Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Mommy is royal?

I dunno whut to think 'bout this. Mommy wented away this mornin. She jus got back.
She din't bring no shoppin bags in. She din't have nuthin.
Said she went fur a crown fittin.

Huh? I had no idea My Mommy is any kinda royal type. Had me fooled fur sure.

She kinda smelled funny. I sniffed her mouth smell. It smells weird. Not good. Not like she's been eatin MEATZ™ or anythin else good. She said there's a couple o' crowns in there already and she's gonna get 'nother in a couple o' weeks.
 I din't see No crowns in there.

She's not really like a queeny type.
 She's not gettin no crowns.
 She's pullin my leg.


  1. My growlmy has three of those, too...but I have nevfur seen her take them out to put on her head, nor my head fur that matter...afterall, I am the doggy king round here!
    Maybe your Momma will let you be queen fur a day when she gets her new and sparkly one!

    Tell your Momma to enjoy her royal mouth, her million dollar mouth...POTP to her!

    1. Yew needs to 'splain to yer Mom dat YEW ish dah only one dat wears a crown at yer house - maybe she went crown shoppin' for yew and it'sh going to be a surPURRize?

  2. My momma has one of those crown thingies and she is supposed to get another! I have never seen it, so I don't believe her! You are definitely the royal one, Zoe!

  3. Maybe your momma is taking a crown knitting class someplace...

  4. WOW. I habbed no idea yur Mommy wuz woyaltee, Zoe. *attempts to curtsy. trips*

  5. Crikey ... definately something strange going on with your Momma Zoe. Crowns are supposed to go on your head ... not in your mouth. Even little old gullible me knows that! Fair dinkum Zaidie ... pick youself up mate ... she's not woyaltee. Royals' know where crowns go.

  6. My Mommy says she has three of those crowns. I have never seen them and I don't know what she is talking about.

  7. Your momma should know dat you are da Queen of da place, not her!

  8. Yeah, Mommy ain't no queeny type. She don't wear no fancy hats and matchin dresses with handbags.
    Crowns? There's sumfin jus' not right 'bout this whole deal.