Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snow = slow

Snow. Heavy, wet stuff.
Made our internet thingy go off. I guess. When Daddy called the internet thingy tek-ni-shun, that's what he thought. Or the snow made a tree branch get inna way of our internet invisible waves. I dunno.
Then the internet thingy came back on but it ain't fast. It's real slow.
So no piccies of our snow. Jus a quick lil short entry to this doggy bloggy thingy to let yu no I'm still here.

Oh, an Mommy found anuther groomer/torturer/hair shrinker. I go tomorrow.


  1. So sorry your mom found another g/t/h, I can't bring myself to say those words out loud.

    We have the same thing happen to our internet when it snows lots, or rains lots or is very hot.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  2. Try bitin da groomer - dat's what I do to my momma when she strips me. And I fart at her, BOL!

    And snow??? It were almost 80 here today!

  3. Crikey ... It must be a worldwide problem! Our internety thingoe goes slow when it rains, when it's hot, when it's cold, when it's windy, when it's not windy, when a helicopter flies overhead, when a plane goes overhead, when a bird flies past .... you name it and it makes our internety thing go slow. Matter of fact I don't think it ever goes fast.
    I'm with Whitley ... bite the groomer and fart lots!!!!!!

  4. zoe....we canna go two de groomerz two morrow coz it bee

    noe dawgs iz a loud ta be groomed ona twoozday...

    day ♥

  5. N that iz spozed ta say EWE canna go ta de groomerz...


    yea best fishes gettin a cat ta de groomerz ANY time !!

  6. Tabbies! We got the memo 'bout "noe dawgs iz a loud ta be groomed ona ♥"
    But I wented today-o! Oh noes!
    Details comin soon.

  7. Hope your memories of that g/t/h are starting to fade by now...

    Those tabbies, MOL, MOL!

  8. We got that heavy wet snow last weekend too. Our internet thingy was okay.