Friday, February 7, 2014

I was a cute puppy too!

So's sum of the uther bloggers is showin how cute they was when they was jus' lil sprouts.
Well, I was cute too when I was lil.
Huh? I heard sumbuddy say "what happened?"
I'll ignore that.
Lemme show ya how cute I was.

I was much darker than now. An' my ears din't stick up alla time.

I've been Daddy's grrl fur as long as I can 'member

He's always been there when I needed a lil help.
I gotta tell ya, Daddy's not chubby like that. His pockets are probly full o' leashes an' stuff

I've always luved me a good stuffy toy

How dinky I was! I'm 'bout the same size as the PuffyCat now
I was cute but I was kinda ornery. I chewed up sum places in the carpet. Chewed the bottom of the couch. And I luved to grab onto peepoles slippers and the bottom uf their jammie pantses. I had me sum sharp lil toofers back then.
Anywho, I hope yu liked my lil stroll down the puppy membry lane.


  1. You were beyond cute, Zoe! And do ya know what? I think what happened was you got even CUTER!

  2. zoe....ya noe ...for a dawg ewe iz rockin awesum....N speekin oh chewin on stuff haz ya ever tried chewin on ham samiches ore friez N flounder ! hope ewe haza salmon N shrimpz kinda week oh end !! ore biscuits !!

  3. You were a cutie-pie alright!
    Hmmm, maybe its time to show me as alil-wee-baby-pup...BOL!

    1. It r time, Fweckles. *looks at his watch* Yup, it r!

  4. Thanks pals!
    Tabbies, I don't hardly get no good fud. Hardly no peepole fud, anyways. They are really mean to me here.

    Yes, Mr. Freckles, we wanna see the baby piccies, efun the kitties!

  5. Great puppy pictures!!! You sure wuz a cute lil sprout before ya became the gorgeous diva ya is now!!

  6. Oh my dogness you were and still are one cute pupper!

  7. OMD. Yu twyin' tu kill us wif dat pubby cuteness, Zoe?? Gud gwief. Dat kinda stuff shood be iwwegal !!

  8. Dose ish all super duper adorbs but dah one dat ish my faFURit, ish dah second one down where we sees PURRt of yer Dad in a green shurt. Look at yer face dere!! Dah exPURRession ish sho furry, furry Zoe, fur reals! Yew ish just going to be eternally good-lookin', 'den, now and in dah footure - efurryone just hash to accept dat!

  9. From Momma: "Oh. My. Dog. Look how cute and LITTLE!!!!! I wanna cover you with kisses and nose rubs and hugs and more kisses!!!!!!"

    *sigh* Sorry, Zoe...Momma can't help herself, especially when it comes to schnauzer puppies.

  10. Zoe my Momma is going crazy over your pictures! You were so cute then and your still cute now!

  11. Struth Zoe .... the whiskers ..... toooooooo cute!! One day I might get to show you some pictures of me ... ANY pictures will do. Maybe one day ........ Mum loved the picture of you and your Daddy best. He looks so proud of you and she loved the excuse for the chubbiness. Leashes and stuff, aye????? She's going to use that one!!!!!

  12. You were a very cute little pup! A cute pup grew into a cute adult. Mommy loves the way your ears go.

  13. You were a cute puppy - and still are. There are puppy pictures of Kaci and I on our blog. I'll have Mama find the link and send it to you.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci