Sunday, March 2, 2014

The bye-bye bags an' snow

Most of yu furs probly know that My Daddy is in the Idunno National Guard. That means he has to go 'way one weekend a munth and sum longer times in the summer. So this was the one weekend a munth time. He packed up his bye-bye bags and now he's gone fur the weekend.
Sum of yu might 'member that when it snows round My place, Daddy goes out and shovels cool paths fur us. One time we had a lot of snow and Daddy made paths All Ofur the yard. We even named them. We had streets, cul-dee-sacs and efun a bowl o' vard. Bol!

So, Daddy is gone fur the weekend. And it snowed yesserday. All day it snowed.
Now this means that we don't really like to go outside. We don't get to play out there. It's all borin an stuff 'round here. Mommy was grumpier than usual.
And Mommy is a lazy thing and don't shovel paths fur us like Daddy does.

Now Tux is taller. He doesn't have problems gettin through the snow. But lil Me? Why, jus look at this! I hadta plow through best I could.

I went ofur here to do security work:

Then I went ofur here to check things out:

That ain't no white sand on the beach, lemme tell yu. I jus' hope Daddy gets home afore all that snow is melted so's he can shovel Me sum paths.

Ok, ok, I know it's not very much snow at all. Jus' a Tiny drop compared to what Mr. JackFreckles has. He gets a daily dose up there with Mitch Again.
But hey, sumbuddy's gotta be the Drama Queen 'round here.
That sumbuddy is Me!


  1. OMD, Zoe! Yu shooda habbed stiltses! Or mabbe Tux shooda wet yu wide on hims back! Gud gwief - we almost wost yu, sweet gurl! (BOLBOL)

    1. Durn it, the snow all melted today. Nes' time, I will climb up on Tux. That's a great idea!

  2. Lookin' good Zoe!

    You have been nominated for a Liebster Award! Go to our blog for more details!

  3. Zaidie, you are furry BOL!
    And Zoe could even see some ground...OMD! What I and others wouldn't do fur the feeling of real grassy patches once again...

    We gots no melting here was 3F earlier this evening...going to another subzero night.BRRR! GRRR!

    1. I know, I know, I should be 'shamed fur even barkin 'bout My snow.
      But it is all 'bout the drama, after all!
      Spring has jus gotta get to yur place sumday Freckles!

    2. Maybe I shall just hibernate until it gets here...

  4. We gots sleet which means ice are everywhere. And I don't "do" ice. Nuh uh. I had more dan enuf of dat after three years in Bawston.

  5. Crikey Zoe .... you're a VERY NICE drama queen! That LOOKS like white sand ....

  6. Gee, Zoe! That looked like a sprinkling of snow to me! I would have rolled and rolled in it. Glad it melted quickly for you. If you want more snow, there is a pile by the house that is taller than momma, BOL! I could send you some of that if you want more snow!

  7. BOL - Charlie called you a "very nice drama queen" - BOL, BOL. All of our snow is melting fast. The dirt roads have turned to mush and of course that means ole Puffy will be outside finding all the mud puddles. I hope he goes outside soon because he is passing gas like crazy thus indicating he needs to do a #2 down load before he explodes.

  8. Snow! Yuck!! We gotted ice on Sunday. Double yuck! It are gone now and I hopes it are gone fur good-- I are NOT a fan!

  9. BOL that's barely a dusting, Zoe!! We had snow that went over my head a few times this year! No one shoveled me any streets though...I had to just dig out my own spot...