Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FURtastic news

I heared it with my own lil stick up ears yesserday.

The groomer/torturer that I go to? She ain't workin on the groomin no more.

An' I heared Mommy an Daddy talkin. Mommy don't wanna take me back to the one groomer/torturer I useta go to long time ago. An' the uther groomer/torturer in our lil town, we had 'pointments once an she din't show up. Car trubbles. We drove alla way in there on the snowy, icey roads an she din't call Mommy to cancel. Plus we heared she overbooks and sumtimes doggies are there All Day Long.
An' there ain't no uther groomer/torturers in our town. I'd haveta ride an ride an ride for hours or days to get to nuther groomer/torturer place. An' we can't leave Tux alone if I go way fur a long time. He gets all super-stressed an wild. So I'd haveta get g/t on a day when Daddy is offa work so's he could stay with Tux. Or me an Tux could go to the doggie daycare place together an I could get g/t while we's there.

So yu see where this is goin? It's a big ol mess.

So No More groomin/torture fur this cute lil Schnauzie grrl!

If yu like this look fur me:
My most recentest groom/torture
Or maybe this frum long time ago:
Oh, so cute
Get ofur it. Yu won't re-cog-nize me no more.
I'll be more like this:
Wet fur, wash board look
An' I think I'll let my furs grow an grow! I'll be a hippy Schnauzie!

*Zoe whispers*
Please, nobuddy remind Mommy that she has all the groomin/torture stuff she needs to cut off my furs.
Talk 'bout Torture!


  1. zoe...oh kay, we willna say a werd bout de toolz yur mom haz ta trim furz....ya knead ta self groom like catz...all ya knead is a lot oh spit !!!

  2. Thanks Tabbies fur keepin quiet. Yu no, I get hollerd at but I do lick, lick, lick my feetsies and leggies. Am I part cat?!

  3. Tools, what tools? I know nothing about any g/t tools your momma may or may not have! I think you look wonderful no matter what!

  4. We agrees with da tabbies, just clean yourself! Can't you dogs do anything right?

  5. My momma always does it herself, so I can't even hope for my groomer movin away.

  6. Crikey Zoe ... you could be stripped bare and still look beautiful. All you have to do is bat those beautiful eyes and you would win everyone over.
    You've always kept my secrets Zoe .... I'll keep yours .... no word to your Mommy from me.

  7. I won't say nothing...and now I am evfur so glad I don't have to worry 'bout that sort of thing...just some water tortures...

  8. There is only one groomer located in Gallup which is over 50 miles from us. Momma finally got tired of Puffy's matted hair and took the clippers to him. He may feel better but boy does he look silly. So far I've escaped the clippers but probably not for long. I feel for you girlfriend!!!

    1. I guess that's a good thing 'bout livin in the sticks, nobuddy can see us lookin funny with r bad haircuts. :-/

  9. My Mommy does my grooming too. Actually my Mommy is pretty good. It never hurts and she always says nice things while she is grooming and she even takes time to give me a belly rub. I won't say a thing about you know what.

  10. Zoe wants to be a hippie???/HeHe!!!! Why not have Mom do your cut???My Gma said,she did her little schnauzer that looked just like you but stayed puppy size all her life. she was a runt! Of course, Gma could do some of the other furs all their lives...cuz of that nasty arthritis... I take less than 1 min. with a brush. 5 min. for teeth,nails,eyes,ears....Wouldn't Mom give you treat while she does you??My great Gma still does her black schnauzer...she has to do it now over 2-3days...she is 82 years young. Let me know, what's gonna happen??????kisses,mazy