Sunday, March 9, 2014

Come on anuther walk Part 1

Daddy tooked us fur 'nuther walk. Come on 'long an' yu can see sum of the stuff we see.

First off, we got a few horse neighbors livin in the pasture right next to us. They're kinda fun to bark at when we are in the yard an they come up real close to the fence.

Moving along, we got to a tree with a real big hawk dood watchin us. Sorry, don't know my hawk burd names. He had a great spot to look fur mousies and lil critters to swoop down on and munch.

On the uther side of the lil road we walk 'long there was sum Canada gooses. There are a bunch of these kinda burds live 'round here. They wuz probly eatin baby grass. An' jus' chillin.

There's Mr. Robin right on our lil road. He must have been huntin worms.

Then we come to the river. Not much water in there right now but they will be lettin more water outta the res-e-vor later fur the farmers to irrigate their fields. Then there's lots more water. Sumtimes, too much an' it floods places like peepoles basements.
 Ask Mommy and Daddy how they know that.

This is a place where the water comes and the neighbors' cows an horses can get drinks. Right now it's still a lil bit froze. That's me walkin on the crusty ice/snow stuff.

An' finally, I'll leave yu with a guessin game. Whut kinda aminul made this track?

Daddy tooked a bunch o' piccies on this walk. I'll have sum uthers to show yu in part 2.


  1. I wanna see what Idunno looks like when everything is green! I bet it's real pretty!

  2. Love the walk and pictures. I agree with Fizzy and want to see Idunno when everything is green.

    In regards to the foot print - might it be a cow?

  3. Yu got it, when it greens up yu can come along on a walk with us.

    That's a nope on the cow CoRo.

  4. I think that is a deer print, Zoe. Or maybe elk. Hmmm. Love going on walks with you! We still have lots of snow, so mom likes looking at pictures with no or little snow.

  5. Love all your photos! Looks like you got some good barkin.

    I'm guessin deer on da footprint.

  6. I thinks a deer, too... sure looks like the prints da whitetails leave down here in Texas.

    Great photos! Looks like a lot more interestin' da wanderin' 'round suburbia...

  7. Crikey ... I've got no idea on the footprint. Looks like 2 slugs to me. I'm with those other blokes. I want to see Idunno when it's green. It sure looks cold and even a bit inhospitable right now. How's your feets Zoe? Crikey they must feel bad after walking around on that white stuff. You got lots of critters to look at, aye?

  8. Yu who guessed Deer are rite! Yep, we have the white tails 'round here.

    Will do, I put in an order for a walk when the stuff turns green down there.

  9. Wooks wike efelant twacks tu me! Dis r fun seein' where yu an' Tux go fur walks!

  10. I like to sniff the deer tracks and follow the paths in the snow...cause I know that somewhere along those paths...will be some yummy deer eat or roll in, depends on my mood, BOL!
    We are starting to get less height on our snow mpuntains now, it was 50F here today...felt warm!