Monday, March 31, 2014


There wuz no time to hide or go invisible. Early o'clock, Mommy grabbed me and tossed me in the S-caw-pay. I knew it wuz gonna be sumfin bad so I started to try to dig my way out.
Din't work.
Went to sum new place. Well, new to us anyways. Got tossed in a kennel. Commenced gettin groomed/tortured/hairshrinkyed. Too turrible to think 'bout.

Finally Mommy came an got me. I got all sited when we pulled in the garage. Grabbed me a quick snack of kitty cat fud then went in the yard. An by "went in the yard", yu know whut I mean, right?

Here's cute, fuzzy me afore bein g/t/h
Looks like I know sumfin is up. Or else I did sumfin naughty.

An here's me after bein g/t/h.
Hey! This is My doggy bloggy Tux!
How'd he get in here? Camera hog.

Here I am, really.
I got a stinkin dambana. With chickies and bunnies on it.

They shaved my top o' nose hairs. They don't sposed to do that. Makes my nose look real big. An aside my eyes, the hairs are crooked. Mommy has to do sum touch up.

Here's a mug shot. Still got sum of my eyelashes.  *Flutter*

I can sure turn on the pathetic look, huh?
At least I'm good fur 6 weeks or years or sumfin. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snow = slow

Snow. Heavy, wet stuff.
Made our internet thingy go off. I guess. When Daddy called the internet thingy tek-ni-shun, that's what he thought. Or the snow made a tree branch get inna way of our internet invisible waves. I dunno.
Then the internet thingy came back on but it ain't fast. It's real slow.
So no piccies of our snow. Jus a quick lil short entry to this doggy bloggy thingy to let yu no I'm still here.

Oh, an Mommy found anuther groomer/torturer/hair shrinker. I go tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More yarn involved

Oh Nos!
Ok, first off, it wuz Mommy's hunnerdth an elventh birthday the uther day.
Sissor sent her sock yarn. Brother sent her a e-gift card to Joann's crafty place.
Where she buys yarn.

This mornin, she was messin 'round on the webbie thingy. Lookin fur how to crochet socks.
Went to sum lady's site. There was a contest goin on to win a free class at this place:
Craftsy online classes

Wuldn't yu know it? Mommy Won the contest. It's a crochetin class on how to do sumfin called Fair Isle.

I see more yarn in the future 'round here. More starin at the laptop, listenin to the lady teach Mommy how to tangle up yarn.
No doggie cookies gettin baked.
No playin with cute lil Me.

This is not gud. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

It was his fault

I got mad at Tux yesserday. Got all in his face bein growly an toothy. If Mommy hadn't been right there an made me stop, Tux woulda been sorry.

An it was all his fault anyways.

'Cause he was starin at me.
'Cause I was nekkid, no collar.
'Cause I had jus gotted outta the shower.
'Cause Daddy gaved me a shower.
'Cause Daddy sed I stinked.
'Cause Daddy tooked Me an Tux with him to go pick up sum trash 'round our place.
'Cause on our walk to pick up trash, Tux did pee on lil me.

So yu can see how it was all Tux's fault that I hadta get all up in his face. Grrrr.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Walkie, helpin', but no cake

Daddy took Me and Tux fur a good walk this mornin. No piccies there, it's not greened up yet.
Now I'm helpin Daddy clean up sum yard stuff. He's cuttin out sum current bush things an I am helpin by chewin on sum of 'em. He won't havta carry out so many of em.
An this mornin Mommy used her big new mixer machine thingy.

The new big, bad mixer

Sum uther day she used it to make those yummy Cinnamon Drop cookies fur Me an Tux.


 So natch, I figgured she was gonna make sum uther kinds of cookies.
No deal though. She made her own birthday cake. German Chocolate.
I won't be gettin nun of that.
I'd sure be happy to help Mommy celebrate her birthday. She's like 85. I think.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Sunshiney Award

My buddy, uh, well, Buddy, told me I was a re-sip-ee-ant of a sunshiney award. I gotta thank him fur it.
Thank yu Buddy.
An' I gotta tell yu 10 innerestin things 'bout lil me. Since Mommy din't help me with the Liebster award I got nominated fur a couple weeks ago, I wanna do this Sunshiney award deal.
Let me see. Here goes. No particular order here.

1. I barked at the 3 deer neighbors this mornin. Ok, so's I almost always bark at those 3 deer neighbors, if I see 'em, I bark 'em. It's a momma deer and her 2 fawns but 'cept the fawns are almos' as big as the momma now.

2. I was borned here in Idunno. They paid "good money" fur me. Now we 'dopt furs frum shelters.

3. I got me a human sister and human brother but 'cept they are all growed up and live uther places workin on their jobs.

4. When my Daddy gets real tired at his job (retires) we are gonna move far away to a farm in anuther state. My pawrents bought Daddy's pawrent's farm.

5. I think when we get moved to the farm we will live in a camp trailer or maybe a yurt. Ok, so we need to figgur out housing.

6.  Long time ago, my barkin 'bout got us kicked outta a campground. We wuz gettin all kindsa durty looks frum peepoles. We stayed there one night an then moved to a better place.

7. On that same campin trip, my family went hikin. I wuz jus a pup an got tired an hot so's I jus laid down on the trail. Daddy tucked me in his backpack an on we went.

8. I usually snooze when Mommy does her crochet junk. I am thankful she don't make no stinkin stuff fur me to wear.

9. I "talk" to Daddy when he gets home. It's not a bark, it's "talk" tellin him how glad I am to see him. Then he tells me to "go find Mommy". I run to where ever she is an then run back to Daddy.

10. This was a tough thing to do. I think I've barked 'bout this stuff afore. Right now, I gotta go outside. Later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FURtastic news

I heared it with my own lil stick up ears yesserday.

The groomer/torturer that I go to? She ain't workin on the groomin no more.

An' I heared Mommy an Daddy talkin. Mommy don't wanna take me back to the one groomer/torturer I useta go to long time ago. An' the uther groomer/torturer in our lil town, we had 'pointments once an she din't show up. Car trubbles. We drove alla way in there on the snowy, icey roads an she din't call Mommy to cancel. Plus we heared she overbooks and sumtimes doggies are there All Day Long.
An' there ain't no uther groomer/torturers in our town. I'd haveta ride an ride an ride for hours or days to get to nuther groomer/torturer place. An' we can't leave Tux alone if I go way fur a long time. He gets all super-stressed an wild. So I'd haveta get g/t on a day when Daddy is offa work so's he could stay with Tux. Or me an Tux could go to the doggie daycare place together an I could get g/t while we's there.

So yu see where this is goin? It's a big ol mess.

So No More groomin/torture fur this cute lil Schnauzie grrl!

If yu like this look fur me:
My most recentest groom/torture
Or maybe this frum long time ago:
Oh, so cute
Get ofur it. Yu won't re-cog-nize me no more.
I'll be more like this:
Wet fur, wash board look
An' I think I'll let my furs grow an grow! I'll be a hippy Schnauzie!

*Zoe whispers*
Please, nobuddy remind Mommy that she has all the groomin/torture stuff she needs to cut off my furs.
Talk 'bout Torture!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Porky Pine!

Good time barkin this mornin at My place. A walkin pin cushion went right on the other side of My place. Me and Tux barked him the whole way.
Mommy Finally came out to see what was the ruckus.

Can yu see him? Jus' to the left of the middle fence post, way back there.

Then the foto grafer got her act together, right afore it was too late.
We barked him down to the river bottom!

Don't worry. That porky pine was not really in danger. We couldn't reach him on the other side of the fence. :-0

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It started with a rotten apple

Yesserday Mommy wuz packin up Daddy's lunch. She grabbed a apple outta the fridgerator an it wuz all icky on one side. She din't put that apple in Daddy's lunch. But she cutted off the yuck part an saved it.
Fast forward sum time 'til this mornin. Now our pal Buddy ofur there at Buddy's Beat had shared sum yummy doggie cookie recipes. Mommy wanted to try sum out fur Me an Tux. But she wanted to find a recipe to use up that haf rotten apple, afore it went toadally rotten. So she searched.
Found jus the right one ofur at This is what she used.
Apple Cinnamon Drops 

Me and Tux could smell 'em bakin. They smelled good. We hung out in the kitchen 'til she booted us out on account o' because all the hotness frum the oven.

Then, Finally, the cookies were done, not too burned up an they gotted outta the oven. Too hot to eat!

Tux, yu divert 'ttention while I sneaky a lick unner here.
Cookies! Git in my tumby, now!
The torture keeps up. The cookies are still hot.

Yu can't resist this face no moar Mommy

Pleeese gimme cookie!
Oh yeah! She finally gave us sum cookies. Oh-so-yummy!
The EllieCat efun jumped up on the counter and snatched a cookie. Took it to the floor. I Almost snagged it too but Mommy was quicker.
I am gonna be all like cute an nice now in the kitchen which has turneded into the new cookie dispensin area.
I want 'nother, Mother!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So whut if they're cats?

If yu don't know them, or efun if yu do, yu gotta get ofur there and read whut the Tabbies 'O Trout Town haveta say 'bout the St. Patrick's Day.
They'll give it to yu strait.
A warnin. There's a bit o' a learnin curve readin their kitty cat words. But they are purdy much fo-net-ic. Yu'll get it.

Click here:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

They got a deal 'round these bloggy thingys.
Wordless Wednesday.

Who are they tryin to kid? We're dogs, fur gosh sake.
Gotta bark!

Sorry no piccies. Yu gotta take my word fur this.
So far today I've barked at:
the FedEx dood that pulled into my driveway!
the mailman
the pokey-drivin neighbor, all elventy-ate times
random pick-em-up trucks
random cars
2 schoolbuses
other stuff Mommy jus' hollers at me 'bout to be quiet

And it's not efun noon o'clock yet!
Good day, huh? I'll leave the wordless stuff to sumone else.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Walk part 2

So, on our walk yesserday I showed yu sum stuff yu might see if yu wuz lookin 'round.
But shoot, we're dogs. We keep our noses to the ground. Plenty of good smells out there. We'll start right here at the corner of My place. TONS of good smells right here!

An' with those good smells we gotta do sum of our own markin.
'Specially Tux bein a boy dog.

Sniff. Mark.

More markin.

Lookin at sumfin. Runnin.

Mark. Sniff.

Runnin like the wind when Daddy hollers at us to come on!

More markin.

Sumplace 'long the line, I was 'tacked by a stinkin cockleburr plant. Yu can see 'em on my back leg. Daddy will havta brush 'em offa me when we get home.

It's all fun an games 'til Daddy takes a piccie of his precious pup poopin. An' Mommy posts it on my doggie bloggy thingy.
The End.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Come on anuther walk Part 1

Daddy tooked us fur 'nuther walk. Come on 'long an' yu can see sum of the stuff we see.

First off, we got a few horse neighbors livin in the pasture right next to us. They're kinda fun to bark at when we are in the yard an they come up real close to the fence.

Moving along, we got to a tree with a real big hawk dood watchin us. Sorry, don't know my hawk burd names. He had a great spot to look fur mousies and lil critters to swoop down on and munch.

On the uther side of the lil road we walk 'long there was sum Canada gooses. There are a bunch of these kinda burds live 'round here. They wuz probly eatin baby grass. An' jus' chillin.

There's Mr. Robin right on our lil road. He must have been huntin worms.

Then we come to the river. Not much water in there right now but they will be lettin more water outta the res-e-vor later fur the farmers to irrigate their fields. Then there's lots more water. Sumtimes, too much an' it floods places like peepoles basements.
 Ask Mommy and Daddy how they know that.

This is a place where the water comes and the neighbors' cows an horses can get drinks. Right now it's still a lil bit froze. That's me walkin on the crusty ice/snow stuff.

An' finally, I'll leave yu with a guessin game. Whut kinda aminul made this track?

Daddy tooked a bunch o' piccies on this walk. I'll have sum uthers to show yu in part 2.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why they be like that?

Ok, I got me sum kitty cats 'round here. We purdy much get 'long. But I want yu to take a look at this video. It's not too long, only a couple of minutes.
Click here fur thievin cats 

Why the cats gotta be like that? And why don't the dogs jus' Take back Their beds?

No 'fence to the kitties who read my bloggy thingy. Yu know I luv yu.
I thought this was a funny video.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bad hair day

Rain an' more rain today at My place. Don't wanna go out there to do the to-do stuff. Yu know what I mean.
But I was forced to go out there. When I came in I was all mega-polka dotted from the rain drops.

  My hairs were all like, rippled.

I am waitin at the cookie dispensin area.
I need a cookie, stat!

Mommy went an got a towel to dry us off. I din't want nun o' that. Until Tux got drided off. He looked like he Wanted to get drided off.
So I wanted to get drided off too.

So now I'm dry but still look like a ol' fashion wash board thingy. Yeah, those are not my rib bones showin there.
But I need anuther cookie. Please.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The bye-bye bags an' snow

Most of yu furs probly know that My Daddy is in the Idunno National Guard. That means he has to go 'way one weekend a munth and sum longer times in the summer. So this was the one weekend a munth time. He packed up his bye-bye bags and now he's gone fur the weekend.
Sum of yu might 'member that when it snows round My place, Daddy goes out and shovels cool paths fur us. One time we had a lot of snow and Daddy made paths All Ofur the yard. We even named them. We had streets, cul-dee-sacs and efun a bowl o' vard. Bol!

So, Daddy is gone fur the weekend. And it snowed yesserday. All day it snowed.
Now this means that we don't really like to go outside. We don't get to play out there. It's all borin an stuff 'round here. Mommy was grumpier than usual.
And Mommy is a lazy thing and don't shovel paths fur us like Daddy does.

Now Tux is taller. He doesn't have problems gettin through the snow. But lil Me? Why, jus look at this! I hadta plow through best I could.

I went ofur here to do security work:

Then I went ofur here to check things out:

That ain't no white sand on the beach, lemme tell yu. I jus' hope Daddy gets home afore all that snow is melted so's he can shovel Me sum paths.

Ok, ok, I know it's not very much snow at all. Jus' a Tiny drop compared to what Mr. JackFreckles has. He gets a daily dose up there with Mitch Again.
But hey, sumbuddy's gotta be the Drama Queen 'round here.
That sumbuddy is Me!