Thursday, March 13, 2014

So whut if they're cats?

If yu don't know them, or efun if yu do, yu gotta get ofur there and read whut the Tabbies 'O Trout Town haveta say 'bout the St. Patrick's Day.
They'll give it to yu strait.
A warnin. There's a bit o' a learnin curve readin their kitty cat words. But they are purdy much fo-net-ic. Yu'll get it.

Click here:


  1. BOL, that is a learnin curve! Off to listen to it again.

  2. thanx zoe for de shout out ...N ya noe what we say iz troo....we canna make thiz stuff up !!!

    1. I din't no if wuz cool to do that 'round here but I din't want any of my Dogster refugee pals to miss out. I no yu been here fur awhile an' I efun noed yu on the Catster place long time ago. Well, the kitty cats did anywho.

  3. I will go and check it out. I have had some good kitty pals.

  4. They have lots of fun things in their bloggie and we sometimes giggle for hours!
    PipoMeezer & MinkoMeezer

    And dog guy says woofs!

  5. Crikey ... That was some experience! Thanks for the shout out Zoe.