Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More yarn involved

Oh Nos!
Ok, first off, it wuz Mommy's hunnerdth an elventh birthday the uther day.
Sissor sent her sock yarn. Brother sent her a e-gift card to Joann's crafty place.
Where she buys yarn.

This mornin, she was messin 'round on the webbie thingy. Lookin fur how to crochet socks.
Went to sum lady's site. There was a contest goin on to win a free class at this place:
Craftsy online classes

Wuldn't yu know it? Mommy Won the contest. It's a crochetin class on how to do sumfin called Fair Isle.

I see more yarn in the future 'round here. More starin at the laptop, listenin to the lady teach Mommy how to tangle up yarn.
No doggie cookies gettin baked.
No playin with cute lil Me.

This is not gud. 


  1. Congrats to your momma on winning that class. Fair Isle is something my mom has always wanted to try. She will be knitting you sweaters in no time. -- Zoe, this was my momma sounding so enthusiastic. I feel your pain with more yarn in your future.

  2. Poor Zoe! Next she will teach sissor what she learned. There won't be any cookies baking in your kitchen for along time. You don't even like sweaters!

  3. Well, it's crochetin that Mommy does. Sissor is the knitter. Neither have tried the Fair Isle stuff.
    Yur right Milton, no sweaters fur this lil Schnauzie grrl.

    But Bol right now, she can't get the 1st lesson to play on our *&%#@&^ internet.

  4. happee bee lated birth day to yur mom guys.....one bazillion N 11 iz old tho de food serviss gurl heer wuz round de day de WHEEL bee invented !!! sa wheat huh :)

  5. Ooooh congratulations on winning Mrs. Zoe!! *tries to cover up that craftsy website so Momma doesn't get any idea...*

  6. Growlmy has tried that fair isle type of crocheting...long time ago.
    Made some afghans and pillows. No socks, BOL!

    Congrats on winning the class...and maybe eventually she'll win a class on baking fur pupses! BOL!

  7. Congratulations Mrs Zoe!

    (Whispering to Zoe). Now your Mommy has to win some baking classes.

  8. Congrats to your Momma and condolences to you, Zoe...

  9. Crikey Zoe .... you poor thing .... sounds as if you have a reprieve if she can't get that first lesson up. Sometimes it's good when the *#$@^%^& internettie thing doesn't work properly, aye??

  10. So sorry Zoe, we sure hope your mom doesn't learn how to make Doggie sweaters!
    My mom's been messing with the fleece and now she is makin' doggie coats for everyone...not good these mom's gettin' crafty!

  11. OMD! Zoe-This is BAD! Yarn stuff is as bad at the new Pain Box in my world...
    What are we gonna do with those Momma's and Gma's???? Is she gettin' ideas about crocheting you boots????????? Next winter's new fashions???????????
    For now the yarnies are in the closet at my house........Hurry Spring! Then we will ali go outside...yippy! hugs,mazy

  12. OMD, Zoe, did you HAVE to include the link?? Now MY mommy will be loading up on yarn and staring at her confuser! Tell your mommy Happy Birthday, though, and Congrats on winning the contest!

  13. How da heck I miss dis? *shakes his LWD head* Sowwy, Zoe.

    Wooks wike yu an' Tux r gonna be on yur own fur a while. Check da junk dwawer in da chitchen fur take-out menus. One ob yu pupses r gonna hafta gwow sum fumbs if yu r gonna eat. BOL :D