
    It is a thought that befuddles growlmy all the time...cause I love to woof!

  9. If only we could teach Whitley how to be wordless and shut up for a change - MOL!

  10. I barked da wind, da birds, Finley, my momma, Finley's momma, Finley's daddy, Miss Ally, da skwerrils, da truck drivin down da street, da dogs barkin, da kidses playin in da bark, da TV, da garage door closin, da mailman (I missed da UPS dude because he came when I was on my walk), and about elebenty bajillion other things too!

  11. zoe...thatz what pro fessionullz barkerz due...barker....

    :) keep up de grate werk N due knot forget bout barker in at vizshuz squirrelz !!