Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No for the nose

Still stinkin cold at My place. The 'fficial weather deal tells me it's 6 degrees F or -13C with a wind chill uf -9F. That is right outta the cold north. Maybe alla way frum Canananada.
It's cold.
So's I don't wanna spend much time outside. I got me a lil coat to wear.

That's a older piccie. I don't have that much hairs on right now. Lil toothpick leggies is what I got right now.

Don't have no cutesie lil bootsies. No thanks.
So's I'm doin mosta My barkin frum inside.
But since Mommy is gettin her facial features 'bout froze off while she's out there, she's sure I must be too.

Watch out. I got sum crochet junk fur show an' tell.
Mommy's on this site for peepoles who Luv the yarns. It's called Ravelry. She goes there fur ideas fur projects an' patterns an' stuff.
Peepoles with the addiction madness will crochet Anything fur Anything. Here's a few 'xamples.

 Need a can cozy?

Can cozy kinda makes sense

Or maybe a killer bunny egg cozy?
Killer bunny for yur egg? Kinda weird but cute.

Ya might be wantin a toilet paper cozy.
Hmm, Mommy axfurly remembers these

How 'bout a cozy for yur apple, ya know, to keep it frum gettin bruised in yur lunch sack?
Apple cozy? Keep yur apple warm?

Did I tell ya? Peepoles will crochet Anything for Anything. Crazy, huh?

But alla this gave Mommy a idea fur lil me. To help me stay warm outside in the minus zillion degree windchill. Ok, I know, it's not as cold as the Minnie SnowDa place. Or probly  Mitch Again is colder. But it Is cold here.

But I'm not gonna put up with this:
A knitted nose cozy!

A nose cozy! Toadal goofiness! The one good thing 'bout this, it's knitted. There weren't no patterns fur a crochet nose cozy.
Go crochet yurself sumfin Mommy.

Thankfully, these are all just pictures uf axual projects frum the Ravelry site. Mommy Did Not make these.
But sumbuddy did. :-/


  1. BOL, A nose cozy!!

    My growlmy remembers those TP covers, must be ancient!
    Used to get them fur teapots too.

    Stay warm, Zoe...We had a new dump of snow here, 6 - 7 inches...and wind too...Brrr! But I am stoopid too...I go and sit on the porch to snoopervise the peeps cleanuo work...witno coat on at all...and I can go inside at will through my doggy door...doo I go inside?? I sad I am stoopid, well that is what growlmy says...

    Spring? Will you please come back to help us get warm?!?

    1. Yur not stoopid, Freckles. Yur jus' a furry dedicated guy doin yur security work.
      An' really, coats are fur sissies. Bol!

  2. Has your Mommy ever crocheted a tea cozy? Mommy likes keeping the tea pot warm with a tea cozy.

    You look cute in your coat.

    I am going to bark about our weather in my blog. In summary, lots of snow!

    1. She's already got a couple of tea cozys so's she don't need to crochet anymore.
      That's the same coat, we got frum Lexie. Ya still got yur lil green one?

    2. Yes, I still have my green coat and wear it often. Tea cozy's are hard to find here. The only places Mommy finds them is at craft sales.

  3. Wow...some of the stuff does seem pretty silly...ESPICALLY that nose cozy! BOL
    But my momma is gonna have to pass that website on to her sister, because she's been looking for new patterns and projects and what not to do!

    1. It's a purdy cool site, lots of stuff to see. If ya like that kinda stuff., gotta join, but it's free and painless.

    2. Painwess fur whu??? BOL :D

      Pweeze ged yur Mommy tu cwo-shay me one ob dose nose cozies! My 'dorable schnooter r fweezin' out dere!

      Yu r winnin' da cold competishun, 'cept we gedded 6 more feetz...Ok. inches... 6 more inches ob snows dis day!!

    3. She'd haveta dee sign a crocheted cozy, Z. Wait, I'll have Sissor knit ya a dozen or so. In plaid. K?

  4. My mom wants a nose cozy! BOL!
    When we're walking, she often tells me to hurry up cause she's cold, then remembers she's all wrapped up and I only have fur and a fleece sweater and no booties (I will not wear those!), and she tells me I have to be freezing if she's cold. I am but I suck it up cause there's lots of sniffies outside. Mom is a wuss, BOL!

    1. Yeah, yur Mom would probly wear one of those nose cozys. We've seen her funny bear(?) hat.
      She needs to learn to stop an' smell the pee/poop/critter/dropped fud/uther dogs etc. etc. Then she'd unnerstan what it's all 'bout.

  5. BOL! Momma says she could use a nose cozy sometimes, too, specially since she's sick! She likes the apple cozy, too, cause her apples always get banged up in her lunch bag. She wishes you all lived closer so Mrs. Zoe could teach her how to crochet.
    I don't mind snow and cold, but we had lots of ICE this morning! NOT FUN. My little feets were sliding all over the sidewalk trying to go peeps. And then when I made it to the snow it was all crunchy on top and it broke when I stood on it and I fell down! Stoopid ice...Momma says "Stoopid winter".

  6. My momma is already ovfur on dat Ravelry place-- fur da knittin'... sigh...

  7. Fizzy, Mommy taught herself to crochet, thanks to the internet.
    Yur Momma might not efun hurt herself much. Yarn and a not sharp hook, whut could go wrong? :-0

    1. Oh Zoe...YOU know how Momma is...maybe she'd poke herself in the eye with the not sharp hook. Maybe a piece of yarn would somehow wrap itself around her neck. The possibilities are endless!

  8. A nose cosy??? BOL!

    I saw crocheted lampposts before - somefin called yarn bombing - like crochet graffiti! BOL!

  9. BOL, that nose cozy is funny! Mom remembers those toilet paper cozy's because her momma made them. She could never understand why toilet paper had to be cozy! Stay warm, Zoe. It is really cold up here in Canaaaadaaaa!

  10. Yew ish lookin' furry shweet and cute in yer coat, Zoe! Tell yer Mum dat thee obvious thing to be crochetin' ish more of dose fur yew - in lots difFURent colors and shtuff - that would be pawshome! Roger and I ish PURRfecting our favorite Winter sport fur the Olympics - nappin'! We wash furry disapppointed to find out dat ishn't one of dah events thish year, but we ish still PURRacticin', hopin' dat dey changes dere minds about dat....

  11. Do yu guys do the seen-crow-nized nappin? That would get ya a spot on the team fur sure!
    No more coats! I don't really like the clothes. One coat is good enuf fur me.

  12. OMC, seen-crow-nized would be dah kewlest - we gots to start PURRacticin' dat more because we beeds todally good at it! Den if yew dun wants any more coats, eben though yew can todally rawk dat look, den tell dah Momma yew wants more blankies - 'cos I finks if she's a yarn addict, at least some 'o dat gots to beed about YEW! Her whole world shood be revolvin' around yew, dats what I finks!

  13. Crikey Zoe ... I could use one of those schnooter covers. Mines pretty big and Mum reckons I'm always sticking it in places I shouldn't. How funny is that Humphrey bloke? Nappin' for a winter Olympics sport! Too funny. How about sticking schnooters where they shouldn't be. Could that be an Olympic sport???