Saturday, March 15, 2014

It started with a rotten apple

Yesserday Mommy wuz packin up Daddy's lunch. She grabbed a apple outta the fridgerator an it wuz all icky on one side. She din't put that apple in Daddy's lunch. But she cutted off the yuck part an saved it.
Fast forward sum time 'til this mornin. Now our pal Buddy ofur there at Buddy's Beat had shared sum yummy doggie cookie recipes. Mommy wanted to try sum out fur Me an Tux. But she wanted to find a recipe to use up that haf rotten apple, afore it went toadally rotten. So she searched.
Found jus the right one ofur at This is what she used.
Apple Cinnamon Drops 

Me and Tux could smell 'em bakin. They smelled good. We hung out in the kitchen 'til she booted us out on account o' because all the hotness frum the oven.

Then, Finally, the cookies were done, not too burned up an they gotted outta the oven. Too hot to eat!

Tux, yu divert 'ttention while I sneaky a lick unner here.
Cookies! Git in my tumby, now!
The torture keeps up. The cookies are still hot.

Yu can't resist this face no moar Mommy

Pleeese gimme cookie!
Oh yeah! She finally gave us sum cookies. Oh-so-yummy!
The EllieCat efun jumped up on the counter and snatched a cookie. Took it to the floor. I Almost snagged it too but Mommy was quicker.
I am gonna be all like cute an nice now in the kitchen which has turneded into the new cookie dispensin area.
I want 'nother, Mother!


  1. Zoe and Tux- you hit the jackpot! Nothing better than homemade treats! Cookies are the BEST! Make sure you remind Momma,they are your COOKIES! I know Grandma sneaks my cookies....I just haven't caught her yet!
    Pawsome pictures of the cookie project.....Love them....Now,could you shoot a fresh cookie through cyberspace or something?????
    hugs and kisses,mazy

  2. Oh those cookies look pawsome! I loved all the pictures! How could anyone not give you a treat when you look so adorable!

  3. Puffy and I offer our services as official tasters: we were wondering why the humans used the parts of the apple that they refused to eat. That alone suggests to us that you really do need official tasters before either you or Tux get poisoned...

    Loved the photos!

  4. Those cookies look so yummy! Mommy, can you bake me some cookies?

  5. Yum!! Mom hasn't baked dog treats for me in a long time. Me and Shakespeare bought her one of those dog treat makers for xmas before last, so it's not like she doesn't have a way to make them, sheesh. Speaking of mom, she is squeeing that you and Tux are adorable and photogenic, not unlike myself, BOL.

  6. oooh those treats look very yummy!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  7. Looks tasty - my lazy momma needs to get wif da cookie bakin.

  8. Crikey Zoe ... Fair dinkum ... If you flashed those eyes at me you could have anything you wanted ...

  9. Wow, Zoe! Eben doe I kno' yur eyewashes r fake, I still fink yu r one PWETTY gurl-pup!! BOL :D

    Dose cookies wook 'lishus, tu! "Hey, Momma..."

  10. *Zoe bats her lashes furiously. Or maybe it's Zoe furiously bats her lashes*

    Thanks fur stoppin by my doggy bloggy thingy pals!

  11. Oh boy!! You two sure are lucky! Those cookies look delicious! And Momma says she wouldn't be able to resist you OR Tux's cute faces. You'd get tons of cookies if you came over here!

  12. Wow! YUMMY!
    I have left some big drool puddles here....
    Now I gotta run and beg fur a cookie, too.