Thursday, February 27, 2014

The great hunter

Hey, this is me, Inkspot, otherwise known around here as Puff or Puffy. I am a big guy but I'm a nice guy. Well, the critters I hunt don't think I'm so nice. Here's an older picture of me and the Cindy dog. This is for Charlie down there in Australia. Cindy was an Australian Kelpie. They are a herding breed. She didn't want to work full time with cattle so she got sent to a foster home. Then the folks adopted her. She liked to herd us cats. She has since gone to the Rainbow bridge. Probably staring at the kitty cats there.

Anyhoodle, I actually came over here to hijack the little barking doggie's blog to tell you about some of my hunting skills. I know some of you readers are cats. Cats who live inside. Cats who maybe don't ever get to hunt nothing but maybe bugs.
I'm gonna let you have a little fun by reading about my life here in the wilds of Idaho.
And I'll tell ya right up front, this is gonna be gory. If your peeps are squeamish or sissy, you better not let them see this.
Ok, you been warned.

Way back a few years ago, I had me some fun on the Dogster/Catster place with a Scottie dog name of Ernie George. He fancied himself a great hunter. And maybe he was. But we had us a brag-off going for awhile. That LWD, Zaidie, might remember it.
My skinbro made this picture for me. I told those doggies it was a slow morning. Mol!

Ok, so those aren't my real hunting deal. But I do hunt. I once brought home a seagull. Dang, that thing was hard to get through the fence but I managed.
We (my sisfur Scooter) and me catch little birdies. Robins, Cedar Waxwings, little yellow birds but not starlings or magpies. The peeps don't like us to catch those birds but hey, we're cats. It's what we do.
We catch a pile of mice and voles and stuff. We eat them in our garage. There's always blood stains there like some kind of crime scene. And did you know there's a part of the critter that doesn't taste good? It's a little green bean shaped part. Tastes nasty. Just leave it for 'Dopted Mommy to sweep up.
I know, that sounds sissy calling her 'Dopted Mommy but that's who she is. We were born here on the place but my furmom disappeared when me and my brofur and sisfurs were jus tiny kittens. The peeps fed us milk outta little bitty bottles. We turned out just fine. There's just my sisfur Scooter and me left but we are going on eleven. Not bad for rough tough outside cats.

Back to my hunting skills.
Once the folks pulled into the garage and saw me with a weasel. I was mighty proud of that critter.

And then one time 'Dopted Mommy found something amazing. She's not sure who caught the deal but the whole thing was pretty cool so she got a picture of it. This is not a set up, this is how she found the mousie. Remember the squeamish warning? Get ready.

There it was. I musta not been very hungry. Just had the head. Brain food. Mol!

Well, maybe ya want to go lay down or something now. But I figured you might enjoy about my hunting skills.
'Till next time. 


  1. I's a hunter, too, Inkspot! I have brought momma back lots of mice, she doesn't like them! I dug up some burrowing pocket gophers for her (she didn't like them either). Last spring I brought her back a smelly beaver head (she was real unappreciative of that one). I hope your hunting efforts are appreciated more than mine! You look like a pawsome hunter of vermin and I salute you!

    1. Cool Buddy! A beaver head!
      Why don't the folks appreciate our work?

      This is me, PuffyCat

    2. A beaber head??? WOW, Buddy! Yu cooda maded a weal kewl neckwace fur yur Momma wif dat!! Bud den ALL da Mommas wooda wanted one. BOLBOL :D

    3. I know Zaidie! It was a pawsome beaver head and the momma snatched it from me and disposed of it. Why is my momma so ungrateful!?

  2. Hi Inkspot - Simba Blue here. I tried and tried to convince the humans to let me go outside and wonder around but they both refuse. I'm pretty certain I could take care of myself and do some hunting along the way but they still refuse. They say it's not safe for me to be wondering around where there are things out there that would like to eat me.

    Momma is also rubbing it in my face that I failed to catch the mouse that tried to live in our new house with us, the humans ended up having to use a mouse trap to kill it after it had been in the house for two weeks. Heck, they should have told me to catch it, I thought it was a new family member - MOL.

    1. Hey, Simba Blue. You're probably best off staying inside. It is a bunch safer to stay in there. Me and my sisfur stay in the garage at night. Something about us keeping safe from big critters.
      Yeah, for a fur that is used to living with a bunny, you just don't have the killer instinct I guess. Maybe you'll have another mouse to go after soon.

  3. Great kill record.....I's killed big nasty rats....two shakes and they're done. Long time ago, the folks usta have an outside kitty named Bevo-- when he wuz just a tiny kitten he snagged a hummingbird in mid-flight as it visited a flower. And our old cat Jez usta go outside in San Antonio...she usta lay da head offa da burd she killed on da welcome mat (usually right before a showing of da house when dey wuz tryin' to sell it, da last thang Momma would check fur would be a burd head..bol!)

    1. Do ya get to eat your rats Finley? That would be a belly filler.
      I bet they got all upset and junk when Bevo caught that hummingbird.
      And way to go Mz Jez! That woulda been funny to watch the peeps react when they'd see those heads! MOL!
      This is Me, Puffy Cat. And Me too up there talking to Simba Blue.

    2. Thanks ink spot for the piccie of Cindy. Crikey you cat blokes are mighty good hunters, aye? I'm impressed. I LOVE how you call your Mom 'dopted. Lucky you being founded by her, aye?

  4. WHOA! That last picture was pretty amazing!!! Not bad, for a cat! ;)

  5. dood !!! we iz crackin up !!!!! yur skillz bee mor N amazin...tho frank lee...we gotta say sum thin bout de catchin oh de rood, bug infested, caca droppin, stoooooooooooooooooooooopid, noizee gag a bag...BURDZ.......seer ee iz lee...due knot eat em....sure we iz indoor kittehz.....but we haz it on good author it tee...R's bout de dam burdz....stick ta mice N stuff !!! rock on ~~~

    1. Hey Trout Towners don't knock the burds 'til ya try 'em. I eat the whole deal, almost all the feathers even. Only leave a few feathers so's the folks can tell it was one of them purdy little song burds. I won't touch them junk burds like magpies or starlings. Gross.
      signed Puff (burd eater)

  6. Nah, I don't eats da ratz... I prefers da ground sirloin we pups gets instead. I just brings 'em to da people and drops 'em at their feets.... they's so proud, I can tell, cuz dey scoops 'em up with a shovel and takes 'em somewhere fur safe-keepin'... least dat's whut I thinks they duz with 'em...

    Mostly Momma wuz irrimatated at Jez, cuz she'd have to dispose of da burd head 'fore da realtor got there...

    Hey, you don't think she disposes of my ratz da same way, duz ya?????

    1. Yeah, they use a shovel round here too. But they just give the "leftovers" a toss. Those stinkin magpies come along and do the clean up work.
      signed Puff (who eats most all of what he kills)

  7. My peeps did that get a shovel thing too...growlmy told me they were giving the critter(s) a funeral...

    Let me see now...kitties here: One mouse

    One coonie,
    at least 2 chucks,
    a load of bunnies.(Sorry bout that Growlmy I can't help it...)
    A robin,
    a few snakes,
    but no tree rats, aka squirrel dudes, and no regular rats either...I think the peeps here would have fits if they thought there were rats anywhere nearby.

    1. Cool! A coonie!
      Once, long time ago my Uncle Lewis brought 'bout the only bunny in the county up on the front porch steps. 'Dopted Mommy was not happy bout that. Then once, she had to dispatch a bunny that weren't quite dead. She Really didn't like having to do that deed. But she didn't want to bunny to suffer more than it already had.

  8. When I got to go outside I was a pretty good hunter - I was always leaving bid heads for presents for the human slaves.

    These boy cats around here are pathetic. All they've ever caught is lizards and bugs. It's just sad.


  9. You's a good hunter! I's skilled skwerrils, ratz, and da mousies. And stuffies, but dey do not count.

    1. Yeah, we don't got none of the skwerrils. They're skeered to come 'round here. Don't think we got rats, but the dang gophers are thick. Forgot to mention the gophers. They're good and filling.
      What's a stuffie taste like?

    2. Nice tu heer fwum yu, Inkspot or Worschach, as I usta call yu when we jus' messin' 'wound!

      I shur du wememer dat bwag-off yu an' Ernie George habbed goin' on!! Dat pichur ob da mousies STILL makes me waff an' waff! I fink it r safe tu say YU WINNED!!

    3. *wuz jus' messin' 'wound'* Oy bey...

    4. Them was the days, huh, LWD?
      That was a bunch of fun messin with you pups.
      signed Puff (who likes to yank little doggies chains)

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