Friday, March 21, 2014

A Sunshiney Award

My buddy, uh, well, Buddy, told me I was a re-sip-ee-ant of a sunshiney award. I gotta thank him fur it.
Thank yu Buddy.
An' I gotta tell yu 10 innerestin things 'bout lil me. Since Mommy din't help me with the Liebster award I got nominated fur a couple weeks ago, I wanna do this Sunshiney award deal.
Let me see. Here goes. No particular order here.

1. I barked at the 3 deer neighbors this mornin. Ok, so's I almost always bark at those 3 deer neighbors, if I see 'em, I bark 'em. It's a momma deer and her 2 fawns but 'cept the fawns are almos' as big as the momma now.

2. I was borned here in Idunno. They paid "good money" fur me. Now we 'dopt furs frum shelters.

3. I got me a human sister and human brother but 'cept they are all growed up and live uther places workin on their jobs.

4. When my Daddy gets real tired at his job (retires) we are gonna move far away to a farm in anuther state. My pawrents bought Daddy's pawrent's farm.

5. I think when we get moved to the farm we will live in a camp trailer or maybe a yurt. Ok, so we need to figgur out housing.

6.  Long time ago, my barkin 'bout got us kicked outta a campground. We wuz gettin all kindsa durty looks frum peepoles. We stayed there one night an then moved to a better place.

7. On that same campin trip, my family went hikin. I wuz jus a pup an got tired an hot so's I jus laid down on the trail. Daddy tucked me in his backpack an on we went.

8. I usually snooze when Mommy does her crochet junk. I am thankful she don't make no stinkin stuff fur me to wear.

9. I "talk" to Daddy when he gets home. It's not a bark, it's "talk" tellin him how glad I am to see him. Then he tells me to "go find Mommy". I run to where ever she is an then run back to Daddy.

10. This was a tough thing to do. I think I've barked 'bout this stuff afore. Right now, I gotta go outside. Later!


  1. You are one interesting little schnauzer, Zoe! I talk to my momma too when she comes home!

  2. Barking & talking, Growlmy & Pawppy say I do those too...too much, BOL!
    Do you howl?? I did that today at a siren going by...

    1. Once I howled at sum coyotes at night. Mostly, I whine. An' bark.

    2. Oh an' I don't really know whut a siren is. Out here we don't get hardly nun of that kinda stuff.

  3. I talk to peoples when dey come home - den I start barkin at dem. My barkin has never gotten me kicked outta nowheres before, but momma has been worried it would.

  4. Pawsome job, Zoe! I don't really bark much. Apparently Angel Abby barked at everything, but I am much quieter. I might have to take barking lessons from you!

  5. Thanks for the interesting insight into you. You are one interesting pup.